BO Magnum Scalping v.3 – universal trading system

BO Magnum Scalping is positioned as a universal trading system, which is suitable for trading both on binary options and for scalping on forex. This is the third version of the strategy, which differs from the previous ones with greater stability, as well as a dial indicator that does not repaint its signals.

Characteristics of the BO Magnum Scalping v.3
Trading rules by BO Magnum Scalping v.3

CALL signal:

  1. Price broke through the lower border of the channel
  2. The level of support from the red points was formed
  3. There was a green arrow pointing up

PUT signal:

  1. Price broke through the upper border of the channel
  2. The level of support from the blue points was formed
  3. There was a red arrow pointing down

Trading strategy for binary options BO Magnum Scalping v.3 is a simple and profitable system. The rules of the strategy will not cause difficulties even for novice traders. Before applying the BO Magnum Scalping strategy on a real account, I highly recommend testing it on a demo account.

In the archive BO_Magnum_Scalping.rar:

  • Indicador Invertir Mejor 2.ex4
  • P4L CandleTime.mq4
  • Stochastic_Buy_Sell_Arrows.ex4
  • SuppRTF.ex4
  • vline_1_1.mq4
  • Magnum Scalping V.3.tpl

Free Download BO Magnum Scalping v.3

9 Responses

  1. Alex

    Guys, this system works pretty good. But, I`d better change a little bit the rules of entering, that is: when the price broke upper (lower) border it should be at least 2 candles otside this border before the up (down) arrow appears. At least 2 candles have to be outside. It helps to avoid wrong entering and rise ITM up to 75-80% when working on 5 min timeframe and have expiration of 30 minutes. Good luck!

    • Jay

      Also be careful, the tma is a centered version, not endpointed. Meaning, it repaint the past. So past signals can’t be counted as trusted signals. For newbies; the SuppRTF indicator is based on fractals, so that one can repaint as well for the first couple of signals. I have put the indicators in a general expert to check its profitability. Forward testing in the majors per the above rules:
      Only USDCHF M5 would be profitable during this year by 61.6% (63.7% ITM during London and NY open).
      USDJPY M1 would be profitable during this year by 60.8% (62.1% ITM during NY open). And yes, i’ve used 99% data quality and several other settings.

      • Alex

        Agree! Thank you, Jay

  2. Salomon

    Is it a call put indicator program which would work nicely in a binary trading platform?
    How much worth is it?
    Does it work in forex trading using MT4, MT5, web platforms?

  3. sid

    Thank you so much you and your team, I really appreciate your hard work *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*

  4. Esthela

    cambiar el stocastico por half trend y golden finger me da señales mas certeras

    • Tom

      Can you please explain what you mean? Change the stochastic to what?
      Thank you

  5. hgm

    Where i put this files?

  6. oscar

    hello guys can you please help am having a problem with those indicators it writre rar and it doest work what i have to docause am looking this one ex4

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