SuperTrend - the best indicator of trend change

Published: 27.02.2018
uperTrend best mt4 indicator

Opening of deals on the trend will always give the maximum profit and is most suitable for beginners who do not have experience in trading in complex techniques, such as swing trading or countertrend positions. But to say that the main thing to determine the direction of the market and go at the very beginning is simple, but to determine when this moment will come much more difficult. A lot of solutions have been developed for this problem, and in this article we will consider the SuperTrend indicator, which is used to calculate several technical tools.

Characteristics of SuperTrend Indicator
Rules of trade by the SuperTrend


  1. SuperTrend is red
  2. The price is below the red line


  1. SuperTrend is blue
  2. The price is above the blue line

The EXIT is possible in two ways:

  1. Aggressive - when changing the color of the indicator to the opposite
  2. Conservative - when the price crosses the indicator line



Stop Loss is set above/below the previous local minimum/maximum.

Of course, the accuracy of the signals will be higher with additional filters. As such a filter, you can apply MTF SuperTrend (attached in the archive) with a higher timeframe. For example, for H1, set MTF SuperTrend with a period of 240 (H4):


It will look as follows:

SuperTrend - the best indicator of trend change

In the archives SuperTrend.rar:

  • SuperTrend.ex4
  • SuperTrend.mq4
  • MTF_SuperTrend.ex4
  • MTF_SuperTrend.mq4
  • Super Trend template.tpl
  • ST + MTF ST_H4 template.tpl

Free Download SuperTrend Indicator

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  • Pa
    Published: 03.03.2018 Reply to the message

    Brilliant *OK*

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    Published: 05.03.2018 Reply to the message

    Thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

  • Eubenezer
    Published: 15.05.2018 Reply to the message

    Very good SuperTrend Indicator but MTF_SuperTrend.ex4 can unfortunately be loaded. Any help please?

  • Yusuf Abdul Basith Kuntoro
    Published: 27.05.2018 Reply to the message

    Very Accurate than default MT4 indicator *OK*

  • Isaac Ezie
    Published: 12.02.2019 Reply to the message

    Thank you for this gift, It is very good

  • Isaac
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    Very good gift. Thank you

  • Zee
    Published: 25.04.2019 Reply to the message

    Dear Sirs,
    Does the super trend indicator repaint ?

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