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Published: 07.02.2023
Reading time: 13 minutes

100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0 is, in fact, not an indicator, but an indicator strategy based on two indicators, one of which is the main indicator, and the second based on the MA acts as a trend filter. As the name of the strategy implies, the main indicator is not 100% repaintable under any circumstances. But about the indicators a little later.

Characteristics of the 100% Non Repaint Indicator

System Indicators

The heart of this system is the 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15, which is the renamed Russian indicator Cluster Trader System, about which I will certainly write in one of my next posts - it deserves it, so stay tuned. The 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15 has a wide functionality and can be a whole trading system with additional filters, but it plays the role of the main signal indicator in this strategy. The indicator generates a trading signal based on the formed Bullish/Bearish Pin Bar:


As you have already understood, if the Bullish Pin Bar is formed, we have an upward arrow (TC buy). If the Bearish Pin Bar appeared, then we have an arrow pointing down (TC sell).

The role of the filter is performed by the Color EMA indicator, which helps to determine the direction of the current trend. Although, the Trend Trader indicator does not need it - it has its own filter. But we will talk about this in the next post.

Trading Rules

The trading rules are simple and intuitive:

Green Color EMA + Green arrow - BUY Signal

Red Color EMA + Red arrow - SELL Signal:


The seller, who renamed the indicator and sells this system under another name, suggests not to get hung up on one TimeFrame, but to change them constantly to find the largest number of signals.

Management of an open position is to set the Stop Loss slightly below/above the arrow.

TakeProfit = StopLoss x 2 (or 3) depending on the pair and TimeFrame. The seller, claims that "Red moving average after first arrow formed then you can set up TP 1:5 ratio trade".

Of course, this system is not able to give 95% winning rate, as the seller says, but with proper Money Management and cool reasoning it will certainly be profitable.

Be sure to train on the demo and do not forget about important economic news, during the release of which it is better not to open transactions 30 minutes before and after their release.

In the archive 100_Non_Repaint_Indicator_V15.rar (177 KB):

  • 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0.ex4
  • 100% Non Repaint Indicator(Color EMA).ex4
  • 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0.tpl

Free Download 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0


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  • elric
    Published: 07.03.2023 Reply to the message

    The file download but give an error when unzip

  • jjleo
    Published: 03.04.2023 Reply to the message

    i got it thanks you

  • hayata
    Published: 11.04.2023 Reply to the message

    100% Non Repaint Indicator V15.0.ex4
    The characters are garbled in a Japanese environment.
    It would be great if you could support multiple languages.
    Thank you very much for providing the system.

    • Daniel
      Published: 11.04.2023 Reply to the message

      My friend, use the Chrome browser with a built-in translator and you will see how beautiful the world is *YAHOO*

  • Phelang
    Published: 05.05.2023 Reply to the message

    I ned it

  • Akash
    Published: 14.05.2023 Reply to the message

    Trend Direction & Force Index

    • Bij
      Published: 15.07.2023 Reply to the message

      How can say,you can settings send of forex index same result for gating

  • Dr vijesh
    Published: 15.07.2023 Reply to the message

    This indicator which data based prepared it,have you mql4

    • Daniel
      Published: 08.10.2023 Reply to the message

      =-O And mirror too?

      And mirror too?

  • Jean
    Published: 22.07.2023 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, do you have the working 100% Non Repaint Indicator V15 indicator? This one only has the Non Repaint Colour EMA Indicator. Would really appreciate it if you could send it to me :)

  • Enjang
    Published: 17.09.2023 Reply to the message

    hello everyone
    can you tell me the different indicator (if buy) for : TN Buy and TNC Buy ? what the meaning ?
    thank you, GBU

  • Vijay
    Published: 07.10.2023 Reply to the message

    Hello anyone tell which base indicator used for pripare for this indicator .,or have Expert advior,or mql file

  • afzal hussain
    Published: 10.10.2023 Reply to the message

    I need 100% non repaint scalping indicator.

  • om
    Published: 11.12.2023 Reply to the message

    I wanted to know if there is a problem with posting the content of your site on my personal telegram channel by mentioning the source which is your site or not?

    • Daniel
      Published: 12.12.2023 Reply to the message

      With attribution to the source (this site), you can post material available here

  • nawfel
    Published: 10.06.2024 Reply to the message

    why there is no arrow in there indicator any one solve this ? :-!

  • mitchell
    Published: 19.06.2024 Reply to the message


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