BOSS Indicator – profitable Binary Options Signals Indicator

Present to you the BOSS Indicator, which is designed for trading on binary options. The indicator has shown good results in the strategy tester, its profitability amounted 68.29% (see. Below). BOSS Indicator is not repaint, and not delayed, gives a signal at the beginning of the current candle, after which the trader must immediately to buy option PUT or CALL, depending on the signal of indicator.

Characteristics of BOSS Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Major currency pair (recommended EURUSD)
  • Trading Time: Around the clock 24/5
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Expiry: 15 minutes
  • Recommended broker: AlpariBinomo, InstaBinary
Rules of trade by BOSS Indicator

Buy CALL, when you see an upward arrow and the words "CALL (UP)" in the upper right corner. Buy CALL options immediately after the appearance of signal:


Buy PUT, when you see a downward arrow and the words "PUT (DOWN)" in the upper right corner. Buy PUT options immediately after the appearance of signal:


Of course, the indicator will give many false signals, but the number of accurate signals will prevail. This confirms the test of history BOSS Indicator (EURUSD period 01.01.2012 - 27.02.2015):


I must say that, despite the fact that the indicator can be used for all major currency pairs, but it shows the best results on a pair EURUSD M15. On the other pairs results worse. You can also experiment on other currency pairs and timeframes. Before starting of real trading practice on a demo account.

BOSS Indicator is different as well in that it implements Money Management. This is the first indicator for binary options with such a function. Indicator offers the trader to make the investment, depending on its current deposit and profitability of the signal.

Very important! For a successful trade with Star Profit Option requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker Binomo. In addition, Binomo regulated by International Finance Commission:


In the archive BOSS_Indicator.rar:

  • !BOSS Indicator.ex4
  • !BOSSTemplate.tpl

Free Download BOSS Indicator

70 Responses

  1. patrick


    Is this the v3 version of boss indicator?

    is this only working on eur/usd or does it work on other pâirs also?

    Do you have the v3 of boss indicator?

    Kinldy regards


    • Daniel

      Yes, this version works on all pairs

      • Reza beik

        In the download section of the Bows indicator, downloading the template is not downloaded
        Thanks for downloading my full download link if it is possible to email tank =) s

  2. patrick

    and still only 15min timleframe 15min expiry or did you test it on other timeframes?

    • Daniel

      No. I did not test it on other timeframes

  3. patick

    but you said in your description that it works great on eur.usd but worse on other pairs..or does this changed?

    • joro

      I test it out and for first day is better that older version posted here before. Actual i have better results in other pairs more that EUR-USD

      • Daniel

        Share with us your tests

        • joro

          I will in the end of the week, because 1 day is not to much and maybe a random nature.

  4. anton

    У меня совсем мало сигналов выдает 2-3 сигнала в день по евро доллар ,возможно дни такие попали ,у кого какие результаты?

  5. anton

    подскажите может в настройках индикатора поменять дистанцию это увеличит число сигналов но не повлияет ли на качество?

  6. Caleb

    I have configured the alert percentage to 70%. I only took signals that are at least 70% or higher. I took 6 trades. 4 wins and 2 losses. I have experienced a success rate of 66.66%.

    • Petr

      What pairs, what TF and expiry?

    • Shabi

      This Indicator is Awsome

  7. patrick

    is this the latest version or is there a way to get the ..

    does this one only works on eur/usd?

    • Daniel

      Yes, is the latest version. Can be used on any currency pairs, but recommended EUR/USD

      • patrick

        there is also a version 4

  8. patrick

    Hello Daniel,

    what do you think which indicator or whic combination of indicators is the best for binary options and to make good profit with it?


  9. Steve Clausell

    After I try to download the boss indicator and open it I get a message that say cant open an RaR file…how do I open the file. Do I need a software to unzip the file?

    • Daniel

      Please install WinRAR

  10. ibrahim

    اشكرك مؤشر ممتاز

  11. Gabriel

    The is new 4.0 version available. Can you share that? Thanks.

  12. Mark

    Hi, version 4.0 is out. Can you please share it? Thanks!

  13. rOk

    do you use other indicators simultaneously with the boss?

  14. Eslek

    I think the BOSS indicator is great indeed. I can beleive my result. Thanks.

  15. Max

    Any chances for version 4.0?


  16. kanhai

    there are no detailed instructions on how to download this system i am using the metatrader4 fxcm trader and it is not working please help

  17. kanhai

    i dont see them in my indicators after i copy paste the files

  18. safwan

    does this indicatore have expiry date?
    thank you

    • Daniel

      Above all it is written:

      Characteristics of BOSS Indicator
      • Platform: Metatrader4
      • Asset: Major currency pair (recommended EURUSD)
      • Trading Time: Around the clock 24/5
      • Timeframe: M15
      • Expire: 15 minutes
      • Recommended broker: uTrader, 24option
  19. Radames

    i have some indicators that i use and speciall one give me 90% sucess rate and no repaint… i use this together to find good signals some side but when i have a up signal this indicator show almost 100% other side…. so i desapointed….. i wanted use it in all signals in same direction of the trend by the other signal….

    • debo

      please Rademes can you share your winning strategy please and also some of the indicators you use??

      • hnry

        You have an indicator for binary with 90% success rate ?Please what indicator is that ? Do you mind sharing ?

