PZ Trend Trading – maximum profit from the trend

PZ Trend Trading is an indicator that takes the maximum profit from the trend, which is not available to conventional trend indicators. The indicator monitors and displays on the chart profitable pullbacks, breakouts and early reversals, which can be useful for making a profit. PZ Trend Trading has an information panel showing the signal type and its accuracy. Also shows the market situation on all timeframes. And with all this PZ Trend Trading does not repaint its signals.

Characteristics of PZ Trend Trading
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Major
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any, recommended H4, D1 and W1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, RoboForex
How to use the PZ Trend Trading

PZ Trend Trading outputs 4 types of signals:

(1) Trend Changes

Changing the direction of price movement is a trend change (it is displayed on the chart in the form of red and blue circles with the number 1. Red (1) - the downtrend starts, blue (1) - the uptrend starts:


(2) Pullbacks

Pullback, as a rule, is caused by large players and represents a good opportunity to enter the market. As soon as the market regains its direction after the pullback, the indicator will display an orange circle with the number 2:


(3) Inside Bar(s) Breakouts

A breakout of an inside bar (or bars) represents the most profitable trading opportunity during the current trend, because this is the entry point with a high probability of success with the least risk. The indicator will show green (3) when a breakout of an inside bar (or bars) appears:


(---)Corrections or Reversals

PZ Trend Trading will plot a colored dash when a correction is detected, a red dash (---) is a bearish correction during an uptrend and a blue dash (---) is a bullish correction during a downtrend.

For novice traders and to reduce risk, the author recommends:

"focus on the easiest trading setups, which are (2) pullbacks and (3) breakouts of inside bars, because they are calculated taking into account the prevailing trend direction and recent price action. More than 85% of the pullbacks and breakouts are profitable, and some of then turn into really long, profitable trades…" Read more in the manual (in the archive with the indicator).

PZ Trend Trading in combination with the filter PZ Oscillator (additionally attached in the archive) can be used as a full-fledged trading strategy. For more details, see this video:

In the archive PZ_Trend_Trading.rar:

  • PZ TrendTrading 4.5.ex4
  • PZ_PointZeroOscillator.ex4
  • PZ Trend Trading.tpl
  • PZ Trend Trading 4.5 manual.pdf

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  1. khan

    only blank window..please admin solve this

  2. Daniel

    PZ TrendTrading 4.5.ex4 doesnt seem to be working.

    • Daniel

      Try restarting the terminal and wait a bit

      • Sean

        Hello Daniel first a lot of thanks for your great works.
        I try use the indicator but PZ trendTrading 4.5 doesn’t work i try many time to restart MT4 but nothing. Do you know what i have to do ?

        • Daniel

          Try to wait until the market comes to life

          • Sean

            Now it’s good it work for me :-D :-D thank you Daniel

  3. hillary

    point zero oscillator is not coming up with the signal line

  4. John

    do you have any of the new versions of the PZ indicators

  5. Daniel

    PZ TrendTrading 4.5.ex4 still doesnt seem to work.

  6. Daniel

    hi, can you check on this again? it doesnt seem to work at all, PZ trendTrading 4.5

  7. Fatih

    Hi Daniel
    oscillator works but PZ TrendTrading 4.5.ex4 did not work. Does the DLL have trouble?
    My English is not good. sorry

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