FXA0 – RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR – accurate indicator with additional recommendations

FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR gives signals to the input by combining signals of the RSI and ATR indicators. In addition to the arrows that indicate the signals to the input, FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR draws two horizontal lines, which are the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit for current signals.

Characteristics of FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs (recommended Major)
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any, recommended H1 or H4
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Trading rules by the FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR

Blue arrow of indicator will signal the opening of a long position, red arrows - the signal for the opening short position.


When the second arrow in the same direction, the author of indicator  recommends to increase position, and with the appearance of the green flag positions are closed.

In the archive FXA0_RSI_Crossing_50_plus_ATR.rar:

  • FXA0_RSI_Crossing_50_plus_ATR_ver1.ex4
  • FXA0_RSI_Crossing_50_plus_ATR_ver1.mq4
  • FXA0_RSI_Crossing_50_plus_ATR_ver1_2.ex4
  • FXA0_RSI_Crossing_50_plus_ATR_ver1_2.mq4

Free Download FXA0 - RSI Crossing 50 plus ATR

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