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Published: 14.11.2020
Reading time: 19 minutes

Viper Scanner is a trading system that has accurate trading signals. It can be used in trading any asset and on any Time Frame. It is not difficult to use, so it is suitable even for novice traders. 100% non-repaint.

Characteristics of the Viper Scanner

Trading styles

System provides two different trading styles (templates) depending on your expectations, risk appetite and experience in trading.


It’s characterized by the faster signals as well as the largest potential profit with increased risk. If you are familiar with scalping and catching the quick market daytrading movements, you should choose this trading mode.


Is the most universal mode, providing the most balanced signals. It provides stable signals with limited risk. This mode is recommended for beginners as well as experienced traders.

System overview

System contains three indicator:

  1. Dashboard Info
  2. Entry/Exit Indicator
  3. Viper Scanner


How does it work?

BUY Example

You can change the pairs using market scanner. Just click on the pair and your chart will transform to the one you have chosen.

On this example we will switch to NZDUSD (BLUE color on the scanner).

Now, we need to wait for the signal that is in line with that color (UP Signal – BLUE arrow):


When a BLUE arrow is produced it’s a valid BUY signal.

Trade should remain opened until opposite signal shows up:


You can also use your own exit technique, like support/resistance levels, round numbers, or different exit custom indicators.

SELL Example

Let’s check how SELL signals work. Switch to EURAUD that is BLACK on the scanner.

Now, we need to wait for down (black) arrow to show up:


When such arrow appears it’s a valid SELL signal.

Close the trade on the opposite signal:


White Symbols

We should avoid trading on symbols with the white color on the scanner. It usually means that the market is slowing down or changing direction and we should wait for changing the color to blue or black.

Stop Loss order should be placed in the technically best place:

  • the last swing high (for the SELL trade)
  • last swing low (for the BUY trade)
  • at the round number
  • close to important support/resistance area


A very good guide to trading the Viper Scanner system is presented in this video:

Trading instruments

Forex Viper Scanner System for MT4 can track any trading instrument available in your MT4 platform. To change the displayed pairs just get into Scanner settings (right click on the chart Indicators List ViperFXScannerinputs.

You only need to remember to put the trading instruments exactly as they show up on the Market Watch. This is also why we have not put as default in the scanner for example GOLD (as it can be displayed among brokers as GOLDi, XAUUSD etc.):


If you prefer a different set of pairs you can change it in the indicator’s settings.

Non-standard pair symbols

If you are trading with a broker with non standard pair symbols like for example EURUSDpro, GBPUSDi etc. You need to put the pairs exactly as they show up on the market watch into Scanner symbol list.

Handful of advice

  • Before trading, always make sure that the market does not expect any important data. If something ‘big’ appears in the news calendar, it's better to wait for their announcement and later join to further movement.
  • Always try to trade on major sessions (London and New York) when the volatility is the greatest. Before you open any trade, check the currency strength and weakness dashboard to make sure which currencies the market is most interested in.

In the archive Viper_Scanner.rar (1,13 Mb):

  • Viper_Dash1.ex4
  • ViperE1.ex4
  • ViperE2.ex4
  • ViperFX_SCANNER.ex4
  • ViperFX_SCANNER_F.ex4
  • VIPER_FastMODE.tpl
  • VIPER_NormalMODE.tpl
  • VIPER_System Manual.pdf

Free Download Viper Scanner

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  • Kuei Cheng
    Published: 14.11.2020 Reply to the message

    Thank you for your good system

    Kuei Cheng

  • Peter Pinto
    Published: 17.11.2020 Reply to the message

    hllo sir i cant download viper scanner ex4 file

    • Daniel
      Published: 17.11.2020 Reply to the message

      You can download it HERE ➔ View Post (Alternative Link)

  • Siyabonga Sidwell
    Published: 20.11.2020 Reply to the message

    This is a profitable system guys but in order to filter out false signals please use price borders so that you'll take the extreme signals with less risk another thing follow the trend 👍🏽💯

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