PZ Swing Trading – indispensable tool for swing trading

PZ Swing Trading is an indicator designed specifically for swing trading. It unerringly identifies swings in the direction of the trend and possible reversals. Algorithm of indicator PZ Swing Trading analyzes several vectors of price and time, and by results of analyzes determines the final direction of the trend. The indicator also determines overbought and oversold conditions of the market and its possible correction.

A bit of theory. What is trading on swings? It's a style of trading when the trading positions open from one day to a week (sometimes longer). Swing traders use technical analysis to buy when the currency pair is weak, and sell when it is strong. Thus the trader must have the patience to wait for the onset of such a moment, because to buy just makes sense after a wave of sales rather than in the period of sale.

Characteristics of PZ Swing Trading
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs (recommended Major)
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: D1, W1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Trading rules by the PZ Swing Trading

PZ Swing Trading displays on the graph swings in the direction of the trend, as well as local reversals. The trader can only open the corresponding position on the basis indicator readings:


More clearly opportunities of the PZ Swing Trading demonstrates its author in this video:

Indicator Settings


  • TrendPeriod - parameter controls the price threshold for trend changes: set a higher value to track longer trends.
  • SwingPeriod - parameter represents the size of the opportunity baseline on the chart: increase it to trade using a bigger opportunity band and decrease it to make it smaller.
  • MaxHistoryBars - parameter controls how many past bars are examined to minimize memory usage, and finally, you can enable or disable signals for swings and reversal swings.
  • Drawing Settings - сhoose your own colors and sizes for arrows and reversal dashes.
  • Alerts - уnable display/email/push/sound alerts for patterns.

In the archive PZ_Swing_Trading.rar:

  • PZ_SwingTrading.ex4
  • PZ Swing Trading.tpl

Free Download PZ Swing Trading

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  2. Ricky

    Really works great!
    Mr. Daniel please let me know, can i use it with different TF like H1 or H4?

    • Daniel

      Recommended timeframes (D1,W1) I pointed out in the article. You can use on any timeframe on what you want.

  3. Cody

    The indicator does not paint the Lines or Arrows on my charts! Any suggestions?

  4. Forex Forums

    Is this indicator valid for stocks trading as well?

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    Mr Daniel, can I use this indicator on binary options?

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      It seems this could work on binary options also. But can u tell us john??

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    I cant seem to get the dashes and arrows to appear on my charts.

    Anyone have the same problem?

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    Hello, I am intrested in PZSwing trading and had a few questions…

    -Does the main entry arrows appear in realtime and does disappear or something?

    -Does it have to natch with pink and sky blue band in order to take an entry?

    -Whats the exiting methodlogy by the way?

    -What are those lines or dots? Do they come realtime or manuplate by the way?

    Can you please guide me?


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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Friend you have Version 3.5 – 04.26.2016 this indicator? Congratulations on the site! 8)

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    The indicator does not paint the Lines or Arrows on my charts! Can you help me please?

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    is this arrow Repaint or Delay ?

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    How TimeFrame & Expiration ?

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