Pro Parabolic SAR – a new word in the application of parabolic

Pro Parabolic SAR is a modification of the standard popular trend indicator for MetaTrader 4 called Parabolic SAR. In contrast to the classical parabolic the Pro Parabolic SAR indicator is displayed at the bottom of the chart vertical lines whose color depends on the direction of the trend.

Characteristics of Pro Parabolic SAR

When the direction of the price Pro Parabolic SAR indicator displays an arrow on the chart corresponding to the color and direction, as well as displays a window with a text message:

Buy signal


Sell signal


More details can be seen in the video:

Pro Parabolic SAR, compared with the standard parabolic, has extended functionality and accuracy, that allows to increase the effectiveness of trading strategies that use this trend indicator. However, should not to use this indicator alone because it requires additional of filtration signals.

In the archive Pro_Parabolic_SAR.rar:

  • Pro Parabolic SAR.ex4
  • Pro Parabolic SAR.mq4
  • Pro Parabolic SAR template.tpl

Free Download Pro Parabolic SAR

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  1. omid

    hi daniel
    i tried to get download but your link is not working…. pls fix it up pls let me know

    • Daniel


      • Hassan

        Your comment*

  2. Shoaib

    Hello Daniel How r u ? Please tell me that this indicator’s signals are repainting or not ?

  3. Mac.Michael

    Hi Daniel,
    can you please explain how i can install this indicators on my metatrader4 ? I have downloadet and copyed in the indicator Folder from the MT4, but ist not visibel there…

  4. Jack

    Hi.. This one in the video is with EA functions.. where can I get it ?.. the download version here on the site is Manual :(

    Please reply soon.. Thank you


    • Daniel

      This is not EA, an indicator in the tester with visualization

      • Jack

        Ok.. It just looked like and Ea?.. sins I dont get the INFO as show in the video on the Left sins with Account stats.. etc etc..

  5. jesseboy

    This system works better with the Ichimoku Cloud system for better signals. With the Parabolic indicator that says trend up or down, I also check the Ichimoku bias if it matches along. So far, pretty good!

    • Andres

      Hej, i want to use the Ichimoku clouds, but i have a question, Which parameters do you use for your Ichimoku? thanks a lot !

  6. Naser

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the best site :)>> unfortunately the file has been removed !

    • Daniel

      This is not true. Please try again

  7. Tito

    can you please explain how I can install this indicator on my MT4? I have downloaded it and copied in the indicator Folder from the MT4, but it’s not visible there.

  8. mahmoud magdy

    what is best indicators with it??

  9. arjuna

    where can I get automatic trading with pro indicators parabolic sar

    Thank you

    • Daniel

      I think it is anywhere else you do not get it *PARDON* . Because it does not exist. This is just a test with visualization, and not what you think.

      • mahmoud magdy

        pls replay what is best indicator works with it??

  10. Amine IZM

    It is a very wonderful Index
    On any system this indicator works
    You can change the cursor settings
    Or something like that
    thank you

  11. Mike

    Hi does the Pro Parabolic Sar work on a MT4 demo ?

    • Daniel

      Of course!

  12. Jay

    Thanks loads for the free indicator.
    I first dropped it on the USDCAD with the standard Parabolic SAR and it worked. When I put it on other charts, it was out of synch with the standard.
    Please advise.

  13. sammi

    hi, i stumbled on your video on youtube,,,it was wow…please i cant download the indicator ,please can you send the correct link to my email;, thanks

    • Daniel

      Submitted 8)

      • ANTHONY

        Hi Dan please can i get this indicator probably the download link must have been removed.

        • Daniel

          No, it does not delete anything. Just lifetime links 120 seconds. If you have not downloaded a timely restart page.

  14. Ali

    hi thank you so much daniel the indicator amazing

  15. angela

    hi daniel
    your link is not working….Thanks.
    Salut, Angela from Italy

  16. Ali

    Mr. Daniel hello, can to be this indicator works automation


    T a its ok now

  18. Jörg

    Hallo Daniel,
    what are the Indicator Settings and the Timeframe in the Video?

  19. WALEED

    i downloaded the indicator but it didn’t give me the arrows on the template?
    can you tell me how to activate it?

  20. Will

    Thank you Daniel, works like a charm!
    No problems installing the indicator or template.

  21. salem saeed

    لو تكرمتو اريد رابط المؤشروشكرا

  22. Arif Ahmed

    Can i get the EA of this indicator?

    • Bossy

      I have this amazing indicator’s fully functional EA… I can give.. Contact me…

  23. Hassan

    absolutely outstanding indicator.

  24. Chris

    Do u have this Pro Parabolic sar EA?

    • Bossy

      Yes I have this strategy’s EA…

  25. koko

    koko =)

  26. khalid

    bossy give me you’re gmail

  27. daniel

    Please, I download the indicator and it is it not opening. can you send to my email?

  28. Presley

    Good day Daniel Sir

    can you please send me an email that guide you how to install the indicator please.
    my email is

  29. Mostafa

    Hi , I hope you having an amazing day and thank you for this amazing indicator , please can you give me the conditions which makes this Indicator work ? i mean what conditions make the Pro Parabolic SAR give a signal for sale or buy?
    and if you never mind please chat me on this E-mail because i don not know if you replyed to me , .
    Thank you.

    =) =)

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