Drake Delay Stochastic – strategy for the binary options with confirmation signal

Trading Strategy Drake Delay Stochastic based on indicators and is designed for working with binary options and other financial instruments. Trade is conducted at the turn of the boundaries of the channel with the confirmation of Stochastic.

Characteristics of Drake Delay Stochastic
Installing of indicators and template of Drake Delay Stochastic
  1. Unpack the archive with templates and indicators.
  2. Copy folders MQL4 and templates to the folder Files/Open Data Folder.
  3. Restart the terminal.
  4. Open the desired graph of the currency pair.
  5. Set the template Drake Delay Stochastic.
  6. Switch to the TF M15 or higher, of your choice.
Rules of trade by Drake Delay Stochastic

This system has a sound notification from the pop-up window, which is very convenient for graphical waiting signal.

Signals for CALL:

  1. The price reached a lower blue or red zone
  2. Was formed yellow dot
  3. Stochastic is in oversold (below 20)
  4. Open Call option after closing the signal candle, on the next bar:


Signals for PUT:

  1. The price reached a upper blue or red zone
  2. Was formed yellow dot
  3. Stochastic is in overbought zone (above 80 level)
  4. Open Put option after closing the signal candle, on the next bar:


Additional advice from the author: to increase the probability of successful trading, it is desirable to open orders in the trend of the senior timeframe.

Drake Delay Stochastic is the traditional strategy to rebound from the channel where the confirmation signal is done using stochastic modification. Such tactics may crash to market to the flat, so use the recommendations of the author in any questionable signal.

The main advantage of the strategy is to open a position after the confirmation of signal, which allows pre-check its effectiveness in the tester on the story.

Very important! For a successful trade with Star Profit Option requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker Binomo. In addition, Binomo regulated by International Finance Commission:


In the archive Drake_Delay_Stochastic.rar:

  • Drake Delay Stochastic.ex4
  • HolyCandleTime.ex4
  • HolyChannel.ex4
  • HolySignal.ex4
  • Drake Delay Stochastic.tpl

Free Download Drake Delay Stochastic

33 Responses

  1. Francisco Aguiar

    What does this mean? ”to increase the probability of successful trading, it is desirable to open orders in the trend of the senior timeframe.” ?
    (sorry i’m a newbie)

    • Jeff

      It just means go in the direction of the trend on the higher time frame. So, if trading off the one minute trade in the direction of the five/fifteen minute, etc.

  2. Jesse

    So far I like this system. Used it in live trading on two positions. Both are wins and so far i’m impressed. :) Just gotta watch out for repaints from the yellow dots. And sometimes the trend can keep on going even if it goes beyond the red zone.

    • Sverre

      Use an default stochastic 5 3 3, if not oversold/ overbought for confirmations, take the signal when that is crossing…. i use this on the 15 min timeframe, works well with expiry 45 min- 1 hour.

      • ma

        hey you mean trade the signal when the stochastig is oversold or overbought, or when it’s not? Should I wait until the stochastik come over the 20% oder under 80% mark again?

        • Daniel

          Stochastic below 20 – CALL, above 80 level – PUT.

  3. azuma

    I think this is better than EMA and also Extreme Bot. This is i was looking for. Thank you so much. Great Job.

  4. andy

    can you convert it to an ea for binary options??

  5. Azuma

    Hello again, i m using 5 minutes time frame and trade on GOLD, surprisingly it really works on GOLD because gold has not so much trend as if currencies. Also, i inserted a default bollinger bands as extra filter. The expiry time is 1 hour. The rule is , the candlestick must out from bollinger band along with signal and expiry time in 1 hour then you can take the trade. if the signal within/inside the bollinger band ,do not take the trade. Although signal keep repaint (maybe until 3 yellow dots) if you are pretty dumb luck, it will still ITM after 1 hour. If out the money , please stop trade for 2-3 hours. and then resume the trade.Good luck . i fully recommended GOLD.

