Turbo Expert – super-profitable indicator for binary options trading

The author of the Turbo Expert claims that he earned over $ 29,000 with its help. In addition, he says, that the indicator gives more than 90% accurate signals (!!!) and does not change its signals over time (not repainted). Why should he sell this chicken which carries golden eggs? Let's understand.

Characteristics of the Turbo Expert
Rules of trade by Turbo Expert Indicator

To create imaginary profitability, the indicator draws an arrow on the previous candle. In fact, we can open a deal only as shown in the image below:


Trading rules are extremely simple:

CALL – green arrow

PUT – red arrow:


The indicator can be used for trading on Forex. In this case, the blue and red lines of the channel will indicate the Stop Loss level.

Of course, the Turbo Expert Indicator has some potential, but talking about 90% of ITM is very exaggerated. And it made only from the marketing point. I do not recommend using this indicator in trading without additional filters. Be sure to test on a demo account.

In the archives Turbo_Expert.rar:

  • Turbo Expert template.tpl

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  1. mazchaudhry

    Hi ,, Tried it ,,Seems only 10% accurate signals ,, 90 % Failure .. Do not have idea how to share my indicator here ,, If admin contact me , I will give my personal indicator for 3 minute expiry as gift accuracy 85% plus . Regards

    • solosoul

      Does anybody have a real indicator ? all internet is full of garbage indicators .. I’m tired

      • Stefan Koch

        then trade against the indicator and you have 90%, what’s the problem???

    • gyuga sandor

      can you sending me?

    • alironald

      Just post hear your strategies and we try them out

    • RVALE

      hi dude, please be kind and send me your personal indicator. . my email is rvalerian@outlook.com god bless

  2. jAKE

    If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is %)

  3. Jonah

    I found the trick to winning 90% of your trades with this indicator, I thought this was actual bullshit like every indicator on fxprosystems. Well the trick is to trade gold xauusd with it

  4. bakar

    8) thank you boss *IN LOVE*

  5. Dipalok

    Boss I am trying this Indicator and have got 70% accuracy… Actually I am totally new comer on forex and binary option trading 3 months on demo account. But failed every time. After got your ultimate trend signal I agree with myself that binary option could be a way of income. And I found your website name on ultimate trend signal.

    I hope from tomorrow I will get more batter result with that indicator. Can you please tell me after call/put sign appear how much time frame I have to put on trade. such as after call sign appear I will take 2/3/4 minutes time frame to end the trade?

    Thank you very much again for your hard work for us

  6. Dmitry

    5 minut timeframe expiration 15 minuts and you happy

  7. rongbohou

    Can you send me a copy? I’m upset. Thank you very much. *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*

  8. rongbohou

    to Mazchaudhry :
    Can you send me a copy? I’m upset. Thank you very much. *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE*
    my 10055745@qq.com

  9. Nathan

    to Mazchaudhry : *IN LOVE*
    Pls can you send me a copy?Thank you very much.
    my email adress ” natthan.tomyim@gmail.com

  10. larrys

    me puede mandar una copia por favor, gracias

  11. thaslym

    i tried BOW. it is one of the best indicator

  12. Amin

    Can you send me a copy please thanks.

  13. jose

    hello someone else got this indicator as it does to get

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