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In this article we will discuss the new scalping strategy New Science of Forex Trading (NSOFT). This strategy is very popular and discussed on many popular blogs and forums. The strategy of actively sold on Clickbank, but that did not stop one of the buyers to provide this system for our website. That's how it is paid quickly turns into a free.

Characteristics of New Science of Forex Trading
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any, recommended major
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M5 and higher
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Indicators used
  • Moving Average - the standard trend indicator for the platform MetaTrader 4. This system uses crossing of two moving with a period of 6, only one moving is a shift to 1 and the other moving there is no shift. These parameters are chosen for scalping on M5, so that you can optimize these parameters for yourself.
  • DED - indicator is displayed as dots of blue and yellow color above and below the price. Indicator author, but at once on the eyes, I can say that this is nothing more than a modification of the standard indicator Parabolic.
  • TES - the indicator located in the first additional window as a histogram of blue and orange. Author strategy closed his indicator settings, so that on the basis of which it was created, I cannot tell you. The system performs the function of a filter: blue bars - buy, orange - sell.
  • TTL - the indicator is in the second additional window is displayed as a histogram of red and green colors. Indicator serves in the role of the filter and is based on the oscillator will likely Stochastic, where you can specify the period and modify the overbought and oversold (in this case 30 and 70). These parameters can be optimized for the trader himself.

Also present informer in the upper left corner, but its value is visually understandable, so that it does not accentuate attention.

Signals of Strategy New Science of Forex Trading

In the strategy stipulated a comparison of the trend with a larger timeframe, that is, if we work on the M5, the confirmation of the signal are looking at M15. Analyze signals in accordance with the following scheme:

Time Frame for trade


Time Frame for filtering

Signals to open a Long position

To enter a long position should be simultaneously compliance with a number of the following terms:

  1. Moving Average indicator with a period of 6 blue line crosses the Moving Average indicator yellow from the bottom up
  2. Point of DED indicator should be blue
  3. Bar of an indicator histogram TES should be blue
  4. Bar of an indicator histogram TTL colored green

If all conditions were met, go to M15 (if we trade on M5) and look at the histogram indicators TES and TTL, their bars shall be painted blue and green. If the signal is confirmed we open a long position:


Signals to open a Short position

To enter a Short position should be simultaneously compliance with a number of the following terms:

  1. Moving Average indicator with a period of 6 blue line crosses the Moving Average indicator yellow from the top down
  2. Point of DED indicator should be yellow
  3. Bar of an indicator histogram TES should be orange
  4. Bar of an indicator histogram TTL colored red

If all conditions were met, go to H4 (if we trade on H1) and look at the histogram indicators TES and TTL, their bars shall be painted orange and red. If the signal is confirmed we open a Short position:


Stop Loss

Stop Loss set in the classical way - namely, on local minimum and maximum or important support and resistance levels:



Analyzing video reports author strategies, I saw that the way exit of the position is on the set Take Profit, which is equal to the Stop Loss. But looking at the strategy New Science of Forex Trading on history, I venture to suggest that in this way the author goes out prematurely, and can use alternative way, for example, on the opposite signal.

Few examples of trade from the author's strategy Toshko Raychev you can see in this video:

Money Management

In trading, money management is responsible for the stable growth of your deposit. Strategy New Science of Forex Trading is positioned as a scalping system, therefore it is strongly recommended not to exceed 1% of the risk in one position.

I think the strategy of New Science of Forex Trading has the right to exist. In fact, we have two moving averages and two oscillators that are created, most likely, on the basis of standard indicators. In the strategy provided for a filter to a higher timeframes, it helps not to miss and go against the trend (I'm not talking about the global, but about the mikrotrende, which is present in the moment, sometimes it's just a rollback). Parameters of indicators selected wisely, and all the indicators look at the chart organically. In general, I recommend testing the strategy, it deserves attention.
In the archives Forex_Triple_B_Strategy.rar:

  • DED.ex4
  • KPI.ex4
  • TES.ex4
  • TTL.ex4
  • newscienceofforextrading.tpl
  • New Science of Forex Trading Manual.pdf

Free Download New Science of Forex Trading

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    Daniel, if you have NSOFT Smart Trade App, please share for us..

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      Do you have NSOFT ‘s Smart Trade App, would you share , thank you.

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        I regret, but I do not have this Smart App

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    Thank you Daniel

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    New Science of Forex is nearly, I would venture to say at least 90%, the same as the Forex Secret Protocol that Toshko Raychev produced a few years ago.

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    Download link is not working. Could you check it out once please. Thanks.

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    I was wondering if these indicators repaint or not ?

