Hybrid Trader – M15-H4 auto or manual trading tool

Dear traders, today I am pleased to present to your attention an interesting trading tool called Hybrid Trader. This semi-automatic indicator is interesting because it can work both in automatic mode (AutoTrade) and in manual mode. Hybrid Trader can equally well be used on timeframes from M15 to H4. In addition, the indicator has a convenient trading panel, but more on that below.

Characteristics of Hybrid Trader indicator
How it works?

As I said before, Hybrid Trader can be used for traditional manual trading, but other than that, you can set trading automatically. This can be done using a convenient panel directly on the chart. On the panel, you can also install the necessary StopLoss and TakeProfit. Select the desired pair and other (for more details, read the manual, which can be downloaded below).

Several images showing the operation of the Hybrid Trader:


Video demonstration of the Hybrid Trader:

In this video, the author shows the results of trade with the help of his brainchild. Here are the results:


No matter how good the indicator is, it must be tested on a demo. And Hybrid Trader is no exception.

I wish you a successful trade and a huge profit.

In the archive Hybrid_Trader.rar:

  • Hybrid-Trader.ex4
  • HybridTrader_users_manual.pdf
  • HybridTraderPanel_users_manual.pdf

Free Download Hybrid Trader

6 Responses

  1. Staffan

    Looks promising. I like when you can set things like that in a panel. And so far it’s been doing a good job (so far only tried a couple of trades).

  2. Serpollo

    Staffan : cuentanos como te fue con este robots. comparte amigo. 8)

  3. Junior

    Seems promising ….however, Link not working, this not a problem of timeout im sure =-O

  4. siddarth k

    not working this indicator.

  5. Jokr

    The maker of this system needs to generate a key for it to work. So if you download it from here it won’t work. It’s a paid system.

  6. David

    Can you send this indicator to me thanks

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