FX Nuke – trading system with latest advanced algorithms

FX Nuke Trading System very interesting trading system, but based on the "latest advanced algorithms" to find you the most accurate and profitable BUY/SELL signals. The system implemented a filter in the original way through the CS dashboard, which helps us with choosing the best currency pair. FX Nuke is a universal trading system and is suitable for a trader of any level with any trading style, because this system implements three trading styles: scalping, day trading and swing trading (can be installed by selecting the appropriate template).

Characteristics of the ATR Stops with Magic FX
    • Platform: Metatrader4
    • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs
    • Trading Time: Around the clock
    • Timeframe: Any (three trading styles: scalping, day trading and swing trading)
    • Recommended broker: Alpari, Forex4youRoboForex
Trading rules

FX Nuke Trading System is equipped with two indicators:


  1. Entry / Exit Colored Snake - the main signal indicator. The blue color - BUY, the red color - SELL.
  2. Currency strength and weakness dashboard – filter. This indicator helps us determine the desired currency pair. With it, we can better understand what currency is overbought or oversold. Read more in the manual (you can download it below by clicking on the "Download" button).

BUY rules:

When blue DOT appears, the market is ready for buy signal:


Transaction should remain open, until red DOT appears.

SELL rules:

When red DOT appears, the market is ready for sell signal:


Transaction should remain open, until blue DOT appears.

Stop Loss should be set at several pips above/below the last local high/low.

Take Profit = Stop Loss for conservative trading.

Take Profit = 2 x Stop Loss for aggressive trading:


See more clearly in this video presentation:

Of course, the FX Nuke Trading System is not a grail and has its drawbacks. And in order to reduce unwanted losses to a minimum pre-use demo account.

In the archive FX_Nuke.rar:

  • cpmDT.ex4
  • cpmSC.ex4
  • cpmSW.ex4
  • FXNUKEDT.ex4
  • FXNUKESC.ex4
  • FXNUKESW.ex4
  • FxnukeDAYTRADE.tpl
  • FxnukeSCALPTRADE.tpl
  • FxnukeSWINGTRADE.tpl
  • FX Nuke - system manual.pdf

Free Download FX Nuke

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  1. Willy Wonka

    Looks good boss!! Thanks

  2. Neil J. Coisman

    Looks pretty good… Lags some…. Forex Venom Pro (non-repainting as well) may have a little less lag.
    Thanks… I appreciate your making it ‘free’.

  3. Axel

    I want just to say Big BIG BIG BIG thanks for all this work ! really u are generous !

    • Brian

      Fxnuke is amazingly powerful…more so when used for swing rrading…thanks Dave☺

  4. Axel

    its just amazing thanks a lot *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*

  5. Brian

    The most powerful tool iv ever come across….Swing trading is the best …thanks Dave😊

  6. Shanmugam

    What is the best mode and time frames?

  7. well , i want to thanks the Admin , Owner and author of this Website…they are sharing Quite free stuff , which has been sold for many dollars , i personally don’t know yet this indicator is profitable or not , But despite of all that, the Owner of this website really deserve many thanks because hes working for the trader without having any Greed in him.
    Thank you…

  8. Chinary

    Thanks and I am going to test on Monday! Keep it up…….

  9. Angelika

    Nuke doesn’t download at the moment . Error page not found. Is it still available? I was definitely in the 2 min range of downloading. :(
    Like the indicators. I will try a few next week on demo. :-D

  10. Kyle

    I noticed that the dots repaint/move. What would be best to take into account to know if this is a pullback or a reversal in your opinion? I don’t want to get out too early. I had a few trades that said sell, then buy and then sell again all within 30mins on the 5min chart. Any recommendations?

  11. Babayz

    Page has been removed or changed the name. ………………… Please upload the download page….

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