Xmaster Formula indicator

Xmaster Formula indicator - universal forex indicator that is suitable for any timeframe, any currency pair. Best results Xmaster Formula indicator shows in the highly volatile pairs during the London session. Xmaster Formula is a intuitive and will not cause you difficulties at work.

Xmaster Formula indicator is a simple indicator defines the beginning and end of the trend. Very good, you can even say ideal for both intraday scalping and for medium and long-term trade. When applied to the chart located in the footer, which gives you the ability to build and trend lines on price levels and keep an eye on the indicator in the footer.

Characteristics of Xmaster Formula indicator

Despite the good results Xmaster Formula indicator should not be used alone, but rather to supplement it with additional filters. You can also apply Xmaster Formula indicator as an addition to your trading system.


How to use Xmaster Formula indicator:

Everything just color red for Buy, green for Sell. When changing color arrow appears. The arrows can not pay attention, the main color change. Colors can be changed in the settings.

Additional information about Xmaster Formula indicator:

Indicator works best in trending pairs, eg EURAUD, GBPAUD, GBPJPY, EURJPY. I think for the standard pairs is also nice.

Timeframe, according to developers, universal M1-D1, but I still do not advise above M15. If M5 at the "false" signal difference in points is not significant, then H4 significant loss, but there may be exceptions. Experiment with pairs, and can on a pair, you are working on, the indicator Xmaster Formula indicator will show good results.

Settings of Xmaster Formula indicator:

EmailAlert - true / false - enable / disable notification on Email

SoundAlert - true / false - enable / disable sound when you change the trend

That's it! It all settings.

Recommendations for work:

You can work on one indicator when changing colors do the reverse position. Indicator can be used as a supplement to the main trading system. You can also trade on its signals on the junior time frame, based on the same signal to his older time frame, for example: М1+М5, М5+М15, М1+М15 and so on.

In the archives Xmaster_Formula.rar:

  • Xmaster Formula.ex4

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  1. John

    this indicator is just a simple MACD, he change color when the MACD cross the zero line.

    • Neil

      yes but with less noise.

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