DeltaForce Indicator – very good no repainting binary options indicator

Published: 10.01.2016
Reading time: 29 minutes

Many traders know that if the indicator works well in Forex, means and on binary options trading it can also show good results. One of such is DeltaForce Indicator. I had previously written about this indicator, but applied to forex trading. Today we look at DeltaForce Indicator applied to binary options trading.

Characteristics of the DeltaForce Indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any major currency pair
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any (recommended M5 or M15)
  • Expiry: 15 minutes for M5, for others - on the basis of tests (see below)
  • Recommended broker: Binomo, IQOption, Binary (Deriv)

Rules of trade

At occurrence blue up arrow immediately buy investment CALL:

deltaforce-indicator-call-1   deltaforce-indicator-call-2


At occurrence red arrow down immediately buy investment PUT:

deltaforce-indicator-put-1 deltaforce-indicator-put-2 deltaforce-indicator-put-3

Because DeltaForce Indicator not repaints, so there is no need to wait for the closure of the signal candle. We make an investment at a moment when appeared a signal. Moreover, this increases our chances of success than if we opened a position on the next candle.

In archive with the DeltaForce Indicator you can download additional indicator DFTrue, which is intended only for testing. For this you simply need to install on the chart of the currency pair template DeltaForce Indicator for BackTest and set the expiration in the settings of DFTrue indicator. In this manner I tested the 10 currency pairs with the timeframe M5 and expiry 15 minutes. The results on the images and in the table below (images are enlarged when clicked):

deltaforce-indicator-backtest-eurchf deltaforce-indicator-backtest-eurgbp

deltaforce-indicator-backtest-eurjpy deltaforce-indicator-backtest-eurusd

deltaforce-indicator-backtest-gbpusd deltaforce-indicator-backtest-nzdusd

deltaforce-indicator-backtest-usdcad deltaforce-indicator-backtest-usdchf

deltaforce-indicator-backtest-usdjpy deltaforce-indicator-backtest-audusd

Asset and TF Wins Ties Losses Total Percentage
EURCHF M5 46 1 6 53 86.792
EURGBP M5 57 0 13 70 81.428
EURJPY M5 87 0 33 120 72.5
EURUSD M5 58 0 21 79 73.417
GBPUSD M5 52 0 19 71 73.239
NZDUSD M5 57 2 12 71 80.281
USDCAD M5 58 0 21 79 73.417
USDCHF M5 69 1 21 91 75.824
USDJPY M5 64 0 16 80 80
AUDUSD M5 66 0 13 79 83.544
TOTAL 614 4 175 793 77.427

As you can see, the results are great (Total percentage - 77%). But DeltaForce Indicator has one disadvantage - it gives a very small number of signals. Therefore it is recommended to install it on the maximum possible number of currency pairs, indices and commodities.

Very important! For a successful trade with Star Profit Option requires broker that does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker Binomo. In addition, Binomo regulated by International Finance Commission:


In the archive DeltaForce_Indicator_for_BO.rar:

  • DeltaForce_Indicator.ex4
  • DFTrue.ex4
  • DeltaForce_Indicator.tpl
  • DeltaForce_Indicator for BackTest.tpl

Free Download DeltaForce Indicator

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  • John
    Published: 17.01.2016 Reply to the message

    Thanks for sharing. can i ask you what expiry would you recommend on 15m charts? and in what sort of time was your results atcieved which you have posted? was that in three months or something?
    Thanks mate

    • Rafael C.
      Published: 20.01.2016 Reply to the message

      Hi John.
      I assumed that if I use a 5M TF and 15M Expiry time, so the same would be true for a 15M TF and 45M Expiry Time.

      Good Trades.

  • Michall
    Published: 20.01.2016 Reply to the message

    can we make an EA for that?

  • JS
    Published: 20.01.2016 Reply to the message

    Hi, big thank you for this sharing :)
    i have a important question please. is this DFtrue indicator is the same than deltaforce indicator.qm4 in term of conditions to entry ???
    i will like to rewritte the indicator based on mq4 file, but need to know if its correct file with good entry.
    Because when i check stohastic (80,10,10) and rsi (14), sometimes some conditions is meet but no signals... ? i try to understand
    thank you very much :)

  • HG
    Published: 28.01.2016 Reply to the message

    I agree with JS. Thanks for this great idea, I get mostly results similar to yours, looks pretty cool on a chart =)
    But I don't feel really comfortable without understanding the logic behind the entries. I scrolled my way through a few M5 charts just to eyeball it and get an idea what's going on, and I found a lot of situations where I couldn't really understand what your test indicator is doing, like for example here:


    Would you mind posting the mq4 for it so we can take a look under the hood?



    • Daniel
      Published: 28.01.2016 Reply to the message

      =) Take a look under the hood is possible HERE

      • HG
        Published: 28.01.2016 Reply to the message

        Great, thanks a lot! Do you have the mq4 for DFTrue too? I'm curious how the stats are calculated...

