Onda FX – profitable robot based on the standard indicator

Onda FX is a profitable forex advisor, which is based on a simple and very popular among traders standard indicator called Bollinger Bands. This indicator shows on the chart of the wave (in Italian "Onda"), from here and the name of this advisor. It is based on Bollinger Bands and build strategies of the OndaFX EA. In addition, the advisor uses and additional trading rules and automatically adapts to market volatility.

Сharacteristics of Onda FX
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Current EA version: 1.00
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Onda FX backtests

The default settings, are changed only the parameters lot_size_1, lot_size_2 and lot_size_3.

lot_size_1=0.1; lot_size_2=0.1; lot_size_3=0.2onda-fx-eurusd-backtest

lot_size_1=0.1; lot_size_2=0.1; lot_size_3=0.2onda-fx-audusd-backtest

As you can see, in this case the right approach in working with simple technical indicator, made a very profitable forex advisor, especially for the pair EURUSD.

Very important! For correct work of Onda FX EA the trading platform should be enabled with the opening of the market on Sunday night before it closed on Friday evening. If you cannot keep your computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use Forex VPS ➨ Forex VPS

In the archives OndaFX-EDU.rar:

  • Experts - OndaFX-EDU.ex4
  • Presets - set_OndaFX.set

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10 Responses

  1. lungelo


    great work.. has this EA been forward tested ?

  2. Erns

    OndaFx work also in Alpari nano.


  3. ken

    Hi Daniel, this is indeed a good EA. But the properties has been changed to your name. Is the source programming of the EA is still reliable? Or do you add some modification? Anyway, thanks for the sharing

  4. peepbb

    Bad MM. Will wipe account.

  5. Sohail

    i am using this EA from one year only on EURUSD H1 pair with my settings, it is giving me average more than 20% with low draw down.

    • Ciao, quali sono le tue impostazioni? grazie

      Ciao Quali sono le tue impostazioni,

    • r0mza

      does it open more then one trade at a time?.. if yes.. which setting do i change :(

  6. Misbah

    Hi, can you please upload Forex Libra Code? I saw it’s videos and I really want to play with it. Please help.

    • Gary

      Forex Libra Code cost $997. But it is not for sale anymore. There were only 1100 copies for sale. It is not a free program.

  7. Miroslav

    I have a problem: when I try to backtest I get “Zero Divide” error ?

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