EA Asia – the ultimate Asian Session Scalper on the marcet

Many traders prefer to work actively on the market, like to keep abreast of the news, constantly test the trading systems and new ideas. And there is a forex traders who are more comfortable to be investors - to invest in the PAMM, use signals, copying trades, i.e. invest in the intellectual work of professionals. Presenting your attention the EA Asia, which is an excellent solution, that is suitable for both active traders and moderate investors, due to its outstanding results in many years of tests and in actual accounts. In this article, we will test EA Asia on several pairs and evaluate the results.

Сharacteristics of EA Asia
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Asian session
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Current EA version: 1.4
  • Recommended broker: Alpari (ECN)
Strategy of the EA Asia

EA Asia is a trend scalper. It opens positions in pullbacks from the main trend. It can also apply filtering signals from the indicator channel based on volatility. Closure orders could be due to the Stop Loss, Take Profit, or a built-in indicators of EA, or if there are padding on the borders of channels of the corresponding indicator; possibly time limit trade.

EA Asia does not use martingale and grid of orders, but can be used “Mode Recovery”, i.e. trading larger lot (depending on the set-files).

EA is a stable and profitable forex robot, which is designed to work in a variety of market conditions, on many years of profitable trading.

Backtests of EA Asia

Backtests are made for each pair individually, as Metatrader 4 is not intended for multi tests.

The first series of tests is made of fixed lot. This allows you to evaluate the test results excluding money management:

EA Asia EURCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia EURGBP 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia GBPCAD 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia GBPCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia GBPUSD 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia USDCAD 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia USDCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


EA Asia USDJPY 2000-2015 AutoMM=0


The second series of tests to make dynamic (proportional) lot. This allows to evaluate the test results, taking into account money management:

EA Asia EURCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia EURGBP 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia GBPCAD 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia GBPCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia GBPUSD 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia USDCAD 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia USDCHF 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA Asia USDJPY 2000-2015 AutoMM=2


EA to trade by proportional lot on 8 pairs show very steady growth in profits without significant drawdowns.

Monitorings of EA Asia

EA Asia DEMO All Pairs - Ticks Trade On

Monitoring of EA Asia | DEMO All Pairs - Ticks Trade On

EA Asia DEMO All Pairs - High Risk

Monitoring of EA Asia | DEMO All Pairs - High Risk

Parameters of EA Asia


Attention! In this Expert Advisor settings significantly affect on the trading results, use the recommended set-files (see archive at the end of this article).

MaxSpread (default value: -1.0) – the default maximum allowed value of the spread is provided by our server, but if you want to use your own value, then you can enter a positive value for the MaxSpread parameter.

Auto_GMT (default value: true) – this parameter controls the GMT Offset calculation method. In most of the cases, the automatic GMT value is correct. However, in some cases, you may need to enter the GMT Offset by yourself. In this case, switch Auto_GMT to FALSE and enter the value you need in the Manual_GMT_Offset parameter.

Calculate_DST (default value: true) - activates the automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time) correction.

Manual_GMT_Offset (default value: 2) – in case you switch to Auto_GMT=FALSE, the value of this parameter should be the right GMT Offset of your broker (usually, the winter GMT offset). As well, in case you perform a backtest, you should enter here the correct GMT Offset for the historical data you use – otherwise, the backtest will be incorrect.

TicksTrade (default value: false) – this is an experts-only parameter, which activates execution on the trading logic on every price tick. By default, Wallstreet ASIA operates on M1 bar closing. All optimizations and tuning we made are based on M1 bar closing, so we do not recommend switching ON the TicksTrade mode, unless you are an expert capable in making your own 100% real tick tests and optimizations. However, the TicksTrade mode could provide very aggressive and profitable trading, but this depends a lot on the broker’s trading conditions.

Channel_Period (default value: 0) - the period of the custom, volatility based channel indicator. The default value is zero, which means that the value provided by our server will be used.

