Pulse Detector – indicator for binary options with accurate inputs (69% of profitable signals)

Pulse Detector is designed specifically for binary options trading, but can be used for forex trading. The indicator is very universal and can be used on any trading instrument and any timeframe (recommended M5 with expiration of 10 minutes). This indicator gives relatively little of signals during the day, so for more intensive trade can install it on several currency pairs.

Characteristics of the Pulse Detector
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any major currency pair
  • Trading Time: Around the clock, but it is recommended to trade on small timeframes in European and start of American sessions
  • Timeframe: M5, can also be used M15 and M30
  • Expiry: 2 candles (10 minutes for M5)
  • Recommended broker: AlpariBinomo, InstaBinary
Rules of trade by Pulse Detector

Rules of trade with indicator Pulse Detector is very simple. We are waiting for the appearance of the arrow up or down and buy the appropriate option Call or Put.

Here are some examples of signals:


Since the number of simultaneous losses rarely exceeds 3 simultaneously, the trade can use the Martingale method (increase the volume of investments at a loss to compensate for the previous losses). But you must remember that the Martingale method is very risky and can result in complete loss of deposit. However, the use of this method helps to quickly ramp up profits.

Pulse Detector gives relatively few signals during the day, but they have a high degree of accuracy. Testing has shown for December 2015 on the EURUSD M5 (expiration 10 minutes) was 103 signals, of which 71 profitable and 32 losing. Profitability - 69%. Watch the video below:

69% is not 90 and not 80, as many paid "profitable" indicators, but also very and very good result. Traders with experience know very well how difficult it is to find a tool that would give at least 55% ... and Pulse Detector gives 69%!!!

In conclusion, I wish to note that the indicator Pulse Detector really justifies its name and works in a one pulse with a price that is very helpful in trading.

Very important! For a successful trade with Star Profit Option requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker Binomo. In addition, Binomo regulated by International Finance Commission:


In the archive Pulse_Detector.rar:

  • Pulse Detector.ex4
  • Border ligns.ex4
  • Pulse Detector template.tpl

Free Download Pulse Detector

52 Responses

  1. Julio

    Hi Daniel, I installed the template and mt4 indicator, but only me is showing the down arrows. Any suggestions. Thank you. Regards.

  2. Hristofor

    It’s not repaint, right?

    • Daniel

      Yes, not repaint.

      • ugo

        Are you blind Daniel??? It repaints badly of course!

  3. Julio

    Hi Daniel, you could check the functioning of the indicator ?. I have downloaded and installed several times but displays only arrows put. If indicator does not repaint could be very interesting. Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Everything is fine. You do not look at the history. Live in present day ;)

      • Julio

        Hi Daniel, I’m sorry to be so heavy. I just did a backtest mt4 the tester with the same pair you did in the video EURUSD 5M (visual) and continues to show single arrows put. Only I ask you to come back again to perform the backtest and if it works well it back up to the web to download it again. Thanks and regards.

        • Daniel

          Just checked – the indicator is working properly, shows CALL and PUT arrows.

          • Julio

            Several screenshots. Please can you back up the Press Detector.ex4 indicator or if you have the Press Detector.mq4 indicator. It sounds like witches. LOL. Thank you.

            Pulse Detector | Image 1

            Pulse Detector | Image 2

            Pulse Detector | Image 3

            Pulse Detector | Image 4

          • Daniel

            Will try to explain. If you are installing the indicator to the chart, you will not see up arrow on stories. They appear only in real time, or when tested in the tester.

  4. Fabio

    only arrows put

    • Daniel

      I repeat: You do not look at the history. Live in present day ;)

  5. Meg

    The indicator is faulty. Appears only buy put!

    • Daniel

      OOOO %) One more

  6. Nildo

    Sorry my english. I do not know why Daniel is nervous. I also tested this indicator and only looks the put option. Instead of being ironic, explain what the problem is Daniel!

    • Daniel

      There’s no problem. I just urge you not to look at history. If you want an adequate picture to drive of the indicator in the tester, as I did in the video. And you will see the real work of the indicator.

  7. Robert Carson

    only me is showing the down arrows

  8. Julio

    It coincides with your setup?

    Pulse Detector Settings

    I’ll try real market Monday, but rarely show only put arrows in all backtest made. As I understand your messages in real market the call arrows should appear. Right?.

    • Daniel

      Quite right *THUMBS UP*

  9. Christian

    My indicator does not work either. They are the same settings. I noticed that many people have reported that the indicator does not. Excludes indicator for download.

  10. Danielle

    hey Daniel. huge thumbs up for the indicator but it actually does not paint CALL arrows. I have it running on 10 currency pairs for the last 2 weeks on live trading and not a single CALL arrow has been painted yet. Any suggestions?

    Stay Blessed.Stay Humble.

    • Julio

      Quite right *THUMBS UP* . I’ve also tried 3 or 4 days until I removed it, it seems that only works to Daniel. The strange thing is that Daniel works will not understand anything. Hopefully Daniel back up again.

