HalfTrend v1.02 analogue of popular BuySellArrowScalper

HalfTrend v1.02 is an analogue paid indicator by Karl Dittmann called BuySellArrowScalper. Often have to deal with paid indicators, which are created by the authors of the publicly available indicators with a few additions or corrections. And BuySellArrowScalper no exception. HalfTrend v1.02 indicator is based on of popular indicator Ozymandias, which reliably monitor the trend in the market and filters sharp fluctuations and market noise. HalfTrend v1.02 not repainted after closing the signal candle and not delayed and is a good complete trading instrument.

Characteristics of HalfTrend v1.02
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any, recommended major
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Rules of trade by HalfTrend v1.02

HalfTrend v1.02 shows the signals at the entry into the market in the form of arrows red and blue. In the settings you can set an alert sound signal, a dialog box or on Email.


Open the short position, when there was a red down arrow. Stop Loss set a few pips above the local maximum.

Exit, with the appearance of the blue arrow and the blue line:



Open the long position, when there was a blue arrow pointing up. Stop Loss set a few pips below the local minimum.

Exit, with the appearance of the red arrow and the red line:


More clearly a few trades are shown in this video:

In the archive HalfTrend.rar:

  • HalfTrend-1.02.ex4
  • HalfTrend-1.02.mq4
  • HalfTrend.tpl

Free Download HalfTrend v1.02


Get original BuySellArrowScalper

74 Responses

  1. Pieter

    Dear Daniel
    Thank you so much for your useful indicator
    Best Regards

  2. keny chai

    Dear Daniel

    its Working and is so smoothy for all pairs, Very good, Thank you!!

    regards with thanks

  3. Lerry

    Bought the paid version it seems as paid version filters much better flat markets while the free indie gives signals on flat market which leads to more OTM.

    You could tweak this to match the paid one?


    • Daniel

      Send this indicator on my email proforexclub@gmail.com
      I will see it.

      • kabita

        Hi Daniel,
        do we get this ‘buy sell’ arrow with sound with your free download? OR it comes with paid one?

        • Daniel

          It is free, download link at the bottom of the article

  4. victor

    Mr. Daniel…. In the folder there are Mq4 and Ex4 file…. so We must just throw EX4 File in experts folder??? And MQ4 File into the indicator folder ? I just couldn t make it work and tested as an EA : /

    • Daniel

      This is not the EA. This is indicator. You only need to copy the folders MQL4 and templates in the folder MT4/File/Open Data Folder

      • victor

        Oh I see, but then how those auto trades perform on the video ? Confused really….

        • Daniel

          :) On the video is bektest indicator with visualization

  5. victor

    Okay… I think those are all manual trades Mr. Daniel… You’ve just fastened by recording….. Want to ask once more….. When I m testing this on M5 … it always repainted tho in active market….. you changed amplitude’s settings?

    • Daniel

      settings are not changed

      • victor

        Okay…. I think Backtest visualization works different….. Coz Mr. Daniel…. if you give a try this free educated version in active market….. it always repaints ….. useless in all time frames… Wondering paid version, because many people got accurated results as I heard.

        • Daniel

          After signaling candle formed, the indicator does not repainted. I do not exclude that indicator BaySellArrowScalper more accurate, but it costs money. This indicator is free. Draw your own conclusions. If you have a paid indicator BaySellArrowScalper, you can share it for us.

          • dhang

            excellent reply Daniel

  6. Oscar J.

    Hello, I have a question about this indicator. You can automate?

  7. ken

    Hi, Daniel, I try to download Half trend. tpl & ex4 file, but it’s shown error,
    i am very appreciate if you can email that indicator to my email.
    Thank you very much.

    ken chuah.

    • Daniel

      Has sent.

  8. fxtrader08

    Hi, I also tried to download but your link isnt working.

    Could you please email me the indicator?

    Many thanks

  9. beni

    Hi, Daniel, i can’t download it,it’s shown error,
    i am very appreciate if you can email that indicator to my email.
    Thank you very much.

    • Daniel

      Error corrected. Try it again.

