Forex Enigma – unique scalping indicator for M1 and M5 free download

Forex Enigma is a scalping tool, created for trading on M1 and M5 timeframes. The indicator is extremely simple - arrows appear on the chart, you need to trade in their direction. The authors, despite the small timeframe, say about profits of about 60-100 points from the deal, promise up to 10 accurate signals a day. Sumptuously! Let's see if this is so.

Characteristics of Forex Enigma
Settings of Forex Enigma

The Forex Enigma is set up according to the standard scheme with one nuance - you need to change the system time:

  1. Copy the MQL4 folder from my archive to your MT4 > File > Open Data Folder
  2. Restart Metatrader 4
  3. Now change the system time on your computer to March 2017 (If you do not, the indicator no will be installed)forex-enigma-change-time
  4. Set the indicator to the desired chart (timeframe M1 or M5)


In the indicator settings, the trader can change:

  • TradingStyle- the style of the indicator (Aggressive, Medium, Safe and Custom). The more aggressively you choose, the more signals will be on the chart, but their accuracy will be lower
  • PeriodSetting- timeframe at which the market analysis will be conducted (Forex Enigma is designed for only M1 and M5, it is better not to experiment with other timeframes)
  • TakeProfit/StopLoss - TakeProfit and StopLoss on the deal
  • InfoPositios - the location of the information window. It displays the name of the indicator, the strength of the trend, the direction of the current signal, the current time and time before the candle closes
  • SoundAlert/EmailAlert- on/off sound notifications and messages about signals to e-mail
  • ColorUpArea/ColorDownArea – color of Buy and Sell signals
The Forex Enigma signals

On the chart the indicator displays a channel, a bit reminiscent of the Ichimoku cloud, and the arrows show the direction of the entrance. Signals are two types:

  • Sell - the arrow points down and the channel color changes to red
  • Buy - the arrow points up and the channel color changes to blue


On the developer's website, only the most successful moments were selected, for understandable reasons. As, for example, these:


See also the video:

In reality, everything is not so good; there are weaknesses in this indicator. On the history it is quite possible to find moments with the same signals as the authors do, it happens in the moments when the indicator manages to catch the beginning of trend movements.

The main danger for the Forex Enigma lies in the fact that on the flat sections one signal follows another and all of them close with a small loss (sometimes with a large loss). There is no filter for this case in the indicator algorithm.

When working with this indicator implies a continuous presence in the market. That is, the deal is kept open until Forex Enigma sends out a signal in the opposite direction. Signal arrives with a delay of 1-3 candles, so during the flat you will sustain a steady loss. Partially this problem is solved by setting the TradingStyle: “Safe” in the settings of indicator. The number of signals decreases, in the image - the same section of the chart, it is seen that the number of lossy signals has decreased from 11 to 7:



Forex Enigma works well in situations where the price moves in a wide horizontal channel. Its width is often enough to get at least a small, but still profit (about 20-30 pips).

The indicator is definitely good, but it's not as much as the developers claim. Do not expect to earn 300-400 points with it using several hours of trading. Given its sensitivity to the flat areas, I recommend using it only in the European and American sessions; it is advisable to limit the major high-volatility currency pairs. Then Forex Enigma will work profitably.

In the archive Forex_Enigma.rar:

    • ForexEnigma_V4.0.ex4
    • ForexEnigma_Library_File_V4.0.dat
    • ForexEnigma_Library_File_V4.0.dll
    • Metasetup.dll
    • Forex Enigma template.tpl

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  1. ahmad

    hi; this is awesome indicator, any way to solve the changing date of pc …
    it’s working good!

    • Babayz

      Not Working , Ahmed How your working? Please Guide

      • Daniel


        • boldbayar

          hi how to installed, video need

  2. Jake

    This doesnt work. and i extract the dll files to libraries…

  3. George

    This doesnt work…no free indicator…

    • Daniel

      Read attentively. I wrote about this:
      Change the time

      • where your MQL4 place?, if will copy

        where your MQL4 place?, if will copy

        • yusmanto

          Be wise make video tuturial Daniel, it wii be easy to do. thx ;)

  4. George

    Unfortunately does n’twork…….this indicator and after the change time, date-hour ( March 2017 ). I think that system want a free code.

  5. Riha

    I installed it a few hours ago and I had no problems whatsoever. You need to make sure to do it exactly as Daniel posted above and you also need to make sure that you have set the time line to M5 (or M1). I tried it with higher time frames just to see it would, but it didn’t show up in anything over M5 (at least not for me).

  6. Mike

    This is how marketers fool naive people. They take existing indicators and reverse engineer them. This is nothing more than the Half trend indicator, and this gives you so many false signals. Thumbs down :-! :-! =-O

  7. Cialischeap

    Hola Antonio, como experto bursátil que eres, estos valores o se cogen abajo o después de una gran corrección. Entrar después de que ha subido un 50,80,100 o 300%, es una loteria, un stoploss de un 10 o un 15% te lo merienda en un momento, y entrar sin stop loss es arriesgarse a quedarte pillado por los siglos de los siglos. Así que no hay darle mucha vueltas a estos valores que suben tan alocadamente. Un saludo

  8. sen

    Time changed, install on the MT4 or no response, what should I do %)

  9. sobhan

    Dear Daneil
    I install with your guide,But did not work .Why ?
    In my friend meta trader works but mine no.
    Can you help me please?

  10. osman inkaya

    kurdum çalışıyor teşekkürler daneil

  11. preme

    this is exactly a trend magic indicator. To the dot. nothing fancy

  12. Satya

    It works. Follow the manual 100%.

  13. iqbal

    Mr. Daniel : changing the date every open MT4 or just for the first or what?

    • Daniel

      You need to change the date on your computer.

  14. wellingthon

    obrigado! o indicador está funcionando perfeitamente! :P 8)

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