Scientific Scalper - ingenious mix of smart technology & scientific trading

Published: 15.01.2021
Reading time: 13 minutes

Scientific Scalper is a symbiosis of two components, one of which determines the prevailing trend and the second, which finds the entry point. This combination of a sophisticated algorithm that determines whether the market is overbought / oversold and its dominant direction with no repainting gives us a good tool for profitable trading.

Characteristics of the Scientific Scalper Indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs, recommended major
  • Trading Time: Any trading sessions
  • Time Frame: Any, recommended M5, M15 and H1
  • Recommended broker: RoboForex, InstaForex, Forex4you

Trading rules

The indicator has two components that complement each other in trading.

First confirmation:

The red / blue background indicates the current prevailing trend direction. Red background color - bearish trend (we consider only sells, ignore buy signals). The blue background color is a bullish trend (we consider only buy signals, ignore sells).

Second confirmation:

A signal in the form of a blue / red bar, as a result of determining whether the market is oversold / overbought, is a direct signal to enter the market.

Buy Signal:

  1. The background of the indicator is blue (we consider only Buy signals)
  2. A Buy signal appears - blue bar appears


A few more examples of Buy signals:


Sell Signal:

  1. The background of the indicator is red (we consider only Sell signals)
  2. A Sell signal appears - red bar appears


A few more examples of Sell signals:

Scientific Scalper - ingenious mix of smart technology & scientific trading

To set Stop Loss, the author suggests using the following calculation based on Average True Range (ATR). So Stop Loss = 1.5 * ATR and TakeProfit = 2 * Stop Loss. For example, for a M15 chart, ATR = 10 pips. Then Stop Loss = 15 pips and TakeProfit = 30 pips.

In addition, the opposite indicator signal (red or blue bar) can be used to exit a trade.

The indicator can be used alone or it can be an add-on to your system. The author offers his trading strategy based on Scientific Scalper. To do this, he suggests using a 4-hour TimeFrame as an additional filter to confirm signals on M15. If the background color of the indicator is the same on both timeframes, then you can open a deal in the direction of the trend the next time a signal appears.

Don't forget about money management, economic news and, of course, training on a demo account.

In the archive Trade_Confirmed_Indicator.rar (19.4 Kb):

  • ScientificScalper.ex4
  • Scientific_Scalper_templ.tpl

Free Download Scientific Scalper Indicator


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  • Mohamed Abou Elseoud
    Published: 24.01.2021 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel
    it seems nice one but would you please send to me the manual

  • Cuong
    Published: 02.02.2021 Reply to the message

    The download link died. Could you please check?

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