Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 – accurate indicator for binary options

Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 Indicator finds on the chart a double-top and double-bottom patterns and gives an arrow signal to buy a CALL or PUT option. In the indicator, double alarm is implemented (there is a preliminary and main signals). Everything is very simple, very comfortable and most importantly accurate. The Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 Indicator should be applied on the major currency pairs in the most active trading hours.

Characteristics of the Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 Indicator
Rules of trade by Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 Indicator

The indicator has a warning signal in the form of a red or blue triangle and an alert, followed by the main signal as an arrow. After that, you should open a deal on the next candle. This signaling is very convenient. You can pre-prepare to purchase an option.


CALL signal:


PUT signal:


Undoubtedly, Binary Double Top-Bottom 2.0 is not an impeccable trading system. It has drawbacks and needs additional filters. Be sure to test it on the demo account.

In the archives Binary_DoubleTop_Bottom.rar:

  • PZ_DoubleTopBottom.ex4
  • Binary Double Top-Bottom template.tpl

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  1. praw

    hi! do you have any auto for this? or any way that you could automize it? thanks

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    Thank you so much for being a super person and fabulous company!

  3. Oliver

    Thanks for the indicator.

    This is truly an indi based on price action, not just arrows. Great one =)

    • Hamza

      Hi oliver,

      How did your trading went with this indicator? Would be helpful if you can shed some light on it?

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