Forex Hacked Pro — multicurrency Forex Expert Advisor

New Forex Hacked Pro is multicurrency and now it can be used simultaneously on nine currency pairs (see characteristics below).

Forex Hacked Pro works using the martingale method, but entries into the market are made by three scalping strategies, which increases the likelihood accurate inputs and reduces the potential danger from the ordinary course of trade by the method of Martin Gale.

Сharacteristics of the Forex Hacked Pro
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari (Account Type: nano.mt4)
Backtest of Forex Hacked Pro

Default settingsForex Hacked Pro EURUSD

Default settingsForex Hacked Pro GBPUSD

Default settingsForex Hacked Pro USDCHF

Default settingsForex Hacked Pro AUDUSD

Default settingsForex Hacked Pro USDCAD

Naturally, testing history for Forex Hacked Pro performed for each pair separately. But in the real trading, the developers recommend installing EA with recommended settings sets (files. set) for all nine pairs to thereby to diversify risks. Of course, this makes some sense as large drawdowns moments do not occur simultaneously on several pairs, which can be clearly seen in the graphs backtest.

Forex Hacked Pro works using the martingale method and so is very dangerous and can lead to complete loss of the deposit. But with timely withdrawal profits earned, can be quite profitable. A timely withdrawal of profits of the initial deposit automatically makes Forex Hacked Pro break-even.

Very important! For smooth operation Forex Hacked Pro should use VPS server ➨ Forex VPS

In the archives Forex_Hacked_Pro.rar:

  • Forex Hacked Pro.ex4
  • audusd.set
  • eurchf.set
  • eurgbp.set
  • eurjpy.set
  • eurusd.set
  • gbpusd.set
  • usdcad.set
  • usdchf.set
  • usdjpy.set

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51 Responses

  1. carl

    hai… thanks for sharing…. dont have acc live yet… only demo. Is this EA work on live acc?

  2. quim

    hi sir..thank you for sharing the EA….for EA Forex Hacked Pro…can we run all EA in one time on 9 currency?

    • Daniel


      • quim

        thank you… Daniel..have nice day and Happy new year…

        • Daniel

          Thank you and Happy New Year too

  3. lims

    Hi. Thank you so much…… Is this EA work on live account….?

    • Daniel

      Yes of course

      • lims

        is this ea running life time….?

        • Daniel


          • lims

            Thank you… God Bless you & Help you ….

  4. fabio

    este e um exelente robot, faz 3 dias que estou ultilizando, em uma conta demo, e estou ultilizando,em mini lot de 0.01, maximo,de 12 trader, e consegui um resultado,positvo, de 42.00 dolar,por dia,,muito bom. queroagradecer,ao senhor responssavel,pelo site, por permitir,fazer dowload,gratuitamente,,,muitissimo,obrigado.

  5. fabio

    alguem ja utilizou o forex flex? gostaria de saber, se esta E.A , funciona, se da resultado positvo, esperando resposta,,,

  6. ivan

    Hi, I donwloaded the files, but to complete the files need ForexHackedPro.dll.. can you send me that please

    • Daniel

      For this EA not need libraries

  7. erns

    How much the minimum deposit for forex hacked pro. Thanks

    • Daniel

      EA has a parameter Divider (parameter for calculating the Money management). Examples of calculation of lots:

      $100,000 — Divider 100 = 0.01 lots
      $100,000 — Divider 10 = 0.1 lots
      $200,000 — Divider 100 = 0.02 lots
      $200,000 — Divider 10 = 0.2 lots
      $10,000 — Divider 100 = 0.001 lots
      $10,000 — Divider 10 = 0.01 lots
      $10,000 — Divider 1 = 0.1 lots
      $20,000 — Divider 100 = 0.002 lots
      $20,000 — Divider 10 = 0.02 lots
      $20,000 — Divider 1 = 0.1 lots
      $5,000 — Divider 10 = 0.005 lots
      $5,000 — Divider 1 = 0.05 lots
      $5,000 — Divider 0.5 = 0.1 lots

      So it is better to open for this EA cent account. Example here (Account Type: nano.mt4) ➨

      • peepbb

        This EA will wipe your account with any settings.

  8. Erns

    Is forex hacked work if you have $300 deposit?