        • Daniel
          Published: 28.01.2016 Reply to the message


  • Gangsy
    Published: 04.02.2016 Reply to the message

    Hi, tnx for Indicator. Please, help me - I'm copy "DeltaForce Indicator.ex4" and "DFTrue.ex4" in Indicator folder, then i run template "DeltaForce Indicator for BackTest.tpl" in MetaTrader, but BackTest show me very small results, like 1-2 wins or lose. Help me please, may be I make a mistake somewhere...

  • Waleed
    Published: 02.03.2016 Reply to the message

    hows this indicator working for you guys? Wheres t he interaction to safeguard us :-)

    Thanks. *CRAZY*

  • Alex
    Published: 01.04.2016 Reply to the message

    Hello, you might not do in the indicator TFTrue count statistics with the next bar after the signal indicator, and the statistics in real life is much lower

    Published: 11.04.2016 Reply to the message


    • Rob
      Published: 03.11.2017 Reply to the message

      I can do it for you

  • Vladi
    Published: 03.05.2016 Reply to the message

    Hi guys, I did back test on 1min charts with 2 min expires and the % is in 80s on most pairs. Will be testing on demo and post results. This looks very very intresting.

    • Nitya
      Published: 14.06.2016 Reply to the message

      What is the ITM rate on this? How is it being used? Is it repainting?

      • Daniel
        Published: 14.06.2016 Reply to the message

        Try to test yourself. Then all the questions disappear and everything will become clear.

  • Sunny
    Published: 22.05.2016 Reply to the message

    it is binaryoptionbreathrough indicator

  • Alex
    Published: 09.09.2016 Reply to the message

    This is a very good indicator but it doesnt seem to work on 5 minute charts. It appears on all charts above that time frame but nothing is appearing on the 5 minute chart. Please suggest what I can do to fix this error.

  • luca
    Published: 18.10.2016 Reply to the message

    don't work...help me please...

    • PEPE
      Published: 27.10.2016 Reply to the message

      what's your problema

      • Tony
        Published: 29.11.2016 Reply to the message

        Hi. I have downloaded indicator but and placed it with my indicators in mt4 but it is not appearing were it should be. The file is RAR instead of EX4. Any help with this would be great thanks

  • bom
    Published: 22.01.2017 Reply to the message

    Hi i can't open your indicator in my meta4 platform which is RAR FILE.

    thanks so much..

  • Bruce L
    Published: 20.02.2017 Reply to the message

    The (DeltaForce Indicator) repaints when the signal is being created, now it will NOT repaint once the signal has been established and the next candle starts

    So with that being said the (DFTrue Indicator) is NOT accurate AT ALL!!! because it is taking the Success Rate from the signal open.. so it doesn't NOT calculate the signals that disappeared upon their creation

    This is just another "Holy Grail" that isn't :-!


  • BinaryGTrader
    Published: 23.02.2017 Reply to the message

    Hey Daniel,

    In my opinion this is a holy grail :) but it will be great if you could little bit customize backtest template. There there is a difference between the real signal and open possitions in the backtest template. Real is placed signal in the end of the candles but the backtest mode is calculated with the beginning of the candle. If you could just make a few adjustments, this would be the perfect tool for binary options:
    1. In the backtest template switch the beginning of the opion at the end of the candles
    2. When backtest template is lunched on M1 chart adjust expiration of the option to the nearest 5 minute candle rounded to 5 minutes - ideal for Deriv, as the broker closes the option HIGH / LOW only every 5 minutes
    3. A possibility to establish a backtest time from when to when, for example, from 9:30 to 20:30
         - Deriv offer different payouts during the day and during the night
    4. Ability to set time backtestu, for example from 01.01.2015 until today

    After these modifications, I will be able to set the optimal portfolio for automated trading binary options with broker Deriv.

    Please contact me about the possibility of automated trading this great indicator :)

    Thank you, Stefan.

    • Cap
      Published: 18.08.2017 Reply to the message

      Please can you send me the manual and the automated trading EA. I will very glad if you can do that to me . Please send to cap993327@gmail.com.....

  • emanuel
    Published: 05.06.2017 Reply to the message

    Can you please re upload this? thanks

  • Arjan
    Published: 06.12.2019 Reply to the message

    The indicator is good, but not every signal is correct. Please could you tell me how to determine and understand the right signal when arrow appears? Thank you!

  • Sverre Mortveit
    Published: 07.12.2019 Reply to the message

    Does this indicator have any buy signals, I can not find any in history?

  • Mike
    Published: 07.06.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi! can someone send me this file? I think the download link is not working anymore. Thank you!!

    Published: 15.09.2020 Reply to the message


  • Jitesh Gajanan Bangal
    Published: 29.12.2020 Reply to the message

    can you send me DFTrue.mq4 File
    please send this file

    thanks *IN LOVE*

  • Desura
    Published: 04.02.2021 Reply to the message

    Hello. =)
    Would you please fix the link?

  • Lindivaldo Tome Siva
    Published: 31.05.2021 Reply to the message

    Link quebrado, favor enviar no email: bmbtrader2005@gmail.com

  • Tod Jackson
    Published: 06.02.2022 Reply to the message

    Trying to buy Delta Force indicator ,can you help me please.

    Kindest Regards

    • Daniel
      Published: 06.02.2022 Reply to the message

      Why buy? Download for free!!!

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