XMAT Forex Indicator

XMAT Forex is a universal indicator, which is perfect for all currency pairs and for any time frames, but remember that at the higher time frames accuracy of signals above. In the indicator XMAT Forex implemented support by means of libraries that little wary and do not understand for what is implemented. Apparently, the indicator gets signals from an external server.

Characteristics of XMAT Forex Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any, recommended major
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any, recommended H1 or higher
  • Recommended broker: Alpari
Rules of trade by XMAT Forex Indicator


Green circle - open Long position


Red circle - open Short position


Stop Loss is set above/below the nearest local minimum/maximum.

Take Profit at the crossing blue line of indicator and level 50 (orange horizontal line).

Examples of signals XMAT Forex Indicator are shown in the video below:

In the archive XMAT_Forex.rar:

  • xmatforex.ex4
  • xmatforex.dll
  • xmttrap.dll
  • XMAT Forex.tpl
  • XMAT Forex Manual.pdf

Free Download XMAT Forex Indicator

52 Responses

  1. Joshua

    what folder do I place this indicator? I placed it as the previous folder but this time didn’t work. its just blank on charts…please advice

    • Daniel

      For your convenience, I have already placed all the files in the needed folders. You only need to copy the folder MQL4 and templates in the folder File/Open Data Folder

      • Hassan

        Hello brother Daniel,could you email me this indicator please, thank you.

  2. Malay Patel

    Hello, How you doing?

    I am intrested in your XMAT system, I have downloaded in to my mt4 platform, but it doesnt show any RED and GREEN dots, it only shows the Yellow line with 50, so what do I in this case?

    Also, Does this dot repaint or later on paints after several bars has passed by? Also, if we close MT4 and re-start, does disappear?

    Please guide me on this.

    Also, let me know how to get the DOTS, I am not getting them right now.

    Thanks very much and I appriciate your help.


    Malay Patel

  3. omid

    hi daniel
    i love it… but i miss it all the time cuz there is no email alert…i miss it… can you re fix like ex4 to mq4 then add email alert pls.
    pls let me know

  4. Caleb

    I have used the anti-malware scanner to scan my computer. It detected “xmttrap.dll” file is a malware.

  5. tahiri

    I ‘d like to tank you for all your hard work in this website, and for sharing with traders your best trading systems.
    I ask you if I can find a trading system called (trend imperator)

  6. mr kumar

    Mr Daniel, i appreciate your commitment on helping the traders. god bless u. tq

  7. danian

    the file i loaded is a rar file how do i place it in my mt4 account? it wont let me open the rar file to take the xmat template. can u please help??????

    • Mr Kumar

      Mr Daniel,

      U click the download button, then wait, click the link, save the folder at desktop n copy the related indicator to data folder, its easy, as i knew , no problem there, try your best, tq

      • k.saravanan

        xmate indicator not working.what can i do sir?

        • Daniel

          No. Xmat indicator works. Install the ability to import DLL, as shown in the picture:

          Xmat | Allow DLL imports

          • Joshua

            I am having same problems in getting it to work and I have made sure the DLL imports are enabled as with everyother indicator but still blank… all I see is the orange line and nothing else

  8. Claywalker

    Hello Daniel,

    I have tried also XMAT on MT4-System. Unfortunately ( xmttrap.dll) will be detected as a trojan Virus.
    what did you do with this file??

    Did you copy it into the Libraries?

    Like the friends above, I face the same problem, after installing the files into the right Folder. I see only a line around 50, but no dots.

    I would be great, get the indicator running.

    • Daniel

      I repeat. At me it working fine.

      • Claywalker

        Thank you Daniel.

        Regards from Munich

  9. Claywalker

    Dear Traders,

    Xmat is working just fine. The only thing you have to do, is copy the two dll folders including (xmttrap.dll) which was recocnized as a ZPACK Gen Trojan into the Librarys(MQL4) Folder.

    I am using Antivir XP and after deactivating it, it is working fine, until I activate again :-(
    So its up to one self, risking having a Virus on its device.

    Restart MT4 and you will see the red and green dots. After some chart analysys I found out, that the indicator behaves like a stochastic indicator. If the market is going strong, it is like running against a wall. So this Indicator gives good entry signals, but in conjunction with a fractal zigzag indicator.

    If Daniel has an idea, it would be the greatest.