  9. omid

    hi Daniel,
    i am wondering. i saw 4 different ea softwares… i cant pick one which one is best and trust can grow profit? do you have any experience so far?

    • Daniel

      They are all good in their own way. The highest profit in the short term can give you Forex Hacked Pro. But do not forget that it is very dangerous loss of the entire deposit. This martingale. But if you regularly withdraw of earned profit, by the time the loss of the initial deposit, you will have a decent amount of profit.

  10. sajjad hossain

    Hi! I want to use forex hacked pro in 9 currencies at a time. How much balance needed to start in cent account and doller account?
    and what lot is to be used?

  11. Ali Jaan

    Please provide a .set file for XUAUSD

  12. KLaas Joon

    Is there no stoploss in default settings? How can this work? it just leaves lossing orders… Maybe i dont understand..
    Kind regards,

    Klaas Joon Douma.

  13. FX Lover

    how do i set up the EA .from loading EA’s to Pressing the Auto Trading Button . thankyou

  14. Christopher

    When will this EA need an update? If it does down the road how will I be able to get it?

  15. Hafeel

    I have checked your EA in Demo & Live both are working smoothly, but I have applied for your EA an other one of my live trading it is not work, can you explain to me why it has happened

  16. ali

    Is there a modern version

  17. Schwann

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful EA, can you tell us about a tested setting that works well,
    or does any body know here?

  18. vijay

    Thank u very much for sharing

  19. babsy

    i´m missing Divider settings for mini trader like 100€ or $. I see minimum 5000$.
    Please can you write Divider settings for $100 and 0.01 Lots ?

    Thx =)

  20. hendro

    Thank you very much for sharing, EA every day could OP how? …

  21. Reynold

    Should we accept only the default settings. Also there is not stoploss? Would not that be dangerous?

    • Daniel

      Written in article:
      “Forex Hacked Pro works using the martingale method and so is very dangerous and can lead to complete loss of the deposit. But with timely withdrawal profits earned, can be quite profitable. A timely withdrawal of profits of the initial deposit automatically makes Forex Hacked Pro break-even”

  22. Louis

    Good day
    I can talk to the programmer about the Forex Hacked Pro.
    it is possible that several pairs at the same time act to buy long and saling..? or just one pair….?

    • Daniel

      You can install on all the recommended pair, but do not forget about the initial deposit and money management, which is described HERE

  23. Louis

    Hello Sir,

    your EA is great. Thank you for sharing.
    I have only a question. Where can i change the settings, like lot-size?

    • Daniel

      Press F7. Then set the desired size of the lot, as shown in the image:


  24. Louis

    Hallo Sir,

    is it possible to do a Stop Loss in this EA?

    thank you


    I need the manual for this EA.
    It has many functions that we do not know what it is for.
    Preciso do manual desse EA.
    Pois tem muitas funções que não sabemos para que serve.

    • Daniel

      Do not you need a manual. All settings are made using a set-files that are included in the archive *OK*

  26. Gabriel

    Este EA Forex Hacked Pro usa stoploss?

  27. Андрей

    Данил, а мониторинги есть ?на этот или другие советники?!

    • Daniel

      There are on network. Look here or here. If you just too lazy, then look below:

      Keltner Pro live forward test

      Keltner Pro live forward test

  28. POl

    Hello sir! thank you for sharing this wonderful EA gonna try in demo. :) have nice day

    • Daniel

      *THUMBS UP*

  29. Jimmy

    Hello Daniel, thank you for sharing this EA!
    But he don´t work and I don´t know why.
    How many tradeshe make in a day?
    The autotrading is on and the smily is ok too.
    Please tell me about it!

    Best Jimmy

    • Daniel

      And I do not know why it is you have not worked. I think you’re not right it has established or not has included automated trading. In the corner of the chart is the face of this kind =) ?

  30. Fabio

    Hi guys,
    this EA is working very well. I’m using on real account (Micro), all raccomended currency simultaniously, defoult setting (exept for lot size that for my micro account is 0.1). it trade an avarage of 130 trades with a winning rate of 86%.
    The downside is the missing stop loss, but you can always close manually the losing trade when you want.
    Hope to see new Free EA soon

    • Karim

      Fabio are you using the default settings or set file settings?

  31. Sam

    Hello Daniel,
    how can I use the .set files? Or use the ea automatically?
    Cheers Sam

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