PZ Day Trading Indicator — winning ratio is around 90%

PZ Day Trading Indicator, with thewords of the developers, uses only price action to pick trades and reacts to the market extremely fast. Its winning ratio is around 90%.

PZ Day Trading Indicator is intended for trade intraday on any currency pairs and on any Time Frames.

Characteristics of PZ Day Trading Indicator


In using PZ Day Trading Indicator is very simple. You just need to follow his signals to Buy or Sell. Out of position, with the appearance of the opposite signal.

But I must say at once that all is not well, according to developers PZ Day Trading Indicator. Because squares and arrows appear very late, on 5-7 bars.

In the archives PZ_Day_Trading.rar:

  • PZ_DayTrading.ex4
  • Scalping and Intraday Trading (MT4) Indicator.pdf

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17 Responses

  1. chuks .e

    Hello moderator i like this indicator thanks for support.

  2. brucetitania

    hi bro, thanks for the indicator, are you have an mq4 file, i want try to make ea from this indicator

    • Daniel

      Unfortunately I do not have mq4 file this indicator. I think it can only be the developers.



    Agian one i thanks

  4. nick smith

    Thanks very much for this, look forward to trying it!

  5. Martin

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, you safed me a lot of money. Its really a nice to looking indicator. BUT if you really watch at it, you can see, it gives signals which often it needs a looot of SL (normal you cant use a SL with this indicator), till they come to profit. And the profit is often SOOO smal that you have more swap to pay than profit. Why it says that it has so good CRV is – that when sometimes a profit calculated, it comes from the past, till other signals was between. But you cant know how long you have to hold the signal. So its really really unrealistic to get this calculated profits or average profits.
    Thanks again to give us the chance to test this indicators before we would buy them.
    I buy normal all indicators i like, but when i can test it for free, i am more happy :-)
    So i deleted it again, because there is no SL or a TP given, or something which tells you that the trade will come good.
    So it could be that the SL goes EXTREEM till the next signal comes! And this is only for beginners made, but its a really trap for them.

  6. Alberto

    Sorry , but how i install this or another indicator?? I have to open the installation folder of metatrader and insert them ‘files?

  7. Geoege

    Thanks for the indicator. However, I cannot seem to attach it to my MT4. Can you assist.

  8. Bil

    Hi Daniel,seems promising indicator-just want to ask in your opinion what is the best expiration for M5,M15,M30 and H1?Thanks

    • Shuja

      Did you figure out the settings required to do for different time frames for an alert?

  9. Shuja

    how do you use this indicator? What does minimum range mean in the settings? What is the recommended time frame?

    Please advise. I tried using this but lost alot of trades.

  10. classy

    nice indicator.many many thanks for your time and selfless effort.keep posting.

  11. moath

    =) thank you very much

  12. simo

    hello , please i want PZ Day Trading MT5 =)

  13. André

    I would like to know if you can get the MT5, because I want to test in the Brazilian market the BOVESPA dollar.
    send email plz: correashop@live.com

  14. max

    not good … have late exit signal
    lose your money or your profit is 1 dollar!!!

  15. Sid

    Use with Renko Chart box size 10.
    TP 1 – 5 bars
    TP 2 – 10 bars
    SL – 2 bars
    For direction use TCCI(Sane FX) indicator set value 200 (trade only in trend).
    Just set and forget. *IN LOVE*

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