  10. JOEL

    Hi Daniel
    I cannot download
    – HalfTrend v1.02 analogue of popular BuySellArrowScalper
    – Forex Profit Supreme is profitable strategy for beginner’s traders

    Can you send me a link to get it ?

    Thank you

    • Daniel

      Link at the bottom of the article.

      To download the file, click on the button “DOWNLOAD”:

      Download | Step 1

      Now wait while we will create your link:

      Download | Step 2

      After that, you can download the file one click on a link “Download”:

      Download | Step 3

      Good luck.

  11. Alfonso

    AHHH !!! the expert for FX Pro indicator…..!! Thank You !!

  12. Verdi

    Hi Mr. Daniel,
    when try to download the indicators, still show error 404. Could you pls send it to my email.
    I really appreciate it, thanks :)

  13. Hello my friend how are you? I wanted to let you know the famous indicator: http://fxprosystems.com/halftrend-analogue-buysellarrowscalper/

    As I can download please? if you please you can send me mail to my indicator and template? I will be infinitely grateful to you for your good looks my brother

  14. Ion Vasile

    Can this be used trading binary?

  15. Dirk

    Great site

    can somebody Programm this as a Expert Advisor???

  16. achlys aceline

    please send to me ea for automated op buy/sell like in the video

    • Daniel

      This is not EA, an indicator in the tester with visualization

  17. Marcus

    Hi Daniel,

    I come from Germany, please excuse my english is unfortunately not so good!

    Your site is great. I use your indicator “HalfTrend v1.02 – BuySellArrowScalper” the indicator is always kept up to date? and a new version will appear at an early stage, when a new Meta-Trader comes?

    If all indicators kept up to date?

    About an answer from you I would be happy …

    Many greetings from Germany


  18. Valentino

    hii Daniel, please send me via email this indicator, have try to download but error 404, thanks before

    Many greetings from Indonesia

  19. Nick

    Hi, Ive downloaded your Half Trend V 1.02, which works very effectively.
    However, on the demo video you have an information box running showing trade position value, account balance etc
    but this is not included in the free download.
    Is there anyway to aquire this on screen information indicator?
    many thanks,
    Nick Roger Swan

    • Daniel

      The information window can be seen in the SimpleFXTester_v2, where I spent testing this indicator.

  20. Lelohle

    Thank you Daniel, I have integrated this indicator with my current trading strategy and I works perfectly.
    Highly appreciated

    • Osama

      Hi Lelohle,

      What is your method of confirmation ? I did a search about this and some one suggest to use a SMA 50 , sell if indicator is below and vice versa but of course many signals will be eliminated ….

      Hope that you can share your experience.



  21. Osama

    Great Site Daniel,

    What other oscillator (or trend following indicator ) you recommend using as “confirmation” to this great buysellarrowsscalper??

    My Regards

  22. Rasanjana

    Mr.Daniel thanks for indicator. It’s working perfectly. I put 7 trades using this indicator all trades are won. Thank you Very Much ;)

    • Julio

      Hi Rasanjana. Tried to download HalfTrend but keep getting 404 Error message. Can you please send to me via email? Appreciate it.

      • Daniel

        Flew off to you. Meet ;)

  23. Danny

    Hi Daniel

    Please can you show me how to install the download file onto my FXCM MT4 platform and which file folder to install under – sorry I’m a newbie

  24. Djoko

    Dear Mr. Daniel,

    I really appreciate for your indi. Thank you very much.

    Djoko – Indonesia

  25. ryan

    Daniel, what would be the rules if this was to be applied to binary?? next candle same direction m30 upwards?

  26. Paul

    Hi Daniel. Love your website. Excellent job of sharing. Tried to download HalfTrend but keep getting 404 Error message. Can you please send to me via email? Appreciate it.

  27. ELIAS

    8) Hello! I wonder if you have available a EA with this indicator … it would be great testar..grato power! the indicator has given me good entries , but always confirm with tops and bottoms ! thank you..