  9. gfx

    TES & TTL indictors is repainting.

    Check on M1 tf.

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    Totally useless & repainting.

    Dont waste your time

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    If By any chance you the book for this strategy could you please share it?

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    HI. i can get those indicators are smart?

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    It working.I used internet explorer to download

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    Read carefully the description of the strategy, the strategy is clearly starting to M5.Indikatory TTL, TES, DED provide sufficient accuracy since M5.Sam trades on this strategy, the analysis of the entrance to the H1, the entrance to the M30, and everything works fine, profitable! :-D :-D :-D

  15. Ricky

    Hi Mr. Daniel, i have tested about all of your indicators but this one amazingly surprised me. My ROI increased to about double in this two days. GREAT *YAHOO*
    I also tested it on Binary Option with an expiry of 90 to 300 seconds at a time-frame of 1m and the result is about 90% success…

    Please add me to your newsletter subscription, so i may be informed if any updates released…
    Great experience

    • Vikash

      Hello Ricky,

      Your view about this strategy looks very interesting. But I would like to know how you are using this for Binary Options.
      – What is the expiry time you are using?
      – Do you use this with another chart of 5Min for confirmation?

      Hae a nice day!

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    Repainting indicators or not, as an experienced trader i can say that this is the real deal,very profitable and am using it everyday to place profitable trades. Thanks Daniel.

  18. Vikash

    Hello Daniel,

    Maybe it’s a stupid question, but does this ‘NSOFT’ work on Metatrader 5? or only MT4?

    Thank you!

    • Daniel

      Only MT4

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    *OK* *OK* *OK*

    hai sir i am see this indicator TTL only wonderful i have one doubt sir please clarify me is this Re painted or Not i think Its Not Re painted if 2 nd bar is visible same colour red or green same colour then first bar means trend is or buy or sell is conformed ……………..but is it MTF indicator or Not i Dont Know sir please tell me is it MTF or Not ………Thankyou

  20. Peter

    Hi Daniel, The NSOFT system appears to work just as well as the more recent T R system. I have seen on Youtube a trader having two losing trades using the TR Profit system probably because it does not warn traders to stay out of flat market conditions which would be clearer to see using NSOFT. I would be interested to try the TR Profit System but $995 is a bit steep so I look forward to someone forwarding a copy to you.

    • Daniel

      :-D I am waiting too

  21. lili

    This system works with the repainting issue or absolutely do not work at all? how many bars or candles does it repaint?

    • tien198689

      Dear Daniel .
      please Moving avergate = ?
      you can give me,how many number Moving avergrate =?

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    Wow, this is crazy awesome Daniel!
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    Hi Daniel,
    How does this system repaint to interfere with signals? Thanks

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    This is a great system.Just follow the rules and you can make lots of money with it.This is the money making machine.Thanks for sharing and God bless you.

  25. FX_John

    Why the RAR file doesn’t download properly for me?

    • Daniel

      Right Button > Extract Here:

      Extract File

      If your computer does not have a program WinRAR, download it here

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    I have been trying to download the New Science of Forex Trading but unfortunately the link does not work. In addition I would like to say: thanks from the bottom of my heart for the great work you’re providing to us.

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      Olá (portuguese) Boa noite, conseguiu o indicador nova ciencia ? o link não funcionou para mim tambem.

      site fxprosystems

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    Thank you so much I just got your email with the “New Science of Forex Trading” link. I have installed and it works very well.

    Thank you Daniel

    God bless

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    Hi, the question is – if this indicator repaint when candle is finished ? Current candle always can repaint and it is clear ( candle must be over ) but if historical candle repaint ? If somebody checked ?

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    if i want to buy this indicator , how do i do it

  30. Thomas

    TES and TLL is strong repaint….bullshit…..sorry

  31. Animesh Debbarma

    Hi Daniel,

    Please do research & tell me what is the theoretical concept of TES indicator?

    TTL is based on RSI.

    • Vikash

      Hello Animesh,

      You are asking him to do a research why don’t you do it yourself? :-D

      We should be thankfull that he is giving this NSOFT for free and people should be
      thankfull weither it is profitable or not. Always better than spending money on something
      that doesn’t work. *CRAZY*

      Have a nice day!

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    I did but I could not find it. That is why I m requesting him to do so as he is an experienced analyst.

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    Hello sir, just want to complement you ahead for putting smile on many faces, although i have not been able to use the indicator due to challenge on how to add the template on the list. Each time i try it either not appearing among the list or not visible after selecting….. please if there is anyone that can work for i don’t mind from anybody so that i can recover my dying account. THANKS in advance

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