MTH ADX SMA Cross – profitable system for binary options

MTH ADX SMA Cross system is based on the same indicator, which is based on the interaction of the moving average SMA and two ADX indicators and is trending character. As a filter against false signals in this system are two moving averages MA (5) and MA (6).

Characteristics of the MTH ADX SMA Cross
Trading rules by MTH ADX SMA Cross

MTH ADX SMA Cross System shows on the chart a large number of arrows of different colors. But not all the arrows are needed. Now let's try to figure out which signals we will use in trade.

CALL when the following rules are observed:

  1. There is a green circle (a preliminary signal)
  2. There is a multicolored arrow upwards (not green, not lime color, but ONLY multicolored, ie both green and lime color)
  3. Required(!) the blue line MA (5) must be above the red MA (6):



PUT when the following rules are observed:

  1. There is a purple circle (a preliminary signal)
  2. There is a multicolored down arrow (not yellow, not red, but ONLY multicolored, ie both yellow and red)
  3. Required(!) the red line MA (6) must be above the blue MA (5):



For more visibility, watch the video:

In the video for testing the strategy MTH ADX SMA Cross, was used BO Simulator, you can see it and download here.

Thus, if we strictly follow the rules of the strategy, then we will get a very profitable system. Before using, be sure to practice on the demo account.

In the archive MTH_ADX_Cross.rar:

  • ! b765 MTH SMA_ADX Cross Arrow Indi Basic SetUp.ex4
  • speak_b6.dll

Free Download MTH ADX SMA Cross

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6 Responses

  1. Oliver

    The indicator does not paint… It only shows missed signals when I refresh the chart or switch to m5 and back to m1… I aso can not run the indi on the strategy tester…

    • Oliver

      Sorry to say this, but it repaints badly. Useless

      • Daniel

        Not true – watch the video

        • Ahmed Imran

          =-O Video clip a bit confusing as the trader fails to adhere to the instructions as per the web page. What are your results Daniel?

  2. ASEL


  3. Crhris

    no funciona..deja de actualizar las señales que mal

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