  20. Penike

    Hi, Radames, will you mind sharing your 90% success rate indicator? I have been finding it difficult making real money in this business.

  21. smith

    B.O.S.S indicator V4 is out, can you share it pls.

  22. Alejandro

    Hi Daniel, I’m currently in binary options directly from MT4, broker is grand capital, I love your flag, and let me know how to program to be an expert advisor and run the command.
    I would greatly appreciate your response

  23. Ed

    Hi, Must I be registered with 24option to let this indicator be active on MT4?

    I downloaded it, applied the .ex4 file.. but I can’t set the risk level nor receive any signals

    • Name*

      سلام از کدوم سایت دانلودد کردی اگه امکانش هست لینکش رابفرست

  24. saqib

    Hello, Dear, First of all I am very thankful to you for this great kindness for sharing this indicator.You are really great person in this world. I am very Proud of you dear Daniel. I really appreciate you .I wanna say you something because I have some problem about this indicator that on alpari MT4 when I click on Boss indicator then select the Allow DLL Import and press ok then Signals alert comes otherwise no signals alert shows and every time I select the Allow DLL import field no automatically signal alerts shows? Please if you have any solution about it please tell me? I Shall be wait your answer?

  25. Sonny Low

    Hi Daniel,

    Please send the link/file to me… THanks


  26. joe

    Hi Daniel

    Can you share the newer version of BOSSIndicator V4.0


  27. Ricky

    Hi friend, i am following you all from the last two weeks. Someone please tell me can i use this indicator at a Timeframe of M5?


  28. Ricky

    Hi, can anyone please tell me know, what is the term of “Expiry: 15 minutes” in Timeframe M15?
    Should i have set the expiry time to 15 minutes in binary trading, instead of 60 seconds? Or is it something else which i didn’t not get yet.


  29. Mr.Viet

    Hi Daniel

    Can you share the newer version of BOSSIndicator V4.0

    Thank you.!

  30. taylor

    distance 60 is what ???

  31. Dmitry

    Link does not work! You can not send me to email …

  32. Tony

    Pls send me BOSS V4 to my email address. Thanks.

  33. Dennis Villarin

    Hi Are you providing the BOSS version 4. Is yes can you please send it the email attached. Thank you so much.

  34. kamikaze

    Hi Are you providing the BOSS version 4. Is yes can you please send it the email attached. Thank you so much.

  35. Shayan

    Hey Daniel!
    Did you get you hands on BOSS Indicator v4 yet? it seem impressive and also have you tried altredo’s indicators?

  36. Qalu

    Hi i used the boss indicator v4 and really is amezing usualy i got 28 signals or 23 or 30 the 28 signals i won 20 ans lost only 8 ans i set the propilty of 60 to 58 usually the EUR/USD i set 58 and other curency 60 LIKE yesterday i got 23 signals 15 won 9 lost that is good really i recomend the boss indicator v4 , It depends. You will get better results with the neural plugins but it required you to analyse each signal individually which can be fastidious Thank you if you need any help about the boss v4 contact me

    • Louis_zhai

      Hi there, would like to ask for the boss indicator 4.0 vers….can send the ex4 file to my email?

  37. sarah

    I do not see any arrows in my mt4 chart!!!

  38. ben

    i need help on step by step setup guide. thanks

  39. An3s

    Hi Daniel,
    I have setup the Phone notification but seems not to work. Could you please share how to setup MT4 on OS and iPhone to receive notifications on a phone.
    Thanks for your help.

  40. Mateen

    Hi everyone. i have downloaded boss indicator and loaded on mt4 chart, but i dont understand how to change the signal strength settings. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

  41. Henry

    hello Dan

    please i just downloaded BOOS indicator and i got it all set up. it appear fine on my mt4 but its like it backpaints. I also want to know if it works for all pairs. thank you

  42. Gustavo

    Hi, my friend Daniel

    Do you have a Boss v4.0 for share?
    can you send to my email?

    thx man :)

  43. walt

    i dont know how you guys have problems loading this indi and configuring it I had issues at all putting this on my chart and changing the settings.

  44. albert

    can you upload with extension mql4

  45. Gilgames

    Hi Daniel!
    Boss v4.0 please send an e-mail address!
    Thank you!

  46. diego

    Hi, my friend Daniel

    Do you have a Boss v4.0 for share?
    can you send to my email?
    Thank you!

  47. Lyudmila

    Hi Daniel!
    Boss v4.0 please send an e-mail address!
    I’ve been looking for this indicator. I would be very grateful.
    Thank you!

  48. atabak

    Is this indicator still woking?

  49. Ricky

    Hi, i back-tested it on last 1 year and the result is pretty cool.
    But i have an issue, i need to edit it’s source to automate my trade using BO api, regarding can you please provide me it’s “!BOSS Indicator.mq4” file?

    This will help me a lot, and will grateful to you.

    • Daniel

      Unfortunately I do not have it. Try to contact the developers.

      • Newgel

        You can automate it (or any other indicator) and trade at using this software Binary Bot.

  50. Jonas

    Lol, didn’t know that you ”suppose” to go with M15. I was trading eur/usd on M1 and got 7 itm 1 otm (87%) within 30 minutes into trading. Perhaps higher time frames are better?

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