EasyTrend - powerful indicator using a neural network

Published: 13.02.2018

EasyTrend is simple and at the same time very powerful indicator, which is suitable for both scalping and long-term trading. The indicator is not repainted and automatically detects the current timeframe and adapts to it. In the indicator settings, you also do not get confused - there everything is simple and there are no parameters that are incomprehensible to the trader.

Characteristics of EasyTrend
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M1, M5, H1, H4, D1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, InstaForex
How the EasyTrend works

According to the developer of the indicator, the principle of its work is as follows:

It is based on the analysis of the current change in the price deviation from its average value over a certain period and the statistical average of the absolute value of this parameter. The analysis results are adjusted by the sensitivity coefficient and vertical shifts, which in turn depend on the current trading instrument, timeframe and inclination angle of the trend channel. All internally variable parameters, values and automatic adaptation is managed by a simple neural network.”

How to use the EasyTrend

Since the EasyTrend is a trend indicator, the author recommends trading in the trend and checking the signal at higher timeframes.

The timeframes for checking the trend:

[table td1="Current timeframe" td2="Timeframes for checking"] [td1] M1 [/td1] [td2] M5 and M15 [/td2] [td1] M5 [/td1] [td2] M15 and H1 [/td2] [td1] M15 [/td1] [td2] H1 and H4 [/td2] [td1] M30 [/td1][td2] H4 and D1 [/td2] [td1] H1 [/td1] [td2] H4 and D1 [/td2] [td1] H4 [/td1] [td2] D1 and W1 [/td2] [td1] D1 [/td1] [td2]W1 and MN1 [/td2] [/table]

How to Trade:

  1. Choose the timeframe for trading, for example: M5. Wait for the indicator signal to buy or sell.
  2. After receiving the signal, make sure to check the trend on the higher timeframes. When trading on M5, check M15 and H1 — trends have to be distinct (not flat) and match your signal.
  3. Wait for the arrow to close above the indicator line when there is a sell signal, or below when there is a buy signal, and open a trade only after that. Set the Stop loss level at the same (or slightly greater) distance from the indicator line, by which the price has deviated after the signal appearance. The trade can also be closed based on an oscillator signal.

Close order at your discretion: when the price crosses the indicator line, when the oscillator generates an opposite signal, when the order closes by trailing stop.

Visually it looks like this:





The author claims that the Easy Trend fits well with classical oscillators, such as CCI, ADX, RSI, MFI. Thus, these oscillators can be used as additional filters to detect false signals. This will significantly strengthen the trading system.

In the archive EasyTrend.rar:

  • EasyTrend.ex4
  • EasyTrend_templ.tpl

Free Download EasyTrend

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  • Alin
    Published: 13.02.2018 Reply to the message

    EasyTrend.ex4 is not working, to atach to a char, can u reupload and recheck

    • Daniel
      Published: 13.02.2018 Reply to the message

      Thank you. Has corrected. Please Download again.

      • Alin
        Published: 13.02.2018 Reply to the message

        Sorry still not working

    Published: 13.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Daniel the ex4+tpl do not work....

  • BO Trader
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Me either, eventhough i redownloaded. still not working.

    • Daniel
      Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

      The indicator should be placed in a folder Open Data Folder >> MQL4 >> Indicators >> Market or just copy folders (MQL4 and templates) in folder of your terminal Open Data Folder. And then everything will work.

      • BO Trader
        Published: 15.02.2018 Reply to the message

        oh need to save in Market folder? tq daniel. i tot in indicator file.

        • Daniel
          Published: 15.02.2018 Reply to the message

          Yes of course

  • durga prasad
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Indicator not working please reupload it sir

  • luijo
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Well, seems to be that the developer does not want us to test the indicator because IT DOES NOT WORKKKKK!!!!!
    Thanks anyway!!!!

    • Daniel
      Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

      Tired to explain. In the folder `Indicators`, create the folder `Market` and copy the EasyTrendi ndicator to this folder. Or download the direct link from the developer HERE.

  • Victor
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    The indicator is not working

  • Victor
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Advice of Daniel does not help

  • luijo
    Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, the easy way to make it work is downloading the indicator from the Developer website witch is: this is the link. Once you download it open Metatrader 4 and it will be there in the Market folder, double click it and that is it.
    Hope this help!!!!

    • Daniel
      Published: 14.02.2018 Reply to the message

      Hallelujah *YAHOO* Hallelujah *YAHOO* What did I say? Or just copy my files to the correct directory on your terminal. Or just create the Market folder manually. And place the indicator in this folder.

  • Carlo
    Published: 18.02.2018 Reply to the message


  • Carlo
    Published: 18.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Work good

  • drama
    Published: 20.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Do not you start with mac?
    Windows started up.

  • shift
    Published: 24.02.2018 Reply to the message

    Dear Daniel hello
    The work was done but did not work
    Please test it again
    and help me one more time

  • Suki
    Published: 01.06.2018 Reply to the message

    Dear Daniel, I really want to use easy trend indicator, would you mind make a video for sharing how to install Easy trend into MT4? Many thanks.

  • marcello54
    Published: 01.06.2018 Reply to the message

    Buonasera Daniel Easytrend credo che vada acquistato, a parte questo lo sviluppatore lo indica solo per MT5 posso inserirlo su MT4 l stesso senza dover fare tutta la tarfila per aprire la nuova piattaforma MT5?

  • hardesh
    Published: 02.06.2018 Reply to the message

    can you please please correct this indicator ..i am unable to attach it to chart ..in-spite of the market folder i hv made ...please if you can do it ...thanks

  • yusmanto
    Published: 14.06.2018 Reply to the message

    this not free so don't ask anything. choice another a free indicator . OK

  • Luigi
    Published: 01.07.2018 Reply to the message

    The indicator does not work. Either the coding or file is garbage or it is not compatable with the new mt4. Why can't somebody fix it? Why Daniel?

  • omid
    Published: 11.07.2018 Reply to the message

    hi dainel
    I was follow up your instruction.. but still not running so far... nothing at all.... how can you tell me it is work???
    pls fix it up

  • jason
    Published: 07.08.2018 Reply to the message

    doesnt work. i know how to install but this doesnt work

  • Sabah
    Published: 15.11.2018 Reply to the message

    Your indicator doesn't work. I did all the process but it doesnt work

  • Ghassan
    Published: 06.01.2019 Reply to the message

    I loaded the indicator to file/data folder/MQL4/indicators/ market folder. But indicator would not accept loading to chart. Please advise.

  • OH
    Published: 22.02.2019 Reply to the message

    You all just complain, why don't you guys just lift you lazy asses and start learning market structure and price complaints complaints, stop being lazy and work a bit, nothing is the holy grail, Forex is still a job at the end of the day

  • Pit Meister
    Published: 13.03.2019 Reply to the message

    Download funktioniert sehr gut, guter Indikator, Danke ! *YAHOO* *DANCE*

    Für alle die den Indikator nicht Downloaden können %) %) :

    1: Einstellungen vom Internet Browser kontrollieren ( Cookies aktivieren,Website weiterleiten aktivieren,etc. ) :-x :-x :-x
    2: Bedienungsanleitung vom METATRADER 4 lesen ! Dort gibt es eine Anleitung wie es funktioniert einen Indikator zu installieren.

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