Forex Smart Scalper – scalping system for M5 and M15

Forex Smart Scalper is a trading system designed for scalping on M5 and M15. It consists of two indicators: the main signal indicator (Forex Smart Scalper) and the filter (Forex Smart Filter). Apply Forex Smart Scalper follows on the main currency pairs in the busiest trading hours - the London and New York sessions. The system is very simple and understandable, so even a beginner trader will cope with it.

Characteristics of the Forex Smart Scalper
Rules of trade by Forex Smart Scalper

After installing the Forex Smart Scalper in the terminal MT4, you will see signals in the form of blue (Buy signal) and red (Sell signal) arrows, and a filter of blue (Buy Zone), red (sell Zone) and yellow (Flat) bars:


Buy signal:

  1. Blue arrow
  2. Blue bar


Sell signal:

  1. Red arrow
  2. Red bar


A few more examples of trading from the developer:

EURUSD, M5 performance: + 139 pips (+$1,390) in FEW HOURS!


EURUSD, M15 performance: + 127 pips (+$1,270) - 1 trade!


GBPUSD, M5 performance: + 50 pips (+$500)


USDCAD, M15 performance: + 140 pips (+$1,400)


USDCHF, M5 performance: + 128 pips (+$1,280) - 3 trades!


Stop Loss should be placed on the nearest local minimum/maximum.

Exit when the opposite signal appeared.

Of course, the Forex Smart Scalper system needs training and testing on a demo account.

Good luck and see you at!

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In the archive Forex_Smart_Scalper.rar:

  • Forex_SMART_Filter_v1.ex4
  • Forex_SMART_Scalper_v1.ex4

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