X SPEED Trading System - MT4 software on the old template

Published: 16.05.2022
Reading time: 14 minutes

X SPEED MT4 Trading System is like two drops of water similar to other trading systems that you can find on the pages of this site. And the difference will be only external at first glance, but there are also individual features. Of course, this system is 100% non-recolorable, easy to use and suitable for any style of trading. But its effectiveness will directly depend on your trading experience, additional filters and competent Money Management - where without it.

Characteristics of the X SPEED Trading System

Trading rules

X-SPEED Trading System consists of 3 indicators:

  1. Entry Indicator - White / Red dots
  2. Oscillator - Trend Confirmation
  3. Additional Confirmation - CS Dashboard


When entering the market, we will be guided only by the first two indicators. The third is only of a general informative and design nature and does not affect the quality of the signals in any way.

As you might have guessed, to enter we need a match between the readings of two indicators.

BUY Signal:

  1. White dot
  2. Strong white oscillator


SELL Signal:

  1. Red dot
  2. Strong red oscillator


And only under such conditions and nothing else! Since the author proposes to consider entries when the oscillator has other colors and calls such signals "Moderate" (you can find this in the Manual). But I strongly do not recommend considering such signals to enter the market. Please limit yourself to the red and white colors of the oscillator and your money will be safer.

More clearly, the system is presented in this video:

XSPEED has two templates for placing the system on a chart:

  1. XSPEED RISK MODE ONE - has balanced and stable signals with moderate risk. Suitable for day trading or swing
  2. XSPEED RISK MODE TWO - has more risky aggressive signals and is more suitable for scalping

As for Stop Loss and Take Profit, everything is simple and usual:

Stop Loss - set at the previous price high (for Sell) / low (for Buy).

Take Profit = 2*Stop Loss.

In addition, as trading targets, you can also use:

  • Support/resistance levels
  • Round numbers
  • Demand/supply levels

Of course, you should not consider X Speed as a high-quality and profitable trading tool. This system needs additional filters, competent Money Management and preliminary training on a demo account.

In the archive XspeedMT4_and_bonus.rar (1.77 MB):

  • XSPEEDCSDash.ex4
  • XSpeedDash.ex4
  • XSPEEDEntry.ex4
  • XSPEEDEntry2.ex4
  • XSPEED - System Manual.pdf
  • Bonus - XSpeedPinbar.ex4
  • XSpeed Pinbar - User Manual.pdf

Free Download X-SPEED


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  • LeGrand
    Published: 17.05.2022 Reply to the message

    I am not able to download the X-Speed files. Can you help?

  • Kieran
    Published: 16.06.2022 Reply to the message

    Sirs/ Madam,

    I am not able to download X-Speed files, please can you help?

    I have Winrar-64 installed on my desk top , but I am not having any luck at all.

  • david
    Published: 19.06.2022 Reply to the message

    I tested 28 currency pairs as of 1/1/2022

    but it is not profitable.

  • mafon
    Published: 07.04.2024 Reply to the message

    It's a terrible indicator, with very little valid data. in mod 1 on daily euro usd did not give a valid signal for 2 years

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