Stabilizator – EA with martingale method for the AUDUSD

Stabilizator is the development of 2013 but today it is the actual EA that makes a profit. Stabilizator designed only for one currency pair AUDUSD, timeframe H1. In its strategy, this robot uses the martingale method, so the deposit is growing rapidly. But do not forget that the deposit loss is very likely, when used in this trading method.

Сharacteristics of Stabilizator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Only AUDUSD
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Current EA version: 1.1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari (nano.mt4)
Backtests of Stabilizator

2010-2016 Default settings


2010-2016 RiskLimit=80; FixedLot=0.1


Recommendations for use the Stabilizator

Attention! EA is martingale with high aggressiveness. Its use in trade may lead to complete loss of the deposit. So be very careful and consider the following factors:

  1. Always turn off the EA before the advent of news.
  2. Stabilizator designed for AUDUSD. This is the only currency pair, where it shows significant results. Consider the specifics of its movement (pay attention to the news from China and commodity prices).
  3. Stabilizator need an account with a leverage of 1: 500. This is a critical condition, or in moments of grid disclosure may cause problems.

It is recommended to install the robot on a cent account (balance of 1000 cents). Performed well in testing at Alpari (nano.mt4).

In the archive Stabilizator.rar:

  • Experts - stabilizator.ex4
  • Libraries - FXS.dll

Free Download Stabilizator

12 Responses

  1. dynandcr7

    Good EA, request FX Phantom and FX Turbine please! Thanks

  2. Shyna

    whats the meaning of balance of 1000 cents? And what is the minimum account balance one can have before using this EA? Thanks.

  3. Dynand

    already expired? have use this long time, but i cant use it again..dont know why

  4. Shyna

    I couldn’t use it again because it just stopped working. I don’t know why. Any help?


  5. H.Y JUNG

    Error occurrence

    2017.05.24 05:39:15.840 stabilizator AUDUSD,H1: global initialization failed


    2016.01.03 21:00:00 stabilizator AUDUSD,H1: global initialization failed, Pls instruct how do solve this error.

    • Fortom

      You need older MT4 version (Build 1031 or older)


    estoy probandolos pero de momento algunos me han dado perdida estoy buscando las configuraciones adecuadas lo bueno que las pruebas son en cuebtas demos

  8. pee

    ea not running

  9. martin

    dont open orders,dont works

  10. Paul

    Good day, can you please provide the codes for: infinity scalper, stabilizator, trillion dollar pip, befor purchasing the full versions

    • Daniel

      I do not sell anything. Here, everything is freely available.

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