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Auto Forecast Expert

Auto Forecast Expert is, according to developers, software suite, which does not involve any of the standard indicators used in financial markets at the moment, as the MACD, RSI and moving averages. Auto Forecast Expert adapt to current market conditions, using sophisticated algorithms based on Price Action. Auto Forecast Expert Indicator...
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Forex X Code

Forex X Code is a very simple forex trend indicator. Use Forex X Code is recommended as part of the main trading system. Indicator Forex X Code gives very good results in a strong and volatile market is not very effective during the quiet movements. So use Forex X Code...
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Daily Forex Signal Indicator

Daily Forex Signal Indicator is oriented on signals for the daily charts. Daily Forex Signal Indicator is very simple and straightforward and does not require further clarification. After installing the indicator on the chart window will appear with the signals and you just need to follow its recommendations. The indicator...
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