Forex Triple B Strategy by Vladimir Ribakov

Forex Triple B Strategy is a very original semi-automated trading system, which is based mainly on the standard indicator Bollinger Bands. Author of this system Vladimir Ribakov combined three approaches to trade in a single system, trying to satisfy the requirements and the most common methods of marketing and management positions. And he did it. Forex Triple B Strategy does show good results.

Characteristics of Forex Triple B Strategy

Opening a position is made with the help of advisor Triple B Alerter, which is part of the system and displays a window where you can to open a position:


Once the trader clicked "Yes" the adviser continues to maintain open position:


Some moments of work with Forex Triple B Strategy you can see in this video:

And close it yourself without trader's participation:


More details about the Forex Triple B Strategy you can read in the manual that you can download with the system files on this page below.

In the archives Forex_Triple_B_Strategy.rar:

  • TripleB_Alerter.ex4
  • TripleB_Daily_Bollinger.ex4
  • TripleB_MTF_Div.ex4
  • TripleB_template.tpl
  • Forex_TripleB_-_Strategy_Guide_-_Vladimir_Ribakov.pdf
  • Forex_TripleB_Install_and_User_Guide.pdf

Free Download Forex Triple B Strategy

23 Responses

  1. waqas

    this indicator is good or not ?? what your opinion

    • Daniel

      This is a good profitable trading system

  2. Gustavo

    Excellent site !!!!!

    Thanks a lot

  3. Thomas

    Good and profitable trading system..

  4. Peter

    I just installed this. Am I suppose to see the past buy and sell signals or just going forward?

    *I don’t see any past signals on any of my charts.

    • Daniel

      and you will not see

  5. nevik

    Is there no pop up sound alert when the trade alert shows up on the screen or its my setup that is all wrong because im not getting any sound alerts and i cant stare at my computer all day

  6. boy

    triple b trading system for lifetime free or limited time?
    thanks a lot

  7. vedran

    The Triple B is a good sistem,use various indicators on a multi time frames H1-H4-D1 and trade on H1 time frames.

    Use it on EU market open and US market open,use the signal only on this period.

    Wait the signal,not stay on your pc a day the signal various 1 to 7 a week,depend of the market.

    Apply this on any pair,the best are the most traded EURUSD,USDJPY ecc.

    good luck.

  8. Wandile

    how to install this ? please help guys

    • Daniel

      By analogy, as written HERE

  9. angela

    Grazie di Cuore. Thank you so much
    Kiss Angela from Italy. *IN LOVE*

  10. Gh Ghanim

    thank you for this topic . best Regard

  11. ashraf

    *IN LOVE* good

  12. ashraf

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like

  13. Sultanovic

    I installed the system. Everything seems to work, but I never get a pop-up with a suggested trade. Knows anyone what the problem could be?

    So when should Iget a pop-up? If the buy zone is reached or if alle additional fileters are met also?

    Thnx in advance!

    • Sultanovic

      Last sentence was full of type errors, but I meant:

      “When should I get a pop-up anyway? Already if only the buy zone is reached or only after all additional filters are also checked?”

  14. Erry


  15. ronen

    why does it not free any more ???
    I want it so…..


  16. lowstrife

    this indictor missing mr daniel can u add this one cant change time frame 8)

  17. Andi Milyarder

    Please update to version 2.0! Thank you!

    • Juan

      Hola a todos, sigue funcionando este sistema? Saludos cordiales

  18. nathan

    When I backtested I never get a signal . Is it working ?

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