Fratelli Intraday trading system

Fratelli Intraday trading system - intraday forex strategy, designed to trade mainly in the London session (by default, the system uses a gray area at 7:10-16:00 GMT) on M5 timeframe. To trade Fratelli Intraday trading system is better to use major currency pairs such as the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURCHF and others.

Characteristics of Fratelli Intraday trading system

As described above, the time trade Fratelli Intraday trading system - the London session (gray area). Therefore Fratelli_MAIN_v1.3 indicator settings you need to set the London session, depending on the time of your broker. Read more about it here.


Open Buy, when candle of prices will turn green and closes above the black EMA (89). While indicator BB MACD should be green:


Open Sell, when candle of prices will turn red and closes above the white EMA (89). While indicator BB MACD should be red.


Stop Loss is set 20 pips.

Taik Profit 20 pips too. When the price reaches 15 pips profit tolerated stop-loss at the level of opening position.
In the archives Fratelli_Intraday_Trading_System.rar:

  • Fratelli_BB_MACD_V1.mq4
  • Fratelli_Line_MACD.mq4
  • Fratelli_MAIN_v1.3.mq4
  • MA in Color.mq4
  • Period_Converter_Opt.mq4
  • fratelli-intraday-trading-system.tpl

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