ForexSignal30 – profitable indicator forex strategy

ForexSignal30 – this is indicator forex trading strategy based mainly on the testimony of signal indicator. The beauty of this strategy is that it gives a clear signal not only to open an order, but also its closing, and then the system thinks all the most difficult. In trading, you can use any currency pairs. Timeframes desirable to choose the medium, from M30 to H4. To work the strategy used three indicators: Stochastic, Signal 2, Forexsignal 30 extreme.

Characteristics of ForexSignal30
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: from M30 to H4
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Rules for opening orders by ForexSignal30

For opening a Sell order is necessary to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The price must be located at the upper border of the price channel (it is drawn automatically), this rule can be ignored, but the risk of closing the position by Stop Loss is greatly increased.
  2. On the graph appeared a large red arrow pointing down.
  3. Stochastic is above level 80 (overbought zone).
  4. On the indicator ForexSignal30 extreme appears ledge directed upwards.


For opening a Buy order is necessary to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The price must be located at the lower border of the price channel (it is drawn automatically), this rule can be ignored, but the risk of closing the position by Stop Loss is greatly increased.
  2. On the graph appeared a large blue arrow pointing up.
  3. Stochastic is below level 20 (oversold zone).
  4. On the indicator ForexSignal30 extreme appears ledge directed downwards.


In addition to this version of the strategy is now available a new version, which ruled out repaint indicators. It looks as follows:


Rules of trade in this version is even easier than the previous one, I would say - intuitive.

In short you can see in this promo video:

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In the archives ForexSignal30.rar:

  • #Forexsignal30_01.ex4
  • #Forexsignal30_02.ex4
  • #Forexsignal30_03.ex4
  • #Forexsignal30_04.ex4
  • #Forexsignal30_05.ex4
  • #Forexsignal30_06.ex4
  • Forexsignal30.1.ex4
  • Forexsignal30.2.ex4
  • Forexsignal30.3.ex4
  • Forexsignal30.4.ex4
  • Signal2.1.ex4
  • Signal2.2.ex4
  • Signal2.3.ex4
  • Signal2.4.ex4
  • # forexsignal30(extreme).tpl
  • forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl

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41 Responses

  1. peepbb

    You said no repainting template, but it is repainting!

    • Daniel

      This template forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl does not repaint

      • will

        Unfortunately, yes, I confirmed today, the arrow appearing and disappearing a few times.

  2. Azuma

    I use this system for binary option, Thank you Danial..its really works!!

    • Milan

      How use this system for binary option?

  3. OmegaXone

    i will test it sir.

  4. Miguel

    First, thanks you for all the indicators, but i tries to download this one but the link is broken…

  5. Ghalib

    Thank you ,I hope you have a great strategy

  6. Ash

    Do you have mq4 file Daniel ? Does arrows on Forexsignal30_03 , _04 , _05 , _06 in lower half of forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl repaint ?

    • Ash

      Ok just saw Forexsignal30_03 , _04 , _05 , _06 arrows repainting .. :(

  7. Gh

    Thank you veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery

  8. pascal

    you must read the rules well then it does not repaint. Use it on the 4h chart and when an arrow is put on the chart you wait till the next candle to open then it will never repaint. Even when it’s a false signal. I use it for years and have 1000’s of pip’s each month but you have to wait.

    • Ted

      Pascal, which template (# forexsignal30(extreme).tpl or forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl are you using?

  9. josh allison

    How do you exit ?

  10. Kasper

    picture 2 is wrong stochastic is not under 20

    • Daniel

      Clear head. The main thing is that the principle is understandable. Here you has understood, even saw a flaw on the image … *THUMBS UP*

  11. hassan shahzad

    im interested in Upper strategy the Forex signal Extreme…and will test it by next Monday.. if this system really works whats stated will be perfect system for me..this system seems with high accuracy doubt.i just want Forex 30.1 Non repainting i saw that signal working with extreme profit with high accuracy..i just dont want see it repaints..lets test it what really happens….God bless you admin for helping us…