Entry_Break (default value: 0) - break in pips of the channel border, which will trigger an opposite order execution. The default value is zero, which means that the value provided by our server will be used.

Exit_Distance (default value: 0) - break in pips of the channel border, which will trigger a closure of the existing order. The default value is zero, which means that the - 20 - value provided by our server will be used.

Exit_DistanceM1 (default value: 0) - break in pips of the channel border on M1 timeframe, which will trigger a closure of the existing order. The default value is zero, which means that the value provided by our server will be used.

Start_Trade_Hour (default value: -1) - the hour of the day (GMT 0) in which trading will be enabled. The default value is -1, which means that the value provided by our server will be used.

End_Trade_Hour (default value: -1) - the hour of the day (GMT 0) in which trading will be disabled. The default value is -1, which means that the value provided by our server will be used.

Included with the full version of the EA is attached simplified version of the "Simple", which is less settings. But the Simple should be installed only to the recommended currency pairs. More details on the simplified version, read the manual.

If you decide to use the full version of the EA Asia, it is recommended to use the set-files are given in the end of the article (in the folder MQL4 is placed folder Presets with a sets).

Very important! For correct work of EA Asia the trading platform should be enabled with the opening of the market on Sunday night before it closed on Friday evening. If you cannot keep your computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use Forex VPS ➨ Forex VPS

In the archive EA_Asia.rar:

  • Experts - WallStreet_ASIA_v1.4.ex4 and WallStreet_ASIA_v1.4_Simple.ex4
  • Libraries - WALLSTREET_ASIA.dat and WALLSTREET_ASIA.dll
  • Presets
  • Manual - EA_Asia_User_Guide.pdf

Free Download EA Asia

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  1. saqib

    Hello Dear Danial ,I have attached the EA Asia v1.4 by your default settings for parameters which you have recommended on your pic and also I have loaded the .set file on GBP/USD file on M15 GBP/USD chart and enabled the autotrading but no order is taking place after many times .Can you tell me when it takes the order ?Please tell me I shall be wait your answer ?

    • Daniel

      Hello. You analyzed tests, which I published in the article? Before asking questionsby first look to the tests. And you saw that during 15 years EA has made 2694 orders (Total trades):


      That is an average of 180 orders per year. How long you have installed this expert?

      • saqib

        Hello Dear Danial I know that these are all tests reports your trading experience .But I just downloaded this EA before 3 days ago and attached on the graph this EA on GBP/USD M15 by your default parameters settings which you have mentioned on above and enabled the autotrading but after a few hours but it did not take any buy or sell order so I was just asked that when it takes the orders ?

        • masen

          you should attach it to multi pair charts, don’t forget change the magic number
          i don’t think Danial know the strategy the black box use

  2. Daniel

    hello sir

    the settings posted in this page (image) are the settings u use for the High Risk demo on

    are the same as the ones on the file? is this a free ea? no montly fees? just askign because on manual u ask to join on site, which site?


    • Daniel

      It’s completely free of charge expert.

      • peepbb

        It is not educated.

  3. Daniel

    how long does it takes the trades? for 1hr or less? wondering if i need to have the computer 24/7 or just for assian sessions, the settings u posted in the image here are the settings for High Risk?

    • Joro

      Usual EA make trades from 10 to 12 PM depends, trades is activated only if spread is not to high.
      I run it in 10% risk with starting capital 123$

  4. kristian

    wooww it seems great,and how to know if there are updates of this EA!?? thank’s lot…

  5. Andre

    Hello, will it trade on m1 and m5?

  6. S

    Thank you so much Daniel for sharing these systems, God bless!

  7. Fernando

    Thank you!…. Please try to have Volatility Factor too

  8. masen

    how i wish i known the site earlier
    best site ever
    i’m doing forward test with my demo account
    thanks bro

  9. Adelson

    Not making any backtesting … how to solve?

