FXAcccurate Larna - 100% non-repainting profitable system

Published: 30.01.2022
Reading time: 14 minutes

FXAccurate Larna is a Forex trading system based on one indicator of the same name, which combines signal and information components. Thus, we have a whole trading system that does not repaint signals and is able to make a profit, according to the author.

Characteristics of the FXAcccurate Larna

How it work?

The indicator is based on a certain channel indicator, which is visible on the chart, and gives signals when the price crosses its borders.

If the price crosses the upper border of the channel, we get a Sell signal on the next candle:


If the price crosses the lower border of the channel, we have a Buy signal on the next candle:


An information window showing the current trend on each timeframe can act as an additional filter to confirm the signal and allow us to follow the current trend.

The dotted horizontal lines on the chart are the support (blue) and resistance (red) levels. These levels can serve us to set trading targets (Take Profit) and to set a Stop Loss.

Indicator settings

Of the numerous parameters of the indicator, two groups should be distinguished:

  • Visual display options
  • Parameters affecting the indicator operation


If everything is clear with the visual display parameters, and they only set the color and size of graphic elements, then with the main indicator settings, everything is not so clear.

I will not list all the parameters, but only focus on the more significant of them:

  • BUYSELLSignalCount – the number of the latest signals (arrows) displayed on the chart
  • ADXPeriod – period of the Average Directional Movement Index indicator
  • ADXSignal_Level – the level, the crossing of which by the ADX indicator is taken into account to generate a signal
  • TrendPeriod – trend smoothing parameter. Decreasing this value increases the number of signals, but their quality and accuracy decrease

These are the parameters that I considered it necessary to draw your attention to, since they directly affect the indicator signals. If you think that I have neglected some parameter, write about it below in the comments to this post.

Safe Trading Recommendations

Like most trend-following trading systems, this system is afraid of protracted sideways market movements. Therefore, I recommend using FXAcccurate Larna only on active trading sessions (London and New York) intraday.

In addition, you should avoid the release of important economic news that can significantly affect the current market situation. You can follow the news here or use IceFX NewsInfo.

In the archive Fxacccurate_Larna.zip (216 KB):

  • Fxaccurate_Larna MT4.ex4
  • Fxaccurate_Larna MT4.tpl

Free Download FXAcccurate Larna MT4


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