  12. hassan shahzad

    Pascal i am agreed with you..i think this is the most profitable system i ever saw..and after reading your comment now im sure it will work..people didnt read what system is saying and starting to say it repaints…thanks really gave me courage to use it..i was already thinking that system will work…..Happy trading forever now *CRAZY* %) :P ;) =)

    • haly

      this indicator have alot of false signals so it can give you buy signal and price drop over 100 pips then it moves it’s arrow signal to the new lower candle.
      I think it’s useless indicator

  13. Ted

    Sadly, live testing the forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl showed that the #Forexsignal30_06 setup arrows do repaint. This can happen quite a few bars later, after you have already entered a long/short on the signal arrow given by #Forexsignal30_01. You will only see this if you are watching live. If the setup arrows didn’t repaint, this would be the holy grail.
    Anybody have a work-around?

  14. Daiana

    Hello Pascal : do you have this system in mq4 format ?, thanks , kisses =)

  15. Athumani

    How do you set SL and TP using this indicator?

  16. Hassan

    Pascal is sayin g about off course the template which “repaints” and obviously it repaints but the success key is ” Higher time frame Only” nothing else pascal is doing special , i read his whole comment and understood all what hes trying to say, just follow the rules , work at least on 4 hr and thats it, no need to place SL, it will hit Tp SOMEHOW….guess it will helo people around here whose continuously asking from pascal and hes silent may be not coming back to the webpage..

  17. Azri

    This indicator is 85% profitable, but only on higher time frame ( > 1H TF). When arrow is appear on the first candle, entry on the next candle. Normally SL you can set above on arrow (For sell) and below on arrow (For buy). TP is depends on the pair. For GBPJPY easily can archived 2000 points. Just follow the rules and be patient when waiting to entry.

  18. Yogesh Bhavsar

    Currency Trading is never constant, so why will a system give consistent calls when market change.
    This question was solved by forex signals 30 Platinum Version 2016, regular constant updates as per the market condition and fantastic updates every update were better than the previous, the current latest one is the one of the best as the indicator second entry signal never repaints, wait for the arrow and take the trade as soon as the bar closes, what awesome system took 40 pip in USDCHF buy call yesterday.

  19. hassan shahzad

    Up Date:

    forex system no repaint template is the best one, can work 100 percent if you really know how to enter and exit the market.
    i think this template is more good than forexsignal Gold edition , Cuz it gives you more confirmation about entering into the market…follow the rules..use higher time frame, market will hardly beat you…you will be winner for everytime…i won countless trades with this system…using it for now more than 6 months…

  20. Sam

    Hi, Daniel,

    Thank you for offering us those indicators, but I can not download this indicator (page 404 appears)

    Can you please fix the download link?

    Thank you very much! :P

  21. robert

    thanks for this indicator. so far so good.

  22. Kay

    Does anyone earn by using this indicator? Is it profitable?

  23. Jacob

    How can I get the system?

  24. Richard

    Hi, nice work but please can I ask for explanation of ForexSignal30.2 it paints a white dot, and I cant work out what its purpose is, thanks and keep up the good works…. good stuff here.

  25. hassan

    Hi there is a paid version

  26. emanuel

    Can you please reupload this?

  27. Tom

    Forexsignal30_0 H4 also repaint….today I watched crude oil …

  28. Tom


  29. Sama

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you so much for sharing this profitable indicator. I am a full time employee and so do not have time for manual trading. I am wondering if it is possible for me to get the EA of this indicator or probably the code so that I can automatize it into an EA? Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated

  30. Marcelo

    Hello Daniel,
    Do you have the indicator ForexSignal 30 Platinum?

  31. johnny

    that is a profitable system i made some changes and that is 100% sucssesful strategy for forex
    learn some price action guys that will help.

    • Timmy

      which cange u made Johnny? can you let us now? thanks

  32. Timmy

    its nonsense,this indi is repainting also on the h4.-.had a trade open since morning…the old trendline did broke and did create another trendline.-.its just another shitty indi

  33. Mariusz

    Hi, if indicator forexsignal30_03 repaint ? ( ( this indicator is used in tpl forexsignal30_no_repaint.tpl )

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