Getsuga Tensho – optimal combination of indicators

Getsuga Tensho differs from most trading systems for binary options by an optimal combination of indicators, each of which is responsible for a particular function. When working with this system, it can be noted that all its components are in their places and perform the necessary functions for displaying and filtering signals.

Characteristics of the Getsuga Tensho
Trading rules by Getsuga Tensho


  1. Arrow is pointing up
  2. xpMA is colored blue
  3. HAMA turned blue
  4. MACD is above zero and green
  5. Stochastic is in the oversold zone


  1. Arrow is pointing down
  2. xpMA is colored red
  3. HAMA turned red
  4. MACD is below zero and red
  5. Stochastic is in the overbought zone

A few more examples:

The author of the Getsuga Tensho tried to combine such basic entities as trend, correction (rollback) and continuation. Of course, it can not completely save you from mistakes, and it is here that you need your experience and understanding of the market. In particular, avoid trading for some time before and after the news release and during low volatility.

In the archive Getsuga_Tensho.rar:

  • Getsuga Tensho.ex4
  • HAMA_.ex4
  • MACD-2.ex4
  • MACD-2.mq4
  • MACD-2_1.ex4
  • MACD-2_1.mq4
  • xpMA.ex4
  • xpMA.mq4
  • Getsuga Tensho.tpl

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10 Responses

  1. BinaryMad

    is this Yellow Arrow Repaint Or Delay ?

    • Rob

      I’m gonna test it and give you some info soon as possible.
      I make EA is sombody want?

      • tom

        i want man help

  2. Mario Franco

    is this Yellow Arrow Repaint Or Delay ?

  3. Paul

    The LabTrend indicator seems to be missing from the archive, so we are not seeing the yellow arrows. Could you please update the download archive?

    • Daniel

      I did not understand. What kind of indicator is it? Everything you need in the archive.

      • Maurice

        That’s right. There are no yellow arrows.

  4. Wout


    I wonder, what exeperation times do you use with binary options?

    5min-15min-30min ……….?

  5. james

    Hi. How to show the Yellow Arrow?, Getsuga Tensho.ex4 its run but didnot show the arrow. pls help

  6. Henmap

    Is anyone using this strategy, how is its performance?

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