DXTrade C4 Nitro – combination of three indicators for profitable trading

DXTrade C4 Nitro is a combined technical indicator, which gives signals in the form of arrows, based on the testimony of three indicators: Trix, Moving Average, Momentum. Additionally, in the corner of the price chart displays the information window that displays the current price spread, stylized indications of each of the three indicators, as well as recommendations for the entrance of the trade.

Characteristics of the DXTrade C4 Nitro
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Major currency pair
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any (recommended M5, M15)
  • Expiry: 1 candles (5 minutes for M5, 15 minutes for M15 etc.)
  • Recommended broker: AlpariBinomo, InstaBinary
Rules of trade by DXTrade C4 Nitro

Regarding recommendations for opening trades opinions of traders diverge. Some offer to make purchase the option right away when a sound the alert, without waiting for the arrow. Other traders recommend buying the option on the next candle after the appearance of the arrow and confirming the inscription in the information window. Here you can experiment (only on a demo account) and choose the best variant for yourself. But I personally I prefer second variant to enter the market. It looks like this:

Example CALL


Example PUT


It is recommended to use additional indicators to filter false signals.

In the archive DXTrade_C4_Nitro.rar:

  • DXTrade C4 Nitro.mq4
  • DXTrade C4 Nitro.ex4
  • DXTrade C4 Nitro template.tpl

Free Download DXTrade C4 Nitro

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  1. agus

    %) %) %)

  2. Zurab

    Please advise me, if I choose to trade right away after the sound alert, it comes somewhere in the middle of the candle, e.g. 20.16.37, so, should I set the expiration time at the end of the candle, i.e. 20.20.00, or just plus 5 minutes. i.e. 20.21.37?
    Thank you.

    • Daniel

      You should buy the option at the beginning of the next candle, as shown in the image above (Example CALL, Example PUT).

      • Himanshu

        How many accuracy this indicator

  3. Emir Akay

    Dudes! Beleive me, this indicator is working in M5 period, beleive the signals, and play 3 minutes, you’ll see the different

    • Pambos

      Emir do u mean 3 mins trade at start of the new candle or immediate after the alert

  4. ben

    hi i downloaded the signal but it wont open on my laptop. do i need a specific software to run the singal on my laptop? urgent reply will be appreciated. thanks

    • Name*

      you should download and install Metatrader 4 plattaform… and put this indiicator on “ondicators” folder.

  5. Paul

    Hello Daniel,
    you are a good and transparent man unlike those who even mislead new traders God will reward you
    I have been on this site for many years now watching the way you are dealing with people without demanding anything from them.
    and as such many new traders now have something to hold as trading tool as fake indicators are all over the internet market.
    Now where can I have DX trade CA nitro -Pro and what is the accuracy in ITM %.. and which one do you have being the best system.
    Bishop Paul Ene

  6. ivan

    descomprimo el archivo del indicador y esta vacio… :(

  7. WaLKer

    5 years searching and finally something good
    95% accuracy with some filters

    Thank you very much.

    • James

      Could you tell me what filters you use to get a 95% accuracy with this indicator?

    • MrGrey

      What filter did u use?

      • kana

        I got a wrong method of the reply

        Please tell me what kind of filter you used.
        95% of precision is great. !!! *BRAVO*

    • Mike

      Hi Walker,

      Can you please advise the filter you used? Really need you help desperately.


    • Shuja

      Please could you tell us what filters do you use? Thank you.

  8. ruxan

    how and where instal this indicator admin?

    • Daniel


  9. kana

    Please tell me what kind of filter you used.
    95% of precision is great. !!! *BRAVO*

  10. QhuRam

    are these indicators works on MT5 , as i am trying with MT5 but unable to see them in my list , i copy signal downloaded file to indicators folder as well as expert folder in MT5 directory ,,

    i am on MAC and using PlayOnMac application to run windows files/mt5 ,


    • Daniel

      These indicators are designed for MT4

  11. Anton

    Hi Daniel
    i am trying to download some of the binary option signals but i am stuck because it downloads as a pdf format and will not open.
    could you please advise

    • Daniel

      Can not be. I checked. Everything works fine.

  12. Asiri

    guys can anyone tell me what is the best filter indicators for this system ?

  13. Lewis

    This indicator alerts about 5 to 6 minutes in to the candle. It is best to wait for the candle to finish, and for it to line up with other filters before placing a trade.

  14. Jason

    Amazing!!! Someone post the filters for this system please i think using RSI and BB bands are good tho

  15. mustafa yılmaz

    %) %) %) %)

  16. Bernard

    Hi can someone explain in detail how to install this please I cant seem to get it working thanks.

  17. Ricky

    But not suitable for $EUR/USD

  18. ashan

    I downloaded DXTrade C4 Nitro.mq4 from above and added 2 files in the zip..But is not showing in the list..Please help



    Dear Daniel, I have the same problem Ashan is not appearing on the list. I use MetaTrader 4,
    Please help me,
    Thank you.

  20. Cindle

    Can you Please this Release for MT5 ? ;)
    I see its Working with one Problm, NoN Perfectly on MT4 with 1min Binary Options…

  21. this is a good indicator.use a very low spread broker .set fix stop loss. 10pips to 20pips(sl is up to you ) if you are trading using 5min to 30min tf.it doesnt repaint. you will have a few loss. that is acceptable and a must.but you win rate will be higher than your loss rate.if the price is on you, set trailing stop or breakeven.remember!!! you must use a very very very low spread for you to able to make profit.wait for the arrow candle to complete.then trade base on what arrow is it.buy or sell.you cant demo this because there is no low spread when demoing.you have to open a real account with low spread.try trading with micro account and 0.01 lot size.good luck guys.this indicator gave me great pips.not great money yet because only have a small account.the pips is GOOOODDDD.see ya later good luck and God bless!! thanks to fxprosystems for the great indicator.

    • KK

      Hi Guys,

      I’ve downloaded these indicators and copied them in respective folders as below.

      Below two files in E:\MQL4\indicators
      DXTrade C4 Nitro.mq4
      DXTrade C4 Nitro.ex4

      And below file in E:\templates
      DXTrade C4 Nitro template.tpl

      However, I am unable to see these in my indicator’s list. Can someone please help me out?


      • Daniel

        You restarted the terminal?

  22. Dipalok

    I love you brother *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*

    I just amazed with your work and I lost money on binary option but after testing your indicators I return back my confidence to move forward. Please give me your facebook id or email to contact with you for long time Daniel :-D :-D :-D

    My facebook.com.shawonfl and email.

  23. fx


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