SuperTrend indicator and collection of forex trend indicators xSuperTrend

Published: 10.01.2015

Forex indicators xSuperTrend designed for visualization the trend in the trending forex strategies. These indicators are useful in trade and can serve as a good filter for trading systems. SuperTrend indicators help in a timely manner to determine the direction of price movement and allow the trader to orient with the direction the trend.

Characteristics of xSuperTrend indicators

The collection includes 8 indicators:

  • SuperTrend hull & alerts
  • xSuperTrend Alert
  • xSuperTrend Candles
  • xSuperTrend MTF & alerts
  • xSuperTrend MTF
  • xSuperTrend Tape MTF
  • xSuperTrend Tape
  • xSuperTrend

Below are shown some of them on the graphs:


xSuperTrend Tape MTF

Indicators xSuperTrend with the prefix "MTF" may show the direction of trend change as the current, and the larger timeframe.

To do this in the settings MTF indicators you need to modify:

  • "(Indicator name) _TimeFrame" - enter the desired timeframe in manual mode, the default is 0 (the current timeframe);
  • "(Indicator name) _AutoTF" - automatically displays the next oldest timeframe relative to the current, default "true".

xSuperTrend indicators may be used in the complex, adding the respective filters and optimization, making FX strategy or individually as components in constructing of your own trend trading system.
In the archives xSuperTrend.rar:

  • SuperTrend hull & alerts.mq4
  • xSuperTrend Alert.mq4
  • xSuperTrend Candles.mq4
  • xSuperTrend MTF & alerts.mq4
  • xSuperTrend MTF.mq4
  • xSuperTrend Tape MTF.mq4
  • xSuperTrend Tape.mq4
  • xSuperTrend.mq4

Free Download xSuperTrend indicators

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  • NyXSk
    Published: 05.09.2016 Reply to the message

    I really like xSuperTrend MTF indicator but why when i try backtest it in MT4, indicator freezes and still show ona and the same value?

    Published: 26.12.2016 Reply to the message

    Hay....Is it the in the indicator Repaint?? 8)

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