SixtySecondTrades – generator of quick profit on the binary options… and happy New Year!

SixtySecondTrades is a very simple signal indicator, which shows us what is required to do: buy or sell. The algorithm of the indicator is closed, but most likely it used the trade standard indicators like ADX (Average Directional Index), but this is only an assumption. Indicator of binary options SixtySecondTrades puts a signal during the current bar on the previous bar, ie the need to evaluate its effectiveness for the next bar, which is somewhat difficult perception. Nevertheless, SixtySecondTrades proved itself well in trading binary options in turbo mode (60 seconds).

Characteristics of the SixtySecondTrades

In the help indicator SixtySecondTrades I added information ChandleTimer indicator that shows the time before the closing of the current candle. This is in order not to be late with the purchase of the option, as it is quick trades - every second counts.


Rules of trade by SixtySecondTrades Indicator

Better to trade in the most volatile time - the European and the first half of the US sessions.

CALL, when the following conditions:

  1. Appeared green dot
  2. Prior to the close of the candle of not less than 40 seconds


PUT, when the following conditions:

  1. Appeared red dot
  2. Prior to the close of the candle of not less than 40 seconds


Wish you successful trading and happy New Year!

Very important! No matter how profitable was not indicator, but you must understand that 50% of success in trading depends on the broker. For a successful trade with indicator SixtySecondTrades requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker Binomo. In addition, Binomo regulated by International Finance Commission:


In the archive SixtySecondTrades.rar:

  • CandleTimer.ex4
  • SixtySecondTrades.ex4
  • SixtySecondTrades.tpl

Free Download SixtySecondTrades

30 Responses

  1. Ferdinand

    Hey Daniel,
    Thank you for this indicator.There is one thing I am not understanding: What do you mean with “Prior to the close of the candle of not less than 40 seconds”?
    Does it mean that when the green or red dot appears, the current candle should still go for at least 40 seconds? I am really confused with that sentence. It would be a great help if you could explain!

    • Daniel

      At the time of occurrence of signal indicator CandleTimer must show no less 00:40 seconds, as shown below:


      • Elliot

        what if the dot comes up on a previous candle. like the next one starts to form?

  2. Ferdinand

    Thank you so much Daniel for the precision!

    • Great


  3. Leon

    An amazing website with great value for time spent. Thank you Daniel for a no fuzz honest site and honest advice on every strategy.

  4. Michael Kandrotas

    I have downloaded the sixtysecondtrades indicator, however I need the step by step instructions of how to install it on the MT4 Platform. Can you help me with this.

    Thank You,

    Mike K.

    • Daniel

      Install by analogy, as written HERE

      • Morning....How accurate is this indicator?

        How accurate is the 60sec indicator?

  5. sejel

    Daniel , can u provide a mq4 for the sixty second trades indicator , by the way thanks

    • Daniel


  6. Paul

    Hei paul , thanks for the strat firstly.

    im still not sure about the entry.

    So if the signal candle gets a dot within the first 20 seconds, i should wait for the candle to close and enter the next one ?


  7. Moksh

    Hey daniel, Just wanted to ask can we martingale on this? because i was just backtesting it looked pretty promising. Thanks again

    • Daniel

      Martingale method I do not recommend, but I have sometimes used within reason.

  8. Rorschi

    So, When D++ crosses D– (on ADX, shift is 0) from the above, and price goes above prev high ==> CALL!
    And ofc, When D– crosses D++ from the above, and price goes above prev high ==> CALL!
    So, load ADX with the same period on 60 sec ind and when you see D++ and D– are moving towards each other, then be prepared to act!


  9. Nhlaka

    Placed 5 trades all win…this indicator prolly has 73 to 80% wining ratio…i suggest people to place 10 trades per day that’s enough for me.

  10. Ambrogio

    I downloaded and installed all of MT4 , but because no signal appears ? Thank you :(

  11. gambit

    is there ex4 file available for download…?
    i’m having trouble installing rar onto mt4

  12. murphy

    Is the signal repainting? Thanks

  13. churays

    who is the author of the system.please send the details.Willing to buy it as mq4 if possible

    • Joe

      I’ve the indicator with alert . Contact me royalmailforking@gmail_com

  14. jah

    Does it repaint?

  15. Jamo

    Repaints badly.. :-! multiple false signals when you refresh screen, the false signals disappear. meaning history signals are bogus. do a live test and see.

  16. SMG

    Nice indicator but one problem. No alert sound.
    any chance to make alert on the indicator. help plz. :(

  17. Joe

    I’ve the sixtysecondtrades Indicator with alert. If anyone wants for a cheaper price . Contact me : royalmailforking@gmail_com :-D

  18. Pasi

    Here is the alarm version ➔ download

    • Name*

      hi pasi i would like to get in touch, because im looking for someone who could put two codes together! would be great! =)

  19. sezan

    does anyboday have the mq4 of this indicator? can you please give me? and i am saying admin also. please.

  20. logan from iq

    logan with u, bentaher med facebook

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