Profit Trend - multicurrency trend forex strategy

Published: 17.06.2014
Reading time: 11 minutes

Profit Trend trading strategy is a multicurrency forex system based on indicators.

Characteristics of Profit Trend:

  • Type of strategy: Multicurrency, Trend, Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: H1 and higher
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, Forex4you

Open Buy for strategy Profit Trend

  • Initially, wait when the indicator SuperTrend turns green
  • Candle that interval, which is a trade is above the indicator SuperTrend and it's green
  • Histogram indicator AO is green
  • Green line forex indicator ADX 14 period crossed the red line upwards
  • Dotted line forex indicator QQE (10) is under the red line
  • After completing the above conditions necessary to wait for closing the candle to all the conditions for the opening of the trade were confirmed
  • After closing the candle with the above described terms, we open two trades for Buy equal shares, or a single trade, which will be closed in the future, in equal parts

Profit Trend - multicurrency trend forex strategy

Closing position
  • To calculate the profit potential need from our signal closed candles (the closing price of the candle, which all received signals to enter the market) to install Fibonacci levels to the nearest minimum.
  • Profit on first order or partially close the trade (if one is open) at the level of 138.2% by Fibonacci.
  • At the same level in the level of swap bezubytka second order or second part of the remaining half of the trade. So we follow one of the basic principles of trade - "let your profits run."
  • In addition, you can transfer the foot two orders to breakeven, despite the forex indicator SuperTrend and his line, that is under it as long as stop loss will not appear slightly above the opening price of our positions.
  • Take-profit open the second part of the second order or the trade we put at 261.8, but still if the price reaches the second profit, then the remaining deal closes to breakeven (ie zero), so we do not lose anything, and at least part profit has already been closed due to the first order.
  • Stop Loss is set at the level of 50.0% by Fibonacci.
  • If forex indicator SuperTrend will turn red, the transaction is also closed, and it does not matter: it is now in profit or loss. Further wait the following signals for market entry.

Conditions for opening trades for Sell for Strategy Profit Trend inverses of the deal on the Buy.
In the archives Profit_Trend.rar:

  • MA Candles.mq4
  • QQE.mq4
  • SuperTrend2.mq4
  • Profit Trend.tpl

Free Download Profit Trend

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