Performing Forex Tool - recognize the potential of every currency pair

Published: 09.07.2024
Reading time: 15 minutes

Performing Forex Tool is a powerful utility based on mathematical analysis that allows you to identify the most volatile currency (or several) with clear upside or downside potential at the moment and focus on working with it.

Characteristics of the Performing Forex Tool

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Version: 1.02 Updated for 1420+ MT4
  • Currency pairs: Any major currency pairs
  • Trading Time: Only New York and London trading sessions
  • Time Frame: M1 - D1
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, FBS

How it works?

Installation of the utility is quite simple: you place Performing forex tool.ex4 in the Experts folder of your terminal and then drag it to any chart, currency pair and timeframe do not matter. After that, a chart with the direction and potential of 28 currency pairs will appear on your screen.

The author recommends using this data as follows:

1. First you need to establish the potential and directions of the main currency pair - EURUSD

See how the market changes. Because if the euro appreciates all currency pairs with euros at the base will appreciate obviously some more, some less in reverse. Currency pairs with the dollar at the base will depreciate eight and those at the base will appreciate. But if the euro depreciates, obviously the reverse will happen:


2. Further, understanding the direction of EURUSD, we will determine which currencies we should work with

Currency pairs with the euro in the base depreciate, while currency pairs with the dollar in the base appreciate and those in the base depreciate. Therefore, in the case of Eurodollar movement, we will focus only on the currencies of the first quadrant, which in the second quadrant in the case of Eurodollar movement will have less strength on this day and, therefore, less traction.

But when the Eurodollar stands still in the clear zone and does not exceed the 0.43%, what do I do? You will notice that on that day they will push the currency pairs, which combined with a second currency exchange, will significantly move the currency pairs which are positioned in the second quadrant. Don't forget that the performing forex tool will automatically position the currency pairs from the currency that pushes the most positive to the one that pushes the most negative.

And it will do this to the various currency pairs in both the first quadrant and the currency pairs in the second quadrant. This makes us understand that the currencies that are at the extremes of the quadrants will have more strength, both in positive and in negative. And we will see it immediately in the blink of an eye. This will allow us to focus on those currencies and let go of the currencies that are at the center of the quadrants, because they will always be the ones that will push the least that day:


So, when you are looking for an entry point, always look for it on the currency pairs that command on that day and not on the one you like best or that you think is going because you have done a technical analysis, because this tool was designed to help you understand which currency you need to focus on and not by feeling.

For more details, check out these videos:

To be honest, I expected something more from a $4K utility than just identifying the most volatile pair. But perhaps I'm very much mistaken. What do you think? There are many free indicators that will give you this information, and some of it’s for a more modest fee will show you the best entry point into the market, and even draw StopLoss and TakeProfit on the chart, such as THIS INDICATOR.

In the archive Performing_Forex_Tool_v1.02_MT4.rar (137.7 KB):

  • Performing forex tool.ex4
  • User Guide.pdf

Free Download Performing Forex Tool


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  • Mihdakirana
    Published: 09.07.2024 Reply to the message

    What it is EA or indicador ?
    I am download, but i don't know

    • Daniel
      Published: 09.07.2024 Reply to the message

      You need to put this in the Experts folder, I wrote about it in the article above =-O

  • Boris
    Published: 09.07.2024 Reply to the message

    For free, of course, you can still use it. But for $4000 I wouldn't buy it :-| . Thank you, Danielle *THUMBS UP*

  • Jorge Bascope
    Published: 10.07.2024 Reply to the message

    Very useful. It has identified Elliott Wave 3 entries in formation for me.
    The problem is that the 28 pairs are not shown as shown in the example graphs and there is no way to shrink the letters.

  • Matthew
    Published: 13.07.2024 Reply to the message

    Download link is broken. I clicked on the mirror site and was redirected to your Telegram channel. Downloaded the EA from Telegram, but it would not work on build 1420. Any solution ? Tkx

    • Daniel
      Published: 14.07.2024 Reply to the message

      I don't have any problems, works great on build 1420.

  • Erdinç
    Published: 20.07.2024 Reply to the message

    So if I can get this EA recoded so it places the trades with the best probability identified by their set of rules automatically, I could sell this EA for $40.000? ;)
    I'm open for pre-orders :-D

    BTW, How is FX Cash Generator performing?

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