Forex Nautilus Indicator

Published: 22.12.2015

Forex Nautilus Indicator is the first indicator of the Asian development, which determines the direction of the trend even before it arrives.It sounds nice, but is it true? Let's try to understand this.
Forex Nautilus Indicator is developed on the sliding trend with implementation of 2 discreet filters. Thanks to those filters the execution of the indicator is more exact and doesn't have any delays. There are built-in alerts, email and push notifications for your convenience.

Characteristics of Forex Nautilus Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs (recommended Major)
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: М5 - H1
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, Forex4you
Trading rules by the Forex Nautilus Indicator

At the same time you will see an arrow above or under the current candle pointing out the direction of an Order to be opened on the chart.

Upwards (blue arrow) – if the signal is to open Buy Order:


Downwards (red arrow) – if the signal is to open Sell Order:


Together with the sound and an arrow you will see an Alert window that will include: Currency pair, timeframe, Buy or Sell order and Stop Loss level.

You can adjust 3 types of alerts/notifications:

MyAlert: simple pop-up notifications. If your computer is connected to speakers (or headphones), you will hear a sound alert from MetaTrader.

MyMail: email notifications. MetaTrader platform will send you an email at the address that you entered in the Email alert settings (please set up everything correctly). To receive instant alerts will all levels and signals you need to setup your SMTP local server.

MyNotification: push notifications. It is the opportunity to connect your MT4 account with a MT4 mobile application.
These are set up from the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal in the “Alerts” section and used to send messages to your mobile device much like an SMS / text message.

In this video, more clearly shows the operation of the Forex Nautilus Indicator:

In the archive Forex_Nautilus_Indicator.rar:

  • Forex Nautilus.tpl

Free Download Forex Nautilus Indicator

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  • Hassan altamimi
    Published: 24.12.2015 Reply to the message

    Iam hassan altami, I like forex-nautilus-indicator or like that for ipad or iphone, do you have that?
    Because I use MT trader 4 for ipad and iphone.

    Thank you
    Hassan altamimi

  • GP
    Published: 28.12.2015 Reply to the message

    Thanks for your help .. its looks good

    • Andres
      Published: 29.12.2015 Reply to the message

      Hello, the download link is broken, do you have the indicator? Thanks a lot

      • Daniel
        Published: 29.12.2015 Reply to the message

        You are wrong. Link works *OK* .

        • Danny
          Published: 21.09.2016 Reply to the message

          Indicator not working anymore it say Your version is expired?

          • Haim
            Published: 24.09.2016 Reply to the message

            Indicator not Woking please can you help?

  • Blesser
    Published: 31.01.2016 Reply to the message

    It just a 55 MA crossing strategy, buy when price cross above the line, sell when price cross below the line. Nothing special.

    Published: 02.02.2016 Reply to the message


  • carlos cestari
    Published: 13.02.2016 Reply to the message

    In my METATRADER 4 Nautilus does not appear, emboa included in the indicators window. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.

    • MOHA
      Published: 20.02.2016 Reply to the message

      it work fine , switch to 1h time frame it will work

  • jack hana
    Published: 26.02.2016 Reply to the message

    The signals aren't working

  • Kevin
    Published: 21.04.2016 Reply to the message

    Hi, could you please email me this indicator, unable to download it from your website.(tried chrome and firefox)
    Really appreciate your work, thanks.

    • Oscar
      Published: 10.11.2016 Reply to the message

      Hi¡ Did you get it? I´m searching to the indicator

  • Tanveer Mumtaz
    Published: 28.05.2016 Reply to the message

    Thank you very Much It is great indicators.................

  • Danny
    Published: 13.09.2016 Reply to the message

    I've been using this for awhile now it pretty good... but now when it give signals it say Your version is expired!!!!! What's going on?

  • Zubair Ahmad
    Published: 13.09.2016 Reply to the message

    HI there please help me I am using this indicator more than 1 year. But now it's keep saying that your version is expired. please help me what should I do ?

  • Razib Khan
    Published: 22.09.2016 Reply to the message

    After installation its said -----------------------"Your Version is Expired"---------------- what can I do please ????????????????????????

  • Chand
    Published: 23.09.2016 Reply to the message

    Hi Mr.Daniel,
    I am using this indicator more than 1 year. But now it’s keep saying that your version is expired. Please fix.

  • Azhar
    Published: 07.10.2016 Reply to the message

    it says version expired send new version

  • Daniel
    Published: 31.10.2016 Reply to the message

    Dear, It say version expired. New version ??

  • Tom
    Published: 11.11.2016 Reply to the message

    New vcersion pls. Thanks

  • Eric
    Published: 02.12.2016 Reply to the message

    I would like to try this indi, but this version seems to be expired.

    Could you update it pls?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Richard
    Published: 02.01.2017 Reply to the message

    Expired !!!....

  • Anna
    Published: 06.02.2017 Reply to the message

    I can't use it, pls sent to me by email. Thanks!

  • James
    Published: 07.03.2017 Reply to the message

    How its possible an indicator can expire?? What then if you buy the new one??

  • kyle
    Published: 04.04.2017 Reply to the message

    hello there Mr. Daniel still version expired can you please send me an e-mail with the new version of the Indicator.... or post a new link in the comments section? Many thanks

  • lefteris
    Published: 15.04.2017 Reply to the message

    Version not working . Expired .

  • Keshmira
    Published: 17.07.2017 Reply to the message

    Still says expired!!!! :(

  • alex
    Published: 11.05.2018 Reply to the message

    It's expired , pls sent to me by email. Thanks!

  • Axel
    Published: 12.01.2019 Reply to the message


  • karan
    Published: 19.03.2019 Reply to the message

    It shows 'expired ' msg, kindly send me the normal one

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