  28. Juan Chuck Kowe

    I get wrong file when download this indi ?
    filename is bs¶½²´±gsf.php

    • Daniel

      =-O Checked. Everything is fine.
      What’s wrong?

  29. Ricky

    Thanks Mr. Daniel 8), this is the only one which i was looking for. Great making lots of money after a long time…

  30. leo

    hey i was wondering if you could send me it in the email as the one i DL is not showing up on mt4 when i placed it in the indicator file

  31. rick

    i was unable to install onto my meta trader 4. i got it downloaded an paste on to the data folder, it comes up as a “rar archive” all my other indicators have an “.ex4” how can i turn it from rar archive into what i need? or am i doing it wrong?

    • Daniel

      Right Button > Extract Here:

      Extract archive

      If your computer does not have a program WinRAR, download it here rarlab.com/download.htm

      • Rick

        Thank you very much, That’s what i was missing.

  32. needy

    are these indi got expiry? and all others indicators in this site, are they got expiry? your response in this matter are highly appreciated. thanks!

  33. Forex1

    Hi how do i get this to work on MT4 ? i down loaded it and it doesnt appea to show ? Can you please the MT4 file ?

  34. miguel

    with the indicator which I can combine to make a avisor expert to do me largar trends operations and not in very short trends?

  35. david peckham

    Hi i thought this was non repaint?

  36. kabita

    can u pl. tell me with this free version, does this ‘buy & sell’ arrow comes with sound alert? OR sound alert comes with paid version?

  37. Emir Akay

    It’s working indeed, I surprised, It’s working in binary options, m1

  38. sy

    why it format ex4..i cannot install that things

  39. reza

    i download the .rar file, when extract the folder is empty *CRAZY*
    can i have a link that works plz

  40. Abeo Disu

    Hi Daniel, Thanks for the great work you are doing on your website to help traders. I have tried many times to download the indicator, ‘HalfTrend V1.02’ but not successful as 404 error message always appear. I would appreciate if you could please send the latest version of this indicator to my email: abeo4disu@yahoo.com. Many thanks as you send the indicator immediately please.

    • Daniel

      Hey. Submitted

      • Usman

        i downloaded this but its only a wordpad with unknown language. where are three files ?

  41. Jesus Medina

    Hi Daniel! How are you. I would like to ask you two questions:

    1- Can this indicator be used with Binary Options? If your answer is yes, what time of expiration do you recommend for 1 min candles?

    2- According to your experience, what is the most effective strategy for binary options? Or which one is your most recommended?

    I wait your answer.

    Thank you very much, Greetings!

  42. ThangND

    Hi Daniel, can you make a HalfTrend EA, thank a lot =)

  43. Emubenjere Gabriel

    please how possible it is to get the half trend v2 expert adviosr done and how much will it cost to have copy of your these software?
    thanks for your anticipated responds

  44. Shaun

    Hi Daniel, Mnay thanks for the great work you are doing. I cant seem to download the indicator, ‘HalfTrend V1.02’ as there is a 404 error message. It would be greatley appreciate if you could please email me the latest version of this indicator to my email: junglejake @ hotmail(dot)com
    Thanks in advance.

  45. Graham

    I just downloaded this and the file is missing the MQ4 file.
    I would like to make an EA from it but need the MQ4 file to do so.

    If you could send this to me please.

    Kind Regards


  46. gio

    Hi Daniel, in the downloaded file there is no .mq4 file…could you send it to me if you have it. Thanks

  47. Sami Ahmed

    Hello Dear Mr. Daniel,
    I have no words to say you Thanks for such a nice and good website and Indicators having in it. You are receiving so much prayers and blessing by sharing the valuable indicators for Free, because everyone cannot buy the good indicator, and you are giving all Free.

    Thanks Again and Warm Regards for Mr. Daniel *THUMBS UP*

  48. Sid


    I would like to thank you for such a profitable Indicator.

    If you turn this indicator in EA it would really appreciated. *IN LOVE*

  49. john smith

    hi Daniel do you have the mql4 file for this indicator thanks

    • Daniel

      Also you want to sell? How much will it cost? 8)

  50. lyazi

    thanks man

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