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FX Atom Pro is another indicator of Karl Dittmann, whom we know well from his trading products. FX Atom Pro is a line moving along with the price on the chart. The corresponding line color indicates the current price movement. The red color is a bearish trend (you should open a short position), the blue color is a bullish trend (you should open a long position). The indicator is equipped with an informational table, which displays the current trend, time, trading style and time before the current candle closes.

Characteristics of the FX Atom Pro
How it works?

As we know, any paid indicator is nothing more than a modified free indicator. FX Atom Pro is no exception. This indicator is based on the already familiar Super Trend (a detailed review here). Here's a comparison:

FX Atom Profx-atom-pro-1

Super Trendfx-atom-pro-analogue-1

FX Atom Profx-atom-pro-2

Super Trendfx-atom-pro-analogue-2

Of course, the author did a lot of work - he eliminated the repainting of the indicator, which is very, very important. The information board and the system of sound alerts and signals to the email were added. There is a possibility of setting the trading style (Conservative, Medium and Aggressive Mode) with different degrees of risk:


FX Atom Pro is more suitable for day trading than for scalping. But even at small timeframes, the indicator shows good results. The main disadvantage - flat. Therefore, it is necessary to trade on the major currency pairs in the most volatile trading time - London and New York.

To view the indicator, you can watch this video demonstration of trade:

Do not use the indicator alone. It needs additional filters, particularly in filters help to distinguish the flat.

In the archive FX_Atom_Pro_analogue.rar:

  • SuperTrend.ex4
  • SuperTrend.mq4
  • MTF_SuperTrend.ex4
  • MTF_SuperTrend.mq4
  • Super Trend template.tpl
  • ST + MTF ST_H4 template.tpl

Free Download FX Atom Pro analogue


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  1. ama

    good joke !!!! repaint

    • Daniel

      Take it here. There does not repaint

      • Why are you sending us to purchase ?

        Why are you sending us to purchase sale page ? we came here to your site for free (Pro Indi )download. if we need to purchase that indi we will use direct link not your Affiliate link. scam smelling indicator its not worth buying.

        • Daniel

          As you please 8)

  2. Md. Abu Hanif

    What is the difference between FX Atom Pro analogue (demo version) and Original FX Atom Pro.


  3. Smithd126

    You have an incredibly nice layout for your blog, i want it to utilize on my site also .


    its a good indicator but it doesnt have alerts

  5. torinfx

    Thank you for the free EA, I have backtested but on my Mt4 it seems it repaints, opening and close many positions in range trend even if the line at the end of the day still has the same trend colour.

    I suppose that at some point during the day the line changes color for a while and posiitons get closed and opened again and again

  6. preme

    this is not a super-trend but a trend magic. CCI + ATR. your welcome.

  7. Abdullah

    How can i change trading style ???? help me please from aggressive to conservation ?

  8. Herberth Geroncio

    I’m still hesitant to buy because I do not download it for free. You can trust me of what I will buy.

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