YMS Scalper - over 95% win rate

Published: 06.04.2020
Reading time: 13 minutes

YMS Scalper according to the developers, has a 95% win rate with a take-profit of 5-10 pips and, as follows from such a small TP, it is mainly intended for scalping. 95% - win rate is a very good result, but is it really so? You can verify this personally, because you can freely download this indicator and test it.

Characteristics of the YMS Scalper

Rules of the trade

Based on the indicator settings, we can assume that it is based on three indicators:

  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Stochastic
  • And some Price Action pattern (more precisely, I find it difficult to say - I did not go deep into analysis):


Of course, with a competent approach, such a combination of indicators can give good results. But, we all know that MA and Stochastic only follow the price and are not able to predict its future direction. Hence my doubts about the performance voiced by the developers. But, this is just my reasoning ...

Trading rules are extremely simple:

BUY - when the blue up arrow appeared

SELL - when the red down arrow appeared:


An arrow appears on the previous candle at the moment of opening a new (signal) candle. This is a minus, because you have to immediately open a deal without too much thought. And this is not always right.

A few more screenshots of the indicator signals:

yms-scalper-examples-signal-1 yms-scalper-examples-signal-2

I also assume that the bottom oscillator (nothing more than Stochastic) is designed to filter deals in the direction of the trend. And it works as follows:

  • Oscillator lines below level 0 and directed up - bullish trend (BUY only)
  • Oscillator lines are above level 0 and directed down - bearish trend (SELL only).

Developers recommend using Tumframe H1 with TakeProfit 5-10 pips.

Stop Loss should be set a few pips above/below the previous price high/low.

Stop Loss should be set a few pips above/below the previous price high/low.

Of course, the YMS Scalper indicator will not give you 95% of profitable transactions, but with competent Mani Management and a “cold head” it can be profitable. Do not forget about important economic news and mandatory training on a demo account.

P. S. Today, 14/04/2020 supplemented the archive with the YMS Scalper v 2.0 . But in my opinion, the indicator has changed only outwardly. Download and see for yourself.

In the archive YMS_Scalper.rar (101.0 Kb):

  • YMS Scalper v1.2_fix.ex4
  • YMS Scalper v2.0_fix.ex4
  • YMS Scalper Indicator.tpl
  • YMS Scalper Indicator v 2.0.tpl

Free Download YMS Scalper Indicator

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