  11. guillermo

    the indicator for me is bullish and bearish arrows, is very good

    • Danielle

      Hey Guillermo can you please post your settings :)


      • Tatjana

        You have no problem with the Pulse indicator? May I kindly ask you to send me your settings? I have just bearish arrows and have no idea where is the problem…I would really appreciate you help!!!

  12. Tatjana

    Daniel, Hi
    I did not want to repeat all messages above… but there are only bearish arrows :-(((( I`ve been tested this indicator for 2 days already. Perhaps, I have another MT4 version, and I need to install another version, how do you think? I`d like to know where is the root of this paricular problem…But I really like this Pulse indicator indeed!

  13. Alex

    No Bullish arrows, indeed! Is anybody aware of how to get rid of this fault?

  14. Stefano

    Me parece rentable este indicador, gracias Daniel. El unico problema es que solo me funciona en put, para call no da entradas incluso en vivo. No tengo idea de cual sea el problema pero aun asi hasta ahora 80% de rentabilidad, claro en solo 21 operaciones hasta ahora. Me gustaria saber como les va a ustedes chicos. Un abrazo y Exitos!

  15. Armando Ruiz

    I have the same trouble, just put arrows, I tested on demo account, I guess of no showing buy arrows is related with this msg “cannot open file ‘C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\DF5DE9547A0936C0E42C040D9AA40C5F\MQL4\indicators\Border ligns.ex4’ “, it seems like Pulse Detector indi calls Border ligns.ex4

    • Julio

      To you who are testing the Pulse Detector strategy. I have located the file “Border ligns.ex4” on the web http://fxprosystems.com/ultimate-arrows-buy-sell-signals/ with head and gave Armando seems installing it on the indicators folder now Call arrows shown. I hope you also work with you and you may test it next week and publish the results right here if it looks good to Daniel. Regards.

      • Daniel

        Interesting *THUMBS UP*

        • Daniel

          Excuse me, I forgot to put in the archives of the indicator Border ligns. ex4 :-|
          But now everything is fixed, download.

          • shasithran

            Hello mr. daniel m sorry for interruption i would like to clarify about boss indicator, i was tested the indicator at 55% alert but the won trade and lost trade mostly are equal does it take a time for profit? please advice thank you

  16. Jaroslaw

    whether it is possible to file MQL
    indicator PULSE DETECTOR?
    I can purchase at a reasonable price

    • Daniel

      In order to then sell at least a reasonable price? ;)

  17. fabrizio ghiglione

    doesn’t work only put signals
    lost time

  18. Radu

    Hi! don’t know why everyone doesn’t see the call arrow, for me it works fine,One question i have, why is it recommended to trade on small timeframes in European and start of American sessions.I want to know what the difference would be.Thank you

    • Daniel

      Such trade rules on this indicator. You’re in a right to use it at its discretion.

      • Radu

        Thank you! and in the last 2 days i tried it with 1M and 5 min expiration, i got 3 losses out of 14 (i have to mention that if i don’t win after the signal has appeared and the 5 min expiration has ended,if the price is still outside the border lines i still put or call another 5 min expiration, it worked because eventually it goes inside the bored lines)

  19. Andre

    There are signals on live charts, that do not appear on history chart. It means that the history testing results and live results do not match! Be careful!

  20. Andre

    I have testet this indicator on live charts. The winrate is about 50% :(

  21. olly

    hello i noticed the signal repaints on 1 minute time frame is there anybody that noticed the same thanks. and i also play around with the parameters so i have more signals now. does it repaints on lower time frames?

  22. Dennis

    Anyone has this file with sound alarm? Thanks.

  23. Hi Daniel,

    You have mentioned on this page that this signal is not like some paid indicators that give 80% or 90% win rates, can you please tell what indicators are those? With those win rates I do not mind to paid for it.

    Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Please look for the network. There all paid the indicators give 80% or 90% win rates. Buy them if you will no longer what to spend the money :-D . I mean these vaunted indicators, which are so many on the Internet.

      • Max Costa

        Daniel, I thought that you had some paid indicators that you could recommend because they work?
        I’m not willing to spend money on all that garnish that is out there.
        If you know of any paid ones that really can deliver 80 to 90% win rate, please tell us.

  24. hassan

    this indicator can be more profitable with trending market….i would not like to use it with opposite the trend as far as i saw the back-tests in video

  25. jon

    Can you shared the mql4 code for mt4 please?
    thank you for sharing.

  26. Josh

    Hi Daniel!

    I enabled Pulse Indicator Email notify, but he not send me complete instruction about the cross and signal.
    I need to correct this bug in the code, do you have Pulse Indicator mq4 file? So i can correct this issue and let work it better for me.

  27. Alex

    Hi,.. is there a way to set an alarm for the CALL and PUT arrows?

  28. quentin

    not terrible as often losing indicator …

  29. Aldrin

    Este indicator es buenisimo pero en Forex… se usan en combinacion con las flechas agimat tanto en SELL y BUY… sus take profit seria siempre la banda media del indicador TMA que no repinte !!!!


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