JTFX PRO v2.0 - provides guaranteed 80% ITM trading signals

Published: 23.03.2020
Reading time: 12 minutes

JTFX PRO v2.0 is an indicator for binary options trading, with a yield of 80% ITM, according to the developers. The indicator is interesting for its execution, as it has a preliminary “Warning” signal about the appearance of a trading signal and the main trading signal following it. Such an indication is most convenient when trading especially turbo options, when every second is important. Anticipating the general interest, I will inform you right away that the indicator is not repaint.

Characteristics of the JTFX PRO v2.0

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Around the clock, 9:30pm-3am and 6am-10am UK time
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Expiry: 5 minutes
  • Recommended broker: IQOption, Binary,  Binomo

The principle of the indicator and trading rules

The developers say that their offspring uses several indicators to determine the most profitable entry points into the deal. JTFX PRO v2.0 uses dual filters to minimize false signals. Here is what the authors of the indicator literally tell us about his analysis of the market situation:

Our goal is to determine trend direction and identify support and resistance. The indicators in conjunction will establish a trading bias, wait for a correction and then provide a signal. We look to catch the turn early and take advantage of breakouts whenever possible

But it is of little interest to us. It is more important for us that the indicator signals are as accurate as possible.

The indicator is very easy to trade:

CALL – blue dot (preliminary signal) + blue arrow (main signal):


PUT - red dot (preliminary signal) + red arrow (main signal):


Do not trade before and after 30 minutes of news release.

You can check the upcoming news on this website.

Of the settings in the indicator, only on / off alerts about the appearance of trading signals are provided:


It is no longer possible to influence the indicator signals, there are no corresponding inputs.

The weak point of this indicator, like most other indicators, is a strong unidirectional trend and lateral price movement. Therefore, be sure to use additional filters to minimize losing trades. And before real trading, be sure to practice on a demo account.

In the archives JTFX_PRO_v2.0.rar (1.854 MB):

  • JTFXPRO 2.0_fix.ex4
  • JTFX PRO v2.0 template.tpl
  • User's manual.pdf

Free Download JTFX PRO v2.0

JTFX PRO v2.0 - provides guaranteed 80% ITM trading signals

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  • Chau
    Published: 23.03.2020 Reply to the message

    I can not download your indicator JTFXPro v2.0, temlpate and User's manual file. Please check your url or send it to my email. Thanks !

    • Daniel
      Published: 23.03.2020 Reply to the message


  • Katarína
    Published: 23.03.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel,
    trying to download it but it always says that the the page was not found and cannot download it, can you, please, send it to my email? Thank you very much :)

    • Daniel
      Published: 23.03.2020 Reply to the message


  • Yosh
    Published: 24.03.2020 Reply to the message

    not sure where the author is getting 80% these signals need to be filtered.

    Published: 26.03.2020 Reply to the message

    Dear friend, good afternoon, it is a great pleasure to greet you. I am extremely grateful to you for the excellent indicators that you share for free on your page. I will try them and give you my comments. May our Lord God always illuminate and protect you. thank you very much, blessings and best wishes

    • Daniel
      Published: 26.03.2020 Reply to the message

      Glad to be of service to you

  • norman
    Published: 30.03.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel

    from all this indicator which one would you advice for Binary trading

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