    Best regards

    • Juan

      Your comment*

      • Juan

        i have done that but still not working, i’m installing it the same way i install every other indicator.. all i Get is the yellow line in the 50.. thats it

  10. Paul

    How do you place a rar file into the mt4. I tried placing the file into experts folder

  11. Alejandro

    For everyone you have to work with the template not only with the indicator. So install everything as Daniel suggested and then close meta trader open it again go to templates look for Xmat Forex and Booom!!! there you go.

    • farhan

      create a video how to set this? only 50 line is showing.

  12. Alejandro

    Daniel thank you so much for all your help. It is more than appreciate it.

    • Daniel

      Don’t mention it

      • Aleng

        I run it on mt4 but it took too many memory from my laptop and quite heavy also. Can you fix the coding to make it lighter?

  13. edimei

    (xmatforex.ex4). hello, Daniel okay, would like to download this indicator XMAT, however is missing this part as I mentioned, “xmatforex.ex4” and the graphic appears only to line 50. Do not appearing this medium and the green and red points. from already thank you for your collaboration.

  14. hamidd

    what is win rate for this indicator ? 85% ?
    best time frame for this indicator?

  15. Zack

    Hi Daniel.. Thanks for the indi.. It seem look great ..
    Just download and install.. working fine..

    In testing stage..

  16. Alam

    Tried several times to download this but always get blocked by my avast internet security and by Emsisoft Malware software. It says that ” xmttrap.dll” is high risk. Too bad couldn’t use this.

    • Daniel

      There is no risk. All secure. Just add an exception to your virus scan, or turn it off for a while. Avast is working properly. Most likely the reason in Emsisoft Malware software. Disable it.

  17. hariz

    i cant trial your xmat indicator, caouse my pc detected virus at your libbrary file xmttrap.dll, please sent us this file . thanks

  18. neto

    i have done that but still not working, i’m installing it the same way i install every other indicator.. all i Get is the yellow line in the 50.. thats it

  19. alokroy

    Dear sir,
    How to set up XMAT Indicator in Forex broker. Please help me.

  20. zakk

    thank you for effort.
    same problem, il does not show red or green point and wmttrap.dll is missing.

  21. gayan

    Hi Daniel,
    I would like to make ea for this indicator, so can you please share mql4 file with me?

    • nameless

      did you got your ea based on this indicator ?

  22. Michel

    Hi Daniel,

    I work with MT 4 on an Apple IMac, i downloaded the Xmat Forex indicator. How can i install it properly in MT4 ?

    thanks for your help,

    Kind regards,


    • jawad

      tank you its work 100%

      • farhan

        how to set up? only 50 line showing.what to do. are you saying right or you are deniel’s friend.

  23. omer

    1- copy EXI4 File to the folder indicators in mt4
    2-copy the two file xmatforex.dll to folder libraries in mt4
    3- This option did Allow DLL Imports
    4-Rest the mt4

    • Masengemi

      Mr Daniel please help me i am a slow learner, what can i do after i download?

  24. Farid

    Hello daniel.
    Indicator repaint?

  25. Dave

    Same comment as others posted here. I downloaded the indicator and put it in the correct place in the mql4 indicator and template folders accordingly. When I attach it to the chart though I only have 1 orange line at the 50 level and no red or green dots. DDL imports was checked and I’ve tried switching time frames, but that doesn’t do anything either.

  26. viswajith

    Hello sir, indicator done. but i added indicator after MT4 very slow?

  27. James

    I running indicators on my Mac in same folders. But when i put the .dll files the MT4 get stuck.
    I don’t get it why this indicator has .dll files? Most of the indicators are just a .mq4 files.

    Looks like there is something more going on…

  28. Greg

    Hi Daniel

    I just down loaded ur indicator but its making my mac run very slow. so i cant use it. would you have any ideas on how to fix this please.

    • Daniel

      I think that this is not fix. The delay is due to libraries (.dll files)

  29. moises

    it work but only for 15m and beyond, for 5m and 1m works really REALLY slow, and that’s a shame because i was hoping to use it in that time frame, there is something that i can do about it?

  30. Willykijoe

    Hello, i successfully installed the indicator but i noticed that my system became slow so seen other users complaining of the same problem. Can this problem be solved? if yes please can you help so that we can enjoy the indicator. Thank you.

  31. arul

    hi sir, i download this indicator in rar file.can you pls send me the indicator in ex4 or something else that can work on mt4!!!

  32. Matt

    Can anyone confirm if this indicator repaints?

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