  10. Jay

    Hi Daniel,

    Just trying to Download this EA to give a try and the download link just hangs!

    Can you look in to this please when u have time.


    • Daniel

      Checked. Everything is fine *THUMBS UP*

  11. Bernard

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for sharing this, but I cant download the files right now. Please help. Thank you.

  12. Pontsho


    On which broker is it recommendable?

    • Pontsho


      I have downloaded the file and broker, is there anyway you can access my platform to check if everything is alright?

    • Daniel
  13. jay

    hi daniel,

    tq for the EA ..going to test it. my question, does we need to shutdown the EA after asian session?


    • vedran

      no,the work only 22 to 00 PM the rest of time is off.

  14. Vikram

    Thanks For the EA Only challenge is Auto GMT does not work correctly I have set to manual GMT +3 Which is todays time difference between GMT and brokers time as per market watch However I am confused about DST settings What shall I use Secondly I read in another forum setting ticks trade to true improves performance Can u please backtest and confirm

  15. Jhonatan

    Good evening and congratulations for good quality site!
    But sometimes the dowload link does not work, I would like to know how to fix this.

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  16. asks

    Hi, I back tested and it’s awesome EA!
    I tried to start foreword test on Demo account and Real account of XM.
    It seems no entry within 2 weeks.
    Do I need activate or registration?
    It says “No active trades” on info window.

    • Daniel

      Nothing additionally you do not need. Wait. EA opens trades infrequently.

      • Marius

        Hello Daniel Stealth Mode and Recovery Mode as was used false or true

  17. hassan

    well another Great EA shared by you Daniel …..Thank you….i just one thing dont like …this is less profitable but one thing i like…and that is Stability…

  18. Manuel

    EURUSD not supported by Asia EA?

  19. Fernando Rodrigues

    ola gostaria de saber como configura-lo o EA wallstreet_ASIA_v1.4 por exemplo onde esta tudo em 0?

  20. Budi artha

    Hello, i wanna ask what this EA can be used for real account? thank you

  21. Budi artha

    Please answer me, what this EA can be for a real account ????

    • Leticia

      Hi Budi, read the EA description above. Characteristics of the EA answers your question. Do a backtest or forward test of the EA on demo before going live to make sure the EA works well with your broker if you’re not with Alpari, the suggested broker for this EA.

  22. Jakepuia

    This is the best site for collecting all sorts of essential things for trading forex. Thanks a lot guys. God bless you.

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    The EA is not placing any trade on a demo account.What else do I need to change for the EA to start trading.

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    2017.09.17 15:10:00.415 2017.08.18 15:00:00 WallStreet_ASIA_v1.4 USDJPY,M15: unresolved import function call
    2017.09.17 15:10:00.415 2017.08.18 15:00:00 Cannot call ‘WALLSTREET_ASIA.dll::SessionInit’, ‘WALLSTREET_ASIA.dll’ is not loaded

    Error when trying to do a backtest in MT4

  26. Kross

    EA is working fine. set time to -1 (use setfile from you) it woks only NY session. Still forward test on demo. Currently in profit. thank you somuch for sharing this ea

  27. Takashi Ohtaku

    Hello! my friend!

    Spread is pips, is not it?
    So what about slippage? pips? point?

  28. Hector


    I have read some good comments about this EA, curiosity makes me have to test the EA, the problem arises when, I want to download the bot and it leads me to a fxprosystem page and it tells me error, that the download has been deleted.

    How can I request a new download?



  29. Welly

    Thanks Daniel for sharing good EA.
    I’ve become fx trader 3 years, i lost tens of thousands.
    Tried and bought many EAs/strategies that cost thousands.
    None of them is working.
    In binary option i made profit 49k but they DELETE my account then blocking it (IQoption).
    I hope this time it works.
    Many thanks,


      Hi Welly Woow 49K with IQ %) So now have U good results with this EA?? =)

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