100% Profitable Binary Options Martingale Strategy

Hello traders! Well, who among you did not dream of loss-free trading system for binary options? It would seem that this is a dream. But what if you try to approach it?

We now consider the example of a popular trading strategy on 15-minute chart. 100% Profitable Martingale Strategy consists of well-known and reliable indicators, so to understand its signals will be really easy. Money management is also simple, but with the use of the Martingale method for outputting transactions in profit. Thus, miserly mathematical calculation gives us 100% profitable trades. And come with us the power of mathematics!

Characteristics of the 100% Profitable Martingale Strategy
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any assets
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Expiry: 15 minutes
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, Binomo
Indicators included in the 100% Profitable Martingale Strategy

Heiken Ashi - a well-known candlestick indicator that smoothes the price chart. Green candle indicates the upward trend, red - on a downward.

BB Alert Arrows - simple arrow indicator. It gives signals to the increase and decrease prices of corresponding arrows up and down. Indicator also provides notification by using the alert signal.

MBFX Timing - tricolor oscillator that shows the current direction of the market trend. Green indicates the upward trend, red - to downward trend. Yellow - transition, usually indicates the presence of the flat.

Rules of trade by 100% Profitable Binary Options Martingale Strategy

CALL option:

  1. Wait for a GREEN BB Alert arrow
  2. Heiken Ashi should change to GREEN color
  3. MBFX Timing should be GREEN and going upwards

PUT option:

  1. Wait for a RED BB Alert arrow
  2. Heiken Ashi should change to RED color
  3. MBFX Timing should be RED and going downwards

The main thing is not to trade immediately after the arrow on the chart, given that BB Alert indicator repaints values in real time.

Application of the Martingale system (Money Management)

According to the Martingale method, any loss-making series of transactions can be turned into a profitable. But in practice, only the initially profitable strategy will be profitable for the Martingale system. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the correct calculation of the maximum number of trades and the size of the investment.

The size of the investment depends on two main factors. Firstly, it is necessary to take into account the percentage of the payment of the option. The smaller the size of the payment, the sooner will increase the investment size. So, in your best interest to trade highly profitable assets. For example, as a broker Alpari, where profit margins of 75-80% for option validity period of 15 minutes (read more HERE).

Secondly, the calculation of trades depends on the need to bring in profit position or just to breakeven. Again, the larger investment - more profit. But it is necessary to find a balance between the size of investment and profit. Is too big investment, too bad, because you can simply run out of money on deposit.

For example, your initial investment is $10. The percentage payout of the option - 70%. Then, if you want to each transaction to be able to make a profit that is equivalent to the first investment, a chain of three of trades will look like this:

  • Trade 1 $10. Profit - $7. Loss - $10.
  • Trade 2 we again want to make a profit of $7, but we need to pay off the loss of $10 from the first investment. That is profit of Trade 2 should be $17. $17 * (1/70%) ~ $ 24 for the second investment.
  • For the calculation of Trade 3 follow the same principles. Total loss at the moment is $34 ($10 + $24). So, a third the size of the investment should be $59, the results of which we will get a profit of $41. Thus, we cover the overall loss of $34 and get the profit corresponding to the initial investment - $7.

In general, this system is very unlikely to obtain three consecutive losing trades. But if it happens, the best solution is not to risk further and take the loss and begin a series again.

Additional recommendations

Order to secure your deposit, take it a rule never to open more than three of trades. It is best to at least a month to practice on a demo before trading on a live account. If your demo account, you often have to open more than three Martingale trades, then in the trade are clearly something wrong, and the system needs to be improved.

Most often this occurs when traders do not take into account the fundamental factors in the trade. Therefore, another important rule - do not enter the market for 30 minutes before and after a major news release. Always keep on hand the economic calendar or write a trading plan in advance for the week ahead. So you can protect yourself from sudden market shocks when every technical analysis simply does not work.

In the archive RSI_Extreme_Binary_System.rar:

  • BB_Alert Arrows.ex4
  • BB_Alert Arrows.mq4
  • Heiken Ashi.ex4
  • Heiken Ashi.mq4
  • MBFX Timing.ex4
  • 100% Profitable Martingale Strategy.tpl

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  1. Mahesh

    About – 100% Profitable Binary Options Martingale Strategy

    Your Exp 15M But Time Frame5M or15M. (Your Image 5M) =-O

    • Daniel

      Time Frame M15. You can assume that the image is illustrative :-D

      • Amer

        Thanks a lot for the indicator, by the way, which strategy on your website you recommend ? I’ve already downloaded this martingale indicator, according to your personal experience, is it the best on your website ?

  2. J.M. Pfoster

    According to the Martingale System it is not clear for me how I have to trade. When I lose the first trade e.g. EUR/USD (expiry 15M) do I have to put the second trade directly after the last trade (expiry 15M). And when I lose the second trade do I have to put the third trade directly after the last trade (expiry 15M).
    I hear from you.
    With Kind Regards.
    J.M. Pfoster

    • Daniel

      You need to wait for a new signal in accordance with the rules of the system and only if the make investment

      • Ricky

        The strategy is profitable, i have only one question.
        If i lose a trade then do i need to martingle on the same asset which i previously lost or can approach martingle on any assets?

        As in your detail section you said “In general, this system is very unlikely to obtain three consecutive losing trades” This ensures me to cover the previous loss on the same asset.


        • Daniel

          Trading with the Martingale method should be on one and the same asset.
          You must understand that the Martingale strategy is very dangerous and can lead to loss of the entire deposit. Do not make more than 3 trades on the Martingale method.
          Before going to real trade you need to practice on a demo account.

          • pitso selepe

            hi how do i install the Martingale method on my mt4 platform i have tried downloading it but i cant work around how to install it

    • Dennis

      This is a great post! I love that you included charts and graphs of data to support your information. I think that this could be very helpful in turning a profit! It is important to backup software when working on this kind of project so that you don’t lose valuable information!

  3. kofi

    download but its no showing on the mt4.Help

  4. Alex

    Guys, please remember, you may be lucky for a week, month or so, but one time – you can loose all you have or a large part of it. =-O Martingale is very, very dangerous. Be carefull!

  5. Kwadwo

    Is this indicators profitable? I’m a newbie and confused

  6. drsa

    would you please clearly inform us that when is the proper time to enter? same candle or beginning of the next candle? it is not clear for me

    • Daniel

      Beginning of the next candle after the arrow that appears

      • Trender

        Does it repaint, Daniel ? it makes no mistakes when revising the pats performance

        • Trender

          Does this fucked up indicator repaint ???????????

          • Daniel

            You need to learn how to read. The article says:

            The main thing is not to trade immediately after the arrow on the chart, given that BB Alert indicator repaints values in real time.

  7. Dudu

    I read comments. It is really difficult to read conditions? Everything is painted, chewed, it was necessary only to swallow (it is simply attentive to read). Strategy (sevetnik) I test the first I will write the results on trade a day later.

  8. Dudu

    One + isn’t redrawn. it is a lot of false signals 50\50. Testil days.

    • Trender

      Does it repaint ? there’s no one single mistake when back testing it

  9. Chan

    How to get those indicators to my meta4? please tell me Sir.

  10. martin

    hi not download 100% Profitable Martingale Strategy
    why???????????????????? :( :( :( :( :(

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    test after call wait! MBFX accept! trade

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  13. saeid

    dear Daniel.
    please link me for profitable GOLD xauusd and OIL 2017

  14. Kensei Leon

    Hello Daniel,

    first of all – thanks for your great work! I’m just testing around with your indicators on my demo account, finding out how they work – so far so good.

    I just wanted to test the martingale strategy, but the download-link doens’t work… is there any chance to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Ricky

    Can i not use 5 minutes timeframe, with 5 minutes expiry?

  16. Ricky

    Only one word for your job, AWESOME! (^_^)

    • Ricky

      So, today i taken 26 trades using the same rule.
      Timeframe – 15m
      Expiry – Same candle

      And found that overall it’s giving 70% without martingle.
      And the main thing what i noticed that the losses are only on $AUD & $CAD based pairs. So thinking to avoid trading on the said assets.

      What you say @Daniel?

      • Daniel

        Good result *THUMBS UP* Keep it up. With martingale all 100% will be.

        • Zain azeem

          Sir its a very time consuming indicators it take alot of time for showing only one signal…? :(

  17. Angelika

    Thank you for the genialy indicators MBFX Timing Indicator and BB-Alert Arrows, we can trade on the chart 1 MIN for 10 or 5 MINUTES too It is good to add FPS Price Reversal Band and Heiken Ashi arrows signals. =)

  18. BOTMAN

    is Arrow Repaint ?

    • newbie5

      It does repaint.

  19. LoiL

    I want to auto trade to your strategy then how?

    • Rob

      If you want an auto strategy contact me.
      What result you have with this?

  20. Alexey

    Огромное спасибо за индикатор он супер

  21. Michael

    Hi Daniel,
    I understand that when arrows appear, you then wait for the heiken ashi and MBFX to have same direction color. My question is… do you wait for the candle to close to confirm all 3 indicators to enter? or you enter whenever you see all 3 indicator agree even though current candle still running and not yet close?

  22. Eskor

    Hello sir, thanks so much for the indicator we all appreciate your effort to help up coming traders.
    Please after reading about the strategy i tried downloading the indicator but its showing 404 page not found. please can you resolve this for me?

  23. samet

    strateji indirilmiyor niçin yardımcı olurmusunuz

  24. mustafa

    hello 100% Profitable Binary Option What is the problem I can not download the Martingale Strategy.

  25. Ladi

    Majority if your indicators here repaint a lot, i have to warn people most of you are not successful cause you are confused,going from one indicator to the next is not going to make you profitable long term even short term,stick to just one add your trading ideas to it and make it work,most indicators here are a one hit indicator and they all repaint like a MF and that is not what we want so please daniel just get us one system not 2,3 or 4 just one to me all this doesn’t make sense to me at all,i understand you trying to help but this is not helping there are people here who keep changing from one indicator to the next hoping to find the holy grail that will solve their losses the truth is this if you have a system which is accurate add your trading ideas to it to filter quality signals from quantity signals if you wan to truly succeed in this business that is all and you can get yourself a 90% accuracy and you can make yourself proud.God bless anyone reading this

  26. necdet poyraz

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    the download link does not work, do you have the possibility to reinstall? Thank you, good work I wish you =)

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