Magnetic Levels Indicator - complete trading solution for MT4

Published: 01.08.2023
Reading time: 13 minutes

Magnetic Levels Indicator is another advanced software that, according to the author, changes the usual approach to trading. This powerful tool gives traders precisely coordinated signals, tangible profits and steadily developing trade every day. Showing entry points, Take Profit and Stop Loss zones, the Magnetic Levels indicator will be your indispensable guide in the dynamic market landscape. The versatility of Magnetic Levels software makes it suitable for traders with a wide level of experience as well as for beginners. Undoubtedly, Magnetic Levels Indicator is distinguished by its unique algorithm 100% without repainting.

Characteristics of the Magnetic Levels Software

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs, recommended major
  • Trading Time: Any, recommended only New York trading sessions
  • Time Frame: M1-H4 (choose the template you need)
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, FBS

How it works

As it is clear from the name, the indicator is based on price levels, which are points for opening buy/sell orders. Indicator calculated in the real time the next market level to be hit by the price. Red bearish levels are for Buy signals, Blue bullish levels are for Sell signals:


Here, in my opinion, there is some dissonance (red is Buy, blue is Sell). I would have changed the colors for better perception, but the author did as he did :)

When the Average True Range (ATR) indicator with a specified period crosses these levels, a signal is formed. If ATR crosses the bullish (blue) level from top to bottom - Sell signal. If ATR crosses a bearish (red) level from bottom to top - Buy signal. The signal with an arrow, as you understand, appears automatically.

A clear video demonstration of how the indicator works is available in this video:

Levels can be not only entry points, but also Target and Stop Loss levels for an already open position.

The system has three templates for different timeframes and trading styles:

  • Scalping - seize rapid price swings on the shortest timeframes
  • Daytrading - engage in day trading effortlessly with the assistance of this software
  • Swingtrading - If you have limited time for trading, opt for this mode and utilize higher timeframes for your trading activities

You won't miss an actual trading signal with the built-in notification system, including standard MT4 alerts with sound, email alerts and push notifications directly to your mobile device:


Of course, you cannot expect miracles from a system based mainly on ATR alone. But with a competent approach to its use and cold calculation in the disposal of capital - success is guaranteed.

Try it out beforehand on a demo account and don't forget about important events in the economic calendar.

In the archive Magnetic_Levels_Software.rar (257 KB):

  • MagneticDash-1.ex4
  • MagneticDash-2.ex4
  • MagneticDash-3.ex4
  • MagneticLevels1.ex4
  • MagneticLevels1a.ex4
  • MagneticLevels2.ex4
  • MagneticLevels2a.ex4
  • MagneticLevels3.ex4
  • MagneticLVL - Daytrading(FAST).tpl
  • MagneticLVL - Daytrading.tpl
  • MagneticLVL - Scalping(FAST).tpl
  • MagneticLVL - Scalping.tpl
  • MagneticLVL - Swingtrading.tpl

Free Download Magnetic Levels Indicator


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  • Flash
    Published: 13.08.2023 Reply to the message

    Thx, my indicator says: Get a new version. Do you have it?

  • Vintjo
    Published: 26.08.2023 Reply to the message

    Good indicators keep up with good work

  • william bolton
    Published: 24.10.2023 Reply to the message

    I will pay more if i can get the source code, i have an indicator that really works well with your levels indicator, and would like to make a combo indi, I don't sell product and will be glad to give you the combo indi as well

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