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Published: 01.10.2023
Reading time: 17 minutes

This time you are looking at the TRX Pro Scalping System - a creation of the irrepressible author of forex "grails" such as FX Phantom System, Star Scalper, MT4 FX Trader and many others that you can find on our site. I have already lost count of how many of them there are. In fact, there is nothing more to say here. Since this "grail" is like two drops of water similar to its sisters listed above. The same algorithm, design, templates and functionality. So perhaps I will repeat myself as before. Let's go.

Once again we are promised some unique combination of the latest and greatest technology with ease of use without overpainting and with analysis that will make you and me trade much more accurately. With an intelligent trend analysis engine, we will be able to recognize a trending market and open trades on par with the big traders. TRX Software will also tell us when to take a break from trading, because the flat market is prevailing now. And even a novice trader can handle the interface.

Characteristics of the TRX Pro Scalping MT4 System

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any major currency pairs
  • Trading Time: Only New York and London trading sessions
  • Time Frame: M1 - D1 (templates are available)
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, FBS

Trading Rules

In fact, the system is built on the basis of one signal indicator TRXProScalper and two auxiliary-information indicators (Average Daily Range and TRXDash).

And the signal will be based mainly on TRXProScalper and TRXDash readings, namely:

BUY Signal:

Green Dot + Green Circles on higher timeframes on TRXDash:


SELL Signal:

Red Dot + Red Circles on higher timeframes on TRXDash:


StopLoss and TakeProfit can be set according to the standard scheme:

StopLoss - a few pips above/below the nearest Hight/Low.

Exit when the opposite signal appears or TakeProfit = 3*StopLoss.

The set includes three templates for different trading styles:

TRXScalper1 - aggressive trading, suitable for scalping with a large number of signals and low accuracy. Not recommended for beginners.

TRXScalper2 - for measured intraday trading with moderate risk.

TRXScalper3 - a small number of trading signals, suitable for those who do not like to spend hours behind a computer monitor, low risk

This video shows the TRX Pro Scalping system in real time with acceleration so you can quickly and clearly evaluate its signals and potential:

In this video I did not aim to show the best signals of the system. I do not need it, I am not trying to sell it for more money. Therefore, I showed everything as it is, as close to reality as possible, so that you could evaluate the system as it really is.

As you can see from this video, the weak point of this system, like most of its kind, is the flat market. Therefore, we should avoid it and trade only in the most volatile trading sessions, such as European and US. The video also shows that we should have considered only Sell orders to open, because according to TRXDash readings at this time the trend was mostly bearish (except for one bullish impulse at 3 min 30 sec).

TRX Pro Scalping has an alert system when a signal appears:

  • Standard MT4 pop-up window + sound
  • Email notification

As a result, I can say that this system can bring profit if you trade properly. But, as always, do not forget about mini management, important economic news and preliminary training on a demo account.

In the archive TRX_Scalping.rar (272.6 KB):

  • Average Daily Range.ex4
  • TRXDash.ex4
  • TRXProScalper1.ex4
  • TRXProScalper2.ex4
  • TRXProScalper3.ex4
  • TRXScalper1.tpl
  • TRXScalper2.tpl
  • TRXScalper3.tpl

Free Download TRX Scalping MT4 System


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