Pro Parabolic Blau Balance System - successful combination of indicators

Published: 14.04.2018
Reading time: 10 minutes

Pro Parabolic Blau Balance System is a successful combination of two indicators: Pro Parabolic Sar and Forex Blau Balance Indicator. How often do I say that no matter how accurate the indicator is, it always needs an additional filter. It is in this strategy that both indicators perfectly complement each other. The system should be used preferably on high timeframes and, preferably, in the direction of the current trend. Remember that the trend is your friend.

Characteristics of the Pro Parabolic Blau Balance System

Rules of the trade

BUY when:

  1. Appeared green arrow (Pro Parabolic Sar)
  2. Appeared green dot (Forex Blau Balance Indicator):


SELL when:

  1. Appeared red arrow (Pro Parabolic Sar)
  2. Appeared red dot (Forex Blau Balance Indicator):


EXIT when changing signals to the opposite.

Stop Loss below / above the previous local minimum / maximum.

Take Profit with ratio 1.1 Stop Loss.

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In the archive Pro_Parabolic_Blau_Balance_System.rar:

  • Forex Blau Balance Indicator.ex4
  • Pro Parabolic SAR.ex4
  • Pro Parabolic SAR.mq4
  • Pro_Parabolic_Blau_Balance temp.tpl

Free Download Pro Parabolic Blau Balance Strategy

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  • Jules
    Published: 18.04.2018 Reply to the message


    Looks like a good system. How did you manage to put the pro parabolic sar into the main chart window without the histograms at the bottom. Does the forex blau system repaint?

  • Redowan
    Published: 19.09.2018 Reply to the message

    Please Suggest me some most accurate binary option indicator list

    • din
      Published: 25.09.2018 Reply to the message

      hi redowan try rebel/bow/ultimate/binarywin
      the best is rebel

  • Mahesh
    Published: 08.02.2020 Reply to the message

    Hello Daniel,
    I hope you are having a good day. I tried to download this indicator many times but the download link just doesn't work. Other indicators' download link just works fine. Can you kindly send it to my mail.
    Thanks :)

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Published: 02.05.2020 Reply to the message

    please send me the link on mail as I could not download from the site

  • Pierre Etienne
    Published: 01.11.2020 Reply to the message

    Please send forex blau balance. Thanks

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