    • nice i dea

      nice idea are u still using it

  6. Sverre

    I just added this on my charts to see, if it not repainting, i would say it’s good to go, also on 5 candles on M15, will try it live and in action tomorrow.

  7. Daster

    Excellent strategy *THUMBS UP* . I am very satisfied. Thanks.

  8. Reynold

    Just a bit curious. Would someone please let me know what is meant by expiry time on the indicator that I see mentioning in this thread. Thanks very much for your help.

  9. contactlag

    I’m trying to download your Drake Delay Stochastic PTL File and it indicates an unknown format or Damage. I’m I doing something wrong? I’m a newbie…..

  10. Which broker is better to use this system?

    • Daniel

      Use of THIS TRADING PLATFORM (there is any expiration) and you will be happy *OK*

      • Олег

        А какой лично вы всегда больше всего пользуетесь стратегией для бинарных опционов ???

  11. Rajib

    If anybody use it properly , this system can make him realy rich with time

  12. PS

    This one makes my MT4 Platform freeze on all 3 of my PC. Does anyone have the same problem?

  13. Radu

    This the best one i’ve tried ,if the repaint woulf be fixed that would be awesome.Anything on this? is there any chance of this beeing solved?Thank you.

  14. Serban

    So I get that the dot signals on this do not repaint. Did a quick backtest for friday (15/7/16) and if the dot does not repaint the score would`ve been 44-4 (monitoring 12 pairs,only setups that meet the criteria, with 3 losses on U/CAD), which gives an ITM rate of 91.6%.
    Anyone actually using this for their day to day trading? If yes, are there any other indicators, tweaks we can add to it to make it more accurate ? Looking to test this on demo for the next couple of weeks.

    • Serban

      Forgot to mention, backtest I did was on M5 charts for 15min expiry, and completely ignoring trend on higher timeframes.

  15. Gabriel

    Ok, so, I’m triying this strategy with M15 timeframe and expiry.. But the signals are a little confusing… I just have to enter a call/buy option as soon as I receive the alert that a dot is popping on one pair?

    Thank you in advance

  16. Palesa

    I have included a number of filters and I am getting about 90% itm however with the 15 minutes timeframe I am getting less than 10 trades a day. Thanks for the great strategy, it works extremely well if you know price action

    • Serban

      Hi, happy to see you`re doing so well. Care to help some of us as well? 90% is a very high win ratio :)

  17. skazihighlow

    Hi Palesa, I too am working on this strategy and it works well most of the times except when there is a trend change and then its a horrible setup. Am looking for good entry point indicators and would be keen to know additional indicators to help identify this. Thanks

  18. Palesa

    Hey Skaihighlow and Serban. email me on trevorleshaba@yahoo.com. we can work together to make this system better.

  19. afshin

    hi i use daily time frame
    can i use this strategy in daily time frame?

  20. RASHID

    Hi guys, i have added a non repaint arrow indicator, its awesome .. i will wait for the yellow dot to appear and then wait for the Non repaint arrow to appear.. i will immediately execute the trade … my chart 15min and expiry 1 hour..

    • alex

      what is the name of the non repainted arrow pls?

    • Jonathan

      Hello RASHID what non repainted Indicator did you add to it… am interested to know… would you mind to share..???

  21. Francisco Tapia

    Disculpe descargue el archivo RAR pero al cargar la plantilla no me aparece en el menú el nombre de del indicador, solo aparecen los que tiene el MT4 por default, y si lo intentoejecutar desde la carpeta descargada del archivo RAR la interfaz solo modifica las velas, pero los indicadores de la franja color vino ni el Estocastico, y ya eh instalado plantillas antes, no se si falte algun archivo o si de plano hice algo mal, me podrian ayudar a solucionar mi problema de favor, muchas gracias.

  22. WildEagle

    Add trend dashboard to know other time frames trends.

    Take 1 hr and 2 hr expiry trades (simultaneously) on a 15 min chart to double your chances

    …..Good and high probability long term binary trading system.

    whilst waiting for expiry, get a short term binary trading system to keep trading small money like $